28 April 2011

Climb Hills

Super nice KOTM Bianchi jersey in at Tokyo Fixed Gear now. Scoop one here but just make sure you live up to the rep...

Deaf Pigeon: Poker Race

Looks like a banger up in Preston on the 5th June. An alleycat with a twist - you get 2 playing cards at the start and 1 at each of the 3 chackpoints making your 5 card hand. Prizes for the winning hand, plus 1st, 2nd, 3rd and of course DFL!

An awesome sponsor list for what promises to be a rad day. For more info head over to Deaf Pigeon or the Facebook Page.

Harder than a Kashimax

I spotted these works by George Coffin up on Tracko this morning and while they may not be the most functional of items, they certainly are beautiful. It's worth looking at the rest of Georges work too - some really nice ideas in the mix...

27 April 2011

Feather Cycles: Tees

Just a teaser from some test prints at the moment but keep your eyes peeled on Feather Cycles for more info soon.


Just saw this rad shot of Rudy from 5th up to a bit of bombing over in SF - bet them hills make a change to London man! Real nice shot by Matt Strawson 

Edit: I stand corrected - this shot is actually in San Diego

Restrap x Ginnel Whippet x Hip Footage

Was just trawling the internets and found this footage from the Restrap birthday/Ginnel Whippet. Great night, cheers to Jamie from Hip for filming.

Cinelli x MASH Histogram Pre-Order

You can now pre-order the Cinelli Mash Histogram at Tokyo Fixed, with a deal sweetener to boot. Head over to the blog for full info.


Massive thanks to Ady and Andy from Tokyo Fixed Gear for getting these bars out to me quick time so I can ride instead of watching the royal wedding...

Grand Theft Bicycle Alleycat

Grand Theft Bicyle Alleycat The Haque from Fixed Gear Den Haag on Vimeo.

Some footage from the recent alleycat by FixedGearDenHaag


Really soon from Asphalt Bikes on Vimeo.

Another Teaser for the opening of Asphalt bikes in Warsaw on the 13th May

The Beginning

[TRVR] The Begining from David Jongkwon Kim aka DKshop on Vimeo.

Some nice shots in the latest from DK

source: Prolly

26 April 2011

Fixation: Official Trailer

Official FIXATION Trailer from Alex Trudeau Viriato on Vimeo.

Fourteen Teeth goes Local

Christian from FourteenTeeth has done a damn fine job of keeping readers up to date with whats cracking in the wide world of fixed gear. A while back we had a discussion about what other features might work on the FourteenTeeth site and I'm pleased to announce the introduction of an IP specific blogroll, so if you are UK user, you will get a column of UK based blogs including our fine selves, 5th, Fixed and What, Fixed Shit Up, TheFootdown and SFGFC. Go check it out here...

Cantgoslo: Hero Collection

Here's a little teaser shot of the first Hero Tee in the collection. Check cantgoslo for more info on the different heroes and availability...

25 April 2011

I swim with Sharks

"just be good" - iswimwithsharks from BROWN BREAD FILMS on Vimeo.

The latest film from the Leeds based studio: Brown Bread. Another banger there lads!

Bike Furniture

After posting the cycling inspired furniture by Rui Alves last week, I was curious as to what else was out there. I came across this work, much less influenced by the bike, and more actually the bike itself. Some of these have been around since 1990 so I'll not be surprised if you have spotted this work by Andy Gregg before - check out more on BikeFurniture.


The new LFGSS Shop has just jerseys and FGLondon lock whips on there for now but keep your eyes peeled for more...


Frame 25

[FRAME] Chapter Twenty Five from Flwrider TV on Vimeo.

In the latest from the Flwrider series, the guys talk to Lim Soo, who is commuting for 190 days on his brompton to see what a difference it can make.

Voodoo Hamster

Voodoo Hamster Roller Race from Justin Jach on Vimeo.

Watched this one over at 5th - captures the atmosphere of a roller racing jam pretty well...

23 April 2011

Andreas Samuelsson for TFG

If you've headed over to TokyoFG recently, you might have noticed a change of background, namely this awesome illustration by Andreas Samuelsson - simple and effective - check the rest of his portfolio here.

20 April 2011

Rui Alves : In the drops

Rui Alves is a cycling enthusiast with a penchant for furniture design, or a furniture designer with a penchant for cycling: either way, this chair I spotted up on Prolly is amazing. Lovely curves and cloth tape look stunning - this is genuinely something I'd love to own. Check out the rest of his stand at the Milan Furniture Show here...


jakarTARCK Official Trailer from jakarTARCK on Vimeo.

