30 July 2009

Whats Next?

cake success! oh...

The pig in action

Coffee, banana and icing. I feel sick and i'm going for a ride.

Just because.

A real nice photo. Not much else to say. Rohan on Flickr

I'm making a cake

Whilst browsing the pages of other UK blogs I came across Birmingham Fixed Gears attempt to make a cake with lots of good cycling energy ingredients. I thought about giving it a go but after much debate with myself, I have decided just to make a fatty, unhealthy thing with stuff I could find in the kitchen. It's in the oven now so we shall see what its like in half an hour or so.

You are witnessing the effects of being unemployed and bored.

Little Indy 500

Pretty awesome looking event in Austin, Texas. I'm guessing you put together teams and it works on most laps in a set time - looks amazing. Thanks for the heads up Nick. Images from SandyCarson



These are so damn pretty. Traitor frames - open bicycle at chorus gallery

Leader Trick Frame

Nice looking trick frame from Leader. Trick riders seem to have been using their frames for a bit now anyhow but this reinforced option has gotta go down well. The dropouts look mean as hell. via LockedCog

Bag of Spanners

This looks nuts. via Prolly.

Another take

Pretty Funny. Scoop here.

29 July 2009

Phil Wood ISO hub

Now on the shelves. But not for long I reckon.

All info from Prolly via PW Twitter.

Our ISO track hub is now available! The front hub has a larger flange than our high-flange track hub, and the rear has 120mm spacing and in 32 or 36 spoke hole configurations. Provided with the rear hub are six Phil Cog retention bolts. They are Grade 8/Class 8.9 with a minimum tensile strength of 150,000 psi.

The hub is offered in a single-fixed, double-fixed, fixed-freewheel, and fixed-freewheel (White Industries freewheel-specific) configuration. Cogs are available only in 1/8″ and in 16-19 teeth. We strongly recommend using Phil ISO track cogs with our bolts due to bolt fitment.

These are currently not listed in our web store.

Please call us at (408) 298-1540 to order.

A rear, double-fixed ISO track hub.

Week Two with Mr Nasty

More colour co-ordination with Craig Nasty. Future adventures coming soon.

Next Friday - Glasgow

Recoat gallery in Glasgow are holding an exhibition - opening Friday 7th August, inspired by the bicycle. Featuring work by some real strong artists and accompanied by some fine ass cocktails. The exhibition then runs until the 6th september. Bed for the night please Tian!

Small bike madness

HHX Velociraptor remix from Platypus films on Vimeo.

Go on!

Leeds rider martin is on a bit of an epic one. Follow his progress here. More info here.

Anyone know what these are?

Neon slug dance crew? spotted over at the CTRS site.

Stages goodies

Some nice looking goodies that the CTRS and 14bikeCo. crew picked up on the CTRS London to Paris ride. Looks like Ted has also managed to pick up a broken hand.

28 July 2009

Vive Le Tour!

So the Tour was amazing and all I can say about Paris is that it is the most amazing place I have ever ridden. I'm talking about riding along dead flat, dead straight roads where every light you come accross is a green. Even the cobbles on the Champs Elysee are smoother than roads in England.

We met some real cool guys too, we pretty much just shouted "Fixie" (lame I know) at any riders we saw but it worked everytime, apart from the dude who sprinted off when we shouted it. Apologies to the guys we met (guy on the Merican, guy on the yellow track frame and single speed dude) as I cannot remember any of their names. Apart from being branded Fakengers by some stuck up hipsters on the champs elysee, everyone we met was nice.

Sadly we couldn't find Cyclope and when we finally found out where it is, it was sunday and it was shut. But we know where it is now for next time, which will hopefully be very soon.

Sam posted the best of the pictures, but heres some more anyway.

Our man in Paris

The (end of the) tour through the eyes of three drunken Rossendalers. Looks like you boys had a blast. Also saw that pic of you with some cheeky french chicks on facebook. Ooh la la.

Tour De Scouse

Sounds like good one despite the rain - sorry I didn't make it guys.
Images via DID.

Supermarket sweep bristol

A few images from Bridge the Gaps - Supermarket sweep event in Bristol. Looks like there's more than good dubstep coming outta there.

If anyone has race/event reports that they want me to post - get em sent via the contact button at the top of the page.

Skyride Manchester

This sunday (2nd August) - Manchester's roads (or 12k of em) are being closed to allow cyclists to enjoy a city loop traffic free between 10am and 4pm. More details and a route are available here. They also have similar events planned other cities including Glasgow and London but alas - not Leeds. Sky's link to British cycling looks to be pretty strong with their involvement with the UK Track team and whispers of a UK Team for next years tour.

What the hell?

Maybe I shouldn't let it wind me up this much. Maybe I shouldn't have taken notice in the first place but come on! Why on earth make out we're gonna have a record breaking summer when we get this - one week of sun in june and nothing else! Every Fucking Year!

Worlds 09. 25th Anniversary

BMX WORLDS 2009 VIDEO from woozybmx.com on Vimeo.

A Jam to celebrate 25 years of the worlds - featuring some very retro bikes and riders. Feel good doesn't even come close. Awesome video - It really captures the atmosphere of the day.

Problematic Mixtape II

"The Problematic Mixtape II" - Video Preview. from Alberto Chimenti Dezani on Vimeo.

Nicely made short video that includes some nice track bikes. Not sure what it's about and if the dude getting dressed has anything to do with anything but whatever - i sometimes forget the fact that FixedGear/TrackBikes and everything thus associated is cool as fuck so videos like this are bound to end up being made. I don't have an issue with it as in general, any hype a scene driven sport gets usually rewards those who pushed it first (mash etc.). Plus it sounds and looks good.

14 bike co. build

14 bike co. custom. diggin all that jazz but standard 3 cross would've done me fine on the rear wheel.

27 July 2009

Era pastels

Some nice Vans era releases, teaming the rough canvas (also seen on the earlier messenger) and suede toe (which lasts much longer). Really digging the purple two-tone. Again via the hypebeast.