30 June 2010

Cameras & Cranksets

I spotted some photos on PedalConsumption from Yorks recent alleycat and followed the link to CamerasAndCranksets. Some really nice riding shots up on there and loads more visual candy - check it here

28 June 2010

Frame 10: Angus Sung

[FRAME] Chapter Ten from FLWRIDER tv on Vimeo.

The Flwrider frame project is going pretty well and each provides an insight into loads of different cyclists very different lives. This one focusses on UK based Angus Sung from the 5thFloor. Seems like a well mellow guy - is there a Northern accent going on there?


Some of the Leeds riders met up with the Bradders lads on saturday and had a jaunt on the elusive ghettodrome. Keep your ear to the ground for an event...

Photos: Terry Gelard

26 June 2010


My posts have been a little sparse this week - I'm moving house today and loosing my internet connection so no posts apart from lunchtime at work for a few weeks...

24 June 2010

Concor BFF

Another lovely bit of leather from SanMarco to commemorate this years BFF. I prefered last years suede finish but the gold rails are well sick!

Thinking Caps

‘Thinking Caps’ is an exhibition of up to 100 classic cycling caps - each of a bespoke design submitted by local artists and designers.
The completed caps will be exhibited in howies gallery space throughout the Bristol Bike Festival (11th - 26th September).

Thinking Caps is about celebrating cycling, fashion and current Bristol style. It’s about encouraging the thought that cycling can be fun, quirky and expressive - cycling’s not all about high-vis yellow jackets.

Check out the site here for more info on how to submit your design...

A bridge too far - shots

Some awesome shots of YorkFG's bridge too far jam by Mark Ivkovic

All the lads that went over said they had a cracking day - good work Ross! Massive apologies for not showing face.

23 June 2010

Otley Road Race

A few of us rode to Otley tonight. Watched some racing, got a few stares for having bikes with no brakes and unofficially got Feather Cycles as a sponsor for Team Rapha. No biggie. Track champion and Local girl Lizzie Armistead was riding and well. Props to the riders for having such guts flying around the narrow streets.

Bradders Hill Bomb

Been up a while but my mac bugged out last time I tried to post and completely forgot! Anyway - Nate from ReStrap riding some beasts over Bradford way. That place makes Leeds look flat!

Cord Wheelers Cycling Club

Cantgoslo and Cord Bar are hosting a monthly fixed gear sunday social over in Manchester. First one kicking off on Sunday 4th July...

Rob in India

Thos clouds look dark man! What sort of mileage you put in on that whip?

Ilovedust TDF

Ilovedust - one of my favourite UK based design studios, which includes a few of the SFGFC riders just completed this artwork BicyclingMagazine. Another pience of amazing work guys!

Check out the new SFGFC tees too - Available here

22 June 2010

Feather LoPro

Ricky's latest Feather build is this beast of a LoPro. I met the owner, Rob yesterday in Leeds and had a bit of a spin. Definitely not touring geometry but so damn light even with H+Sons.

The finish on this, in both fillets and painting is silky as hell!

21 June 2010


A Good Day. from Bishops Pocket on Vimeo.

via LockedCog. After seeing Robs whip today, I'd love to be able to afford to build a new bike from scratch!

Grey Market

Grey Market "Delivered" from riku robert on Vimeo.

Spotted this one up at Prolly. Some pretty interesting scenery going on. Maybe something to do with this frame release?

I rode to Paris...

And all I got was this lousy tshirt. And probably some punctures. And some lactic acid too.

Real nice tee popped up on 5thFloor to commemorate the ride to Paris in July. Just a photoshope versoin for now - Looking forward to seeing one on cotton...

20 June 2010

Sweet Classic Lo

Nike and Livestrong have just dropped these collab kicks. A pretty clean silhouette in the Livestrong colorway with the bike print detail on the midsole.


UFFIE - ADD SUV (feat . Pharrell Williams) HD from Uffie on Vimeo.
Hot French girl, hella dope whips and weird high fashion gimp masked bike polo. Not a bad track either.


This shot of the proto superted hub up on 14bikeCo this morning. The clearcoat looks real pretty...

19 June 2010

Rapha Tailored Jacket

Rapha have upped the ante once again for gents what bike. This tailored jacket converts from a standard lapel fronted blazer to a closed front jacket. It is made form 100% wool so is naturally water and dirt repelent and the front buttons up out of the way of your legs whilst riding. The hip pocket detail is an amazing feature which just finishes the peice off nicely...

