27 February 2009

look out for that pothole...

zero rake forks

This is a very unusual combination, that was put together at Ocean Cycle Factory/NJS Supermarket last week...
Takamatsu Kenji fork, long, straight with no rake. Nagasawa lugs, hand made by an NJS frame
builder. It is very very twitchy and odd to ride, but allows super tight turns and barspinning a 700c front wheel.
When combined with the rare Nitto Zero Stem, the bar can spin very freely, with no centrifugal 'wobble'....it is very strange to ride, but is working quite well for this customer!

Pics and quote from njssupermarket.blogspot.com

ciocc otp offerings

if anyone has rode/seen these in real life, i'd be interested to know the price/feel. The bike at the top has to be the nicest off the peg yet.

26 February 2009

London courier doc - Writen in the Streets

Written In The Streets from philip diprose on Vimeo.

how ebay should always be

click the link...
but if it has run out this is a bmx for sale recently in australia. love the enthusiasm gone into writing the description

This is a max wicked sick BMX. It's a Reliance Boomerang and it's done heaps of maximum extreme stunts. I have mostly done stunts on this bike since forever. Once I did a boom gnarly stunt trick on it and a girl got pregnant just by watching my extremeness to the maxxxx. Some details about sickmax BMX: Comes with everything you see including: TOPS AS SUSPENSION REAR FORKS!! 2 x wheels 1 x seat I will even thrown my sick BMXing name for FREE - Wicked Styx. Has minor surface rust on handlebars and front forks (easily removed). More rust on rear forks (as shown in pics). Tyres hold air but are pretty old. Basically, it's an old BMX, but it's radness is still 100% in tact. Tricks I have done on this BMX: Endos - 234. Sick Wheelies - 687. Skids - 143,000. Bunny Hops - 2 (Bunny Hops are gay and my brother dared me to do them, which I did because I'm Rad to the power of Sick). Flipouts - 28. Basically if you buy this bike you will instantly become a member to every club that was ever invented, worldwide, because you will be awesome. Pick up from Richmond in Melbourne. Throw your hands in the air like you just don't mind.

Q: Dudu , thats the sickest description ive read to date . Had me and my family in stitches. If you reconsider postage for this bike im happy to pay you for your time involved as i collect stingray bikes . Been after a chrome boomerang for a while.Let me know if your interested as i would love to max out the skid record. Cheers man . 30-Jan-09
A: Hello Radster. I suppose I could skid down to the postie and see what it would cost to post. I don't know where you live, but I might just try guessing. is it 64 McDonald Drive in Brisbane?
Q: dude, does this bike come with contraception because i all ready have 3 kids.this is the best description i have ever read i think you should go into business writing for ebay!!thanks 4 the entertainment,i'm still pissing my self 30-Jan-09
A: Thanks Sick Guy. It doesn't come with contraception, but I will include a photo of me doing a stunt if you like. It's pretty blurry, but it's still a wicked rad stunt. Let me know.
Q: How long are the skids that this bike can do? 29-Jan-09
A: Dear Mad Dog. The skids odometer shows 128,992 metres, but i think it might have gone round the clock. I once did a skid that went for two weeks.

21 February 2009

Save a track!

The council want to knock down Old Gypsies Green Stadium in Sunderland.

Sign this petition and do your bit for the Geordie tracksters!

sign here; http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Gypsiesgreen/

16 February 2009

cheers d!

alley cat/ginnel whippet

A huge thanks to everyone who made the effort to get to leeds first alleycat yesterday. any leeds rider that didn't come down missed out on an amazing day. Big shouts to manchester, edinburgh and london riders who made the long haul plus guys from all over yorkshire. 

it didn't rain or snow which was a miracle and everything went swimmingly except for Adys crash about 10 metres from the finish line! the money we made will be used to pay for a new front wheel for him!

Places as follows:

1. Warren Anderton (Leeds)
2. Marek Szczeplek (Leeds)
3. James Wise (Manchester)

Footdown - Dr. Kevin Colgan

Trackstand - Donnacha Carroll

Massive thanks for support from: Craig Nasty (Cantgoslo), Liam Walsh (TLW), Neil Brand, Planet X, Stif, Velosolo, lotek, woodrups, charlie the bikemonger, dalikfodda, er...ostre-kolo and red bull for that fake-awake feeling - not forgetting hukaz for putting up with sweaty pissed cyclists all night.

A personal thanks to Max for stopping my head from exploding, but next time can you remind me to eat something other than breakfast!

Flickr link to come.

Roll on number 2!


ok, so this isn't by any means a full race report but a quick summary... no doubt sam or max will do a more in depth one later in the week but i just wanted to take this time to thank the 42 (yes 42!) who raced yesterday around leeds,

to also thank
sam and max who organised, the 5 marshals who helped out and did checkpoints, the kind kind sponsors who donated some excellent prizes, tall will for taking adey to casualty and a special shout out to warren the winner! (bow officially nicknames 'the tractor'

right.. so pics... i took a load but i was pretty mashed most of the time and just clicking away, so if anyone has any can they please contact me (tom) so we can get a proper album/pool sorted out. (cuttingtom@hotmail.com please)

here a few from the day to wet your whistles...

thanks! ~t~