05 August 2013

Restrap - Three Years and Counting

Restrap - Three and counting from maxim arnold on Vimeo.

In March 2013 Restrap became three years old. There's been a lot of change for Restrap over the past year or so. A move to Leeds, a load of more products and new business ventures have all helped make 2012/13 an exciting time.I caught up with Nathan from Restrap and the LSF crew as we celebrated three years of business in the traditional way: Racing and Beers.

Thanks to:
Mark Waddington and Sam Hodgson for the words
Alex Crane and Szymon Nieborak for the additional footage and photography
Helen Griffiths for all her support of Restrap and for partying hard

11 October 2012

The North Race| Halley-Cat 03/11/2012

The North Race - HALLEY-CAT 03/11/12 from Restrap on Vimeo.

The North Race presents Halley - cat, a night of mayhem as over 100 people already confirmed to ride will take to the street of Leeds for the chance to win a new bicycle.

Check event page here for more deets or The North Race

13 August 2012

Restrap Product Launch

Another banger for northern heads - this product launch and alleycat should be a good way to see in the bank holiday weekend. Been chatting with Nate about the event and we've got an interesting twist lined up...

07 August 2012

Verbal Contact

The guys at Crowns and Owls did a rad video for Leeds based Verbal Contact last year - this latest jam, featuring Leberra is a little more lo-fi on screen but still sounds real nice. If you're feelin this you can see/hear more at their facebook page. Thanks to Grant from Fiend Digital for the heads up...

27 July 2012

Team GB Olympic Road Race Bike

As we loom ever closer to tomorrow's historic event, photos of team GB's road race bike have just surfaced the internet. Well what can I say....It looks fugly. That's no bad thing though. An ugly (yet expensive) bike always makes me have a good look at why the bike has been designed that way and this case is a prime example of that.

Taken from cyclingweekly.co.uk
'Built by carbon expert and former sprinter Dimitris Katsanis, a version of these bikes were first used on the track back in 2002. They have been developed ever since, especially in the build up to the Beijing Olympics when Chris Boardman spent hundreds of man-hours in a wind tunnel in Southampton testing everything that could be tested.'

So it's obviously a super hi-tech...bike but I find it all a bit unnecessary. Froome, Wiggins, Cavendish, Millar and Stannard have all spent the last 3 weeks riding their regular team bikes in Le Tour, so why give them a completely new bike now which will feel unfamiliar? We know that Sky's Pinerellos and Garmin's Cervelo's are more than capable of supporting a rider to winning an individual stage or better yet, the whole Tour de France and it's fair to say that BMC are a top class bike manufacturer! Anyway, we're going to smash it so none of this matters. Check out cycling weekly for more

Skitch Edit - It's really really good

Yeh, yeh... I know we say it every time but we don't post many fixed gear freestyle videos here and that's because we're just not that into trick riding. The only FGFS rider to ever pass through Leeds was our LTS homeboy Chickin, although i'm not sure you can call what he does FGFS - it's just Chicken riding a bike! Anyway, I checked this video out and really enjoyed it. It's shot really nicely and has some cool lighting effects at the beginning but most of all it's the editing that I really digged! It's got a great pace and it throws in some appropriate effects in there - something that is hard to get right! If you're not into FGFS and you're still not convinced to hit the play button, then let me tell you it has a monumental bail right at the start. Props to Tom Briggs for making it.

21 July 2012

LSF France to Spain

Myself (Tim), Tom and Jonathan will be venturing overseas as of Saturday.

We're cycling from Caen to the boarders of spain and then on to Cannes depending on how we do for time.

Fixed gear, nae break, 16 litr saddle bag, tarps and a sleeping bag. 

Around about 1200 miles through 3 weeks...

There will be a full write up on www.thenorthrace.co.uk when we get back but you can follow our progress on instagram...

Instagram Usernames


20 July 2012

The North Race Final Roll Call

This is happening tonight in Leeds. Cheap booze, racing and 2 screenings! See you there...

19 July 2012

The North Race Photography

Were getting closer to the launch party of The North Race and already some pretty astonishing images are surfacing on Facebook and Instagram. If you're about Leeds on Friday night this week be sure to drop by from 7 onwards at the Restrap HQ...

Instagram - Thenorthrace
Twitter - @thenorthrace
Facebook - The North Race

Event info here

17 July 2012

The North Race Limited T-Shirts...

If you're not already aware, The North Race Launch Party is happening this Friday night. To co-inside with the launch the guys have produced a Limited edition run of T-shirts. 
Show your interest here...

King For A Day 2012

Last weekend King For A Day took place at Leeds Hyde Park...

"Each year riders from all over the north of England come to together in Leeds to pay tribute to the late Charles Edward Gillan Prow. Come rain or shine this yearly jam brings together everyone from Yorkshire and the surrounding counties to reminisces on times gone by, have a tin and send it for Charles. King for a Day is not your average BMX meet up but more of a celebration of a character who’s influence runs deep in the heart’s of Leed’s BMX."

Nice footage from Leo Baren


16 July 2012

Genre De vie

A little teaser released prior to the launch of the full Genre De Vie film. See what you think and let them know at Genre De Vie

Rapha Continental - The Snowys

Another breath taking video from Rapha...

Ninja Cats London

Fixed Gear Freestyle is something i'm generally not so fussed about, however i've followed the progress of some of the Ninja cat riders since about November last year...

Not only do I love the 'rough round the edges' filming and editing but I also really admire the style of these guys. Sol & Oscar in particular always pushing the boundaries of fixed gear freestyle and what they can do in the city.

13 July 2012

Feather Friday

Pure adulterated 853 Low Pro porn with an incredible colour to finish the frame.

Feather Cycles