29 June 2012

LSF Fresh Frames...

There's been an influx of new frames these last few weeks with the LSF riders and more to come. New frames means more riding. New 'shit' edit and photos coming soon...

Feather Friday's

From now on we're gonna start the weekend with a bang. Each week a new Feather frame will be featured on the blog from new to old.  Having followed Ricky on instagram for a while now it's quite clear how far he's come in frame building.  He continues to keep pushing the boundaries of detail and accuracy when building these stunning bikes...

Original LSF rider Ben Treanor's Feather build.

28 June 2012

This Weekend - The North Race.

Everything is in place for the weekends filming around the Yorkshire Dales.

This will be one of many hills to go up & down...

24 June 2012


This Thursday the usual LSF ride was cut a little short in order to help Nathan (Restrap) with his new workshop...

Big things coming this summer!
Keep up to speed with whats going on here...

21 June 2012

European Courier Messenger Championships 2012 - Edinburgh

So gutted I couldn't go to this! Looks like a great event regardless of the weather and nice to see some familiar faces!

19 June 2012

Cantgoslo Musettes & Custom Security

Manchester's Cantgoslo crew really seem to be putting plans in motion at the minue with the recent announcment of 2 new Cantgoslo frames and now custom Musettes and chrome plated U locks!

Look forward to seeing these products up close!

More info here

18 June 2012

Mindrome Edinburgh

Red Bull Mini Drome took the high road this weekend and headed to Scotland for its second outing of 2012 at Edinburgh's College of Art. Scotland welcomed the return of the world’s smallest velodrome this weekend as 32 of the world's top fixed gear riders competed to become the Red Bull Mini Drome Champion at Edinburgh’s College of Art. The event also introduced a female final, a first in Red Bull Mini Drome's history! The finals culminated with a tense round between Toms Alsberg from Latvia and local boy Martin Bletchley. Alsberg finished in first place and was crowned champion for the fourth time with Martin Betchley in second place and Ricky Crompton from Manchester in third. 'To read the rest of the feature and see the rest of the photos, please go to http://win.gs/MB9OK9' Thanks to Tom from Holler for hollering at me...

Gabe Brooks the DON.

15 June 2012

Restrap Team Rider TFG Dart

Restraps team rider Ric Bell shows off his new Tokyo Fixed Gear Dart.

Ric maybe working down south but he's always been and always will be an LSF rider at heart! 

Check out the full bike spec here.

14 June 2012

Kitted Up

Get The LOW// Down...

Selfish post from my part.

Recently spotted Father_tu's LOW// build on instagram...

I'll soon have my hands on one of these beautiful frames!

Unique Ally Cat Start

Couldn't resist posting this...

Probably one of the most un-usual ways to start a race.

Brompton USA Championships 2012

13 June 2012

Field Cycles

A little bit of Yorkshire love for this build by Sheffield based Field Cycles. Awesome to see more independent builders popping up in the North!

12 June 2012

Lucas Brunelle documents alley cats from New York, L.A., Philly, Miami, London, Mexico, Greece and Copenhagen from the last 10 years using mounted cameras on his helmet.

There will be an LSF screening when the DVD is released.

Seen on Prolly

Carhartt Fold Away BBQ

Summer has to be round the corner soon... Right?

08 June 2012

Alpinestars X Nelson Piquet Jr. Truck X Death Spray Custom

Recently Death Spray Custom announced a pretty incredible collaboration with Alpinestar...

"A collaborative effort between Alpinestars and UK based artist Death Spray Custom, Piquet’s truck will be emblazoned with a bold, vibrant arrangement of color and shape. Designed by David Gwyther, AKA Death Spray Custom, the livery is inspired by a thermal image or heat signature."

Check out the DSC blog for more info

GB Helmet Re-vamp for 2012 Olympics

Very futuristic... Still look 'boss' to me.

"The new helmets will be used for road, sprint, pursuit and para-cycling events, and are specifically designed to fit each athlete."

(Via Design Week)

Tokyo Fixed Gear - The Hunt

Nice edit from Tokyo Fixed Gear on The Hunt Criterium race.

06 June 2012

LSF Summer 2012

LSF rides every Thursday at Hyde Park Pub, meet for 7:30 - ride for 7:45.
All welcome.

More info here