21 July 2008

White tyre news

Yo. after the drought and now they're probably not cool anymore, I managed to find a few sources for white tyres. Probikekit.com have the rubino pros with the black central stripe but white sidewall for about £11 with free delivery, Condor cycles in london have rubino and zaffiro but you'll have to call to see whats what with sidewalls etc. and Tokyo fixed gear (now based in London) have the diacompe in stock (in pink and white I think) for £29 delivered. 

two five fix blog - pretty good

click title for link

16 July 2008

last night...

i dont want to go down that hill again!

i love the smell of burning rubber in the morning.

13 July 2008

My new custom t-shirt my bro made for my birthday.

hand cut and silkscreened. when he gets his ass into gear, he will have a website. so keep your eyes peeled for about ten years.