Traffic shots are rad - especially with this many riders in the mix!

City Cruising

Thanks for the link Nick!

Private Alleycat Teaser

Teaser *Private Alleycat* from FIRST FLOOR UNDER on Vimeo.

19 April 2011

Cadence/DVS Lorem Ipsum

A little more good stuff from the Cadence / DVS clan. Nice clean lines and brass eyelets - anyone know if these are headed to the UK?

source: Tracko

18 April 2011

Hello Amber

The last photoset of Amber on FixFixFix was the best I'd seen - I think this ups it again - see the full set here...

WVIL Concept

Concept Camera: The WVIL from Artefact on Vimeo.

Still at concept level - lets hope this awesome camera isn't like one of those shit cars that look like lemons (powered by oranges) and actually goes into production...

Double-O Crit

Good things happening on the other side of the world. Andey from Flwrider dropped me this poster for a 16k crit - Keep an eye on Flwrider for more...

16 April 2011

Levis Cycling Line

There were a number of images floating around a few weeks back when the first press release was dropped, but these photos from Prolly give a little more insight into the detailing. Taking the 511 (skinny/stretch) and adding a zipped stash pocket, integrated D-Lock holster and 3M piping on the inner stitch all seem pretty good to me. Wonder how long it will take Levis to get these into the UK...

South America

I saw this shot from Argentina in Ric Bell's photoset a while back but didn't post as I thought he'd be putting it up on 44/16. Well he didn't, so here it is...

Hip Leeds : SS Giveaway

Some pretty awesome stuff in the mix for the Hip Leeds giveaway. First prize comes in the shape of a beeft beach cruiser, with runners up prizes from supreme, 4TN and Dockers - shop online at Hip to be entered into the prize draw.

15 April 2011

Fixed and Two

Yeah that's right. Having only just put the tools down from the last banger, the guys from fixed and one are gearing up (or down, or not at all) for the production of Fixed&Two. The theme this time is 'MAKE' - a natural progression from learn.

Head here to find out more...

Tokyo FG : H+Son TB14

The long awaited TB14 rims are now in stock at Tokyo Fixed Gear - £55 per rim plus as a bonus, the first person to buy a build on Royce Hubs get the spokes for trade...

Woodstock Cycleworks

Ready to launch from Woodstock Cycleworks on Vimeo.

Some Rad traditional style signwriting for the newly opened WoodstockCycleworks in Cape Town

Tweed Panoramic

This photo, taken by Edward Horsford at this years tweed run is amazing. I've seen loads of 360 panoramics but never an outcome like this stereographic projection, shot using the nodal ninja on a monopod (?!)

Click Here to view a fully navigatable flash panorama - see if you can see yourself...

Asphalt Bikes

Coming soon from Asphalt Bikes on Vimeo.

I know, I know, this video has been around for days but check out Asphalt - the latest Polish cycling venture - new site coming soon + facebook.

14 April 2011

Rapha Mobile Cycle Club

Spotted these shots over on Wilson Brothers - As ever, the guys at Rapha don't do things by halves - this looks awesome!

Ride with Eddy

With the season rolling well under way, local sportives will be ten-a-penny. The Gran Fondo in Somerset is a little different; amongst all the old men on steel and young men on alloy, you might just spot Merckx himself. The ride, organised by the UK Merckx distro is launched this april and limited to 1000 places - lets hope there's plenty of classic jerseys and vintage steel at this...

Head here to find out more.

The Ride Sydney Experiment

The Ride Sydney Experiment - Launch from MC Cyclery on Vimeo.

Getting ready for a ride: epic style.

Racing Towards Red Hook

expresso: racing towards red hook (trailer) from Jessica Scott on Vimeo.

A different persepective on the recent Red Hook Crit - a cyclist and coffee shop owner balancing business and training prior to the event - wonder how this works out in the full version?

12 April 2011

Tokyo FG : Wheelmen&Co Pack

One of the items in the latest drop at Tokyo Fixed Gear is this waxed cotton bag from Wheelmen&Co, a little smarter than your average work bag or roll top - maybe a good commuter option - if your feeling that vintage tip, check the TokyoFG Tweed Run Set

What This Means

An awesome project by Matt Lingo focussing on the great friendships formed by cycling - capturing some familiar fixed faces without them riding/posing for the camera.

source: PC

Paris Roubaix

Some tv excerpts and some nice slo-mo b/w footage from Paris-Roubaix - definitely the best race I've watched in a while - bring the tour...