Tied Together

Kinfolk - Nike "Tied Together" Relay Race Bike Doc (Nike Stadium Version) from frantic studio on Vimeo.

Spotted this short for the TiedTogether project up on Tracko. Includes a little footage of the Kinfolk build in the mix - I just read over at their site that they won the Wallpaper 'ride of the year' award. Good work fellas!

Line of Sight

This will be showing at this years BFF. Lucas Brunelle has made so many great films about riding, mainly because of his approach to shooting - This is another to add to the list...

Bootleg Bootleg footage

Fixedgearlondon for Bootleg sessions 4 (outtakes)... from Fixedgearlondon on Vimeo.

Nice lil edit out of London. Not a trick rider but that looks like a hell of a fun spot! via FixedGearLondon

18 June 2010

Sabrina - Bicycle Girls PL

Spotted this set up on PC. Everyone likes a pretty girl on a bike but this set is worth checking out for the ghettodrome settings alone! Visit BicycleGirls.PL

17 June 2010

HUF x Dennis McGrath

If you like girls and like tshirts, you'll probably like these. Just dropped at TokyoFG who've also got the volume thrashers dropping next week...

Mash SF

Spotted the mash histogram tee up on FixedShitUp. Real nice print out now on the MashStore.

South Africa

Congratulations to the BicyclePortraits project who reached the pledge for the hardback book to go into production. If you haven't read about it already - go check it out.

Flwrider Project

The boys at Flwrider have killed it with this one! Columbus spirit fillet brazed beast of a bike. The bronze colourway looks real nice with the black parts - awesome work guys!

Focale44 site update

Focale44 have updated the site and have some nre products up there including this red clearcoat bike and a few new complete bikes. Check em here...

DVS x Cadence

I've been well slow with this one but its worth a post. Previews of loads of the products in the summer/autumn drop can be seen here and here.

Link via Prolly

What Saddle?

New poll up on the right. It was a tough one to reduce down so if I've missed a favourite, just list it in the comments...

UPDATE: The polls function seems to be effed so I've removed it and will post up agin soon.

15 June 2010

What Hub - winner...

This was definitely the closest so far! There was a large amount of products to choose from but the Dura Ace just pipped its competitors to the post.

1. Dura Ace (24%)
2. Royce (23%)
3. Phil Wood (20%)

Next up is the saddle poll - coming real soon...

Lego England Vs USA

One way to look positively at the bad memories...

Reggie Watts: Fuck Shit Stack

DVS for Keirin Cycles

I thought these might never surface with all the work that went into the Cadence project but these just popped up on KeirinCycles. Very similar to the pedal to podium shoe by the looks of things...

spotted on PC

Zlog Crew

Zloggy Bloggy Doggy from chris clappe on Vimeo.

Some pretty massive stuff in this latest Zlog sesh - make sure you chack the double set at 00.45

Valerie Felix

Valerie is  a swiss photographer living in montreal. You might have seen these photos in the latest issue of the ride journal. A really amazing sense of depth and drama for a still life!

The full set is up on Valeries site here - but check out the other photo sets too - some really nice stuff...

Check out more photos after the jump

14 June 2010

Thanks Bagaboo

This is a post I should have written a long time ago - around Max's second leaving do I think - where we had a whip round and bought him a decent bag so he had no excuses not to come back and visit.

Anyway, thanks to Moni's pleading bagaboo made a bag in two days and sent it over from hungary with her brother who then took the cash back for us! So getting to the point: Thanks Bagaboo, and in particular Tamas - for good bags and speedy stitching!

You could fall off that roof...


This is a bit weird. Like radball but on standard track bikes (with polo gears?).
Video via Prolls Garms via PedalConsumption

Juliet in Ireland

Juliet in Ireland from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

Frame 9: Transamerica 2010

[FRAME] TransAmerica 2010 from FLWRIDER tv on Vimeo.

Almost 6000 kilometres, 50 days, and nine American states on one bicycle – this is how Hong Kong resident Todd Miller is choosing to spend his upcoming sabbatical from his day job.

On Sunday June 20, Miller will embark on a gruelling coast-to-coast bike ride that will see him cycle around 120 kilometres a day, and hopefully raise US$30,000 along the way. “There’s a certain unreality to the thought of cycling across a continent. I guess I like that romantic idea,” Miller muses. Not only does Miller get to achieve a lifelong dream of cycling a transcontinental tour, but he is also “peddling with a purpose” to raise funds and awareness for the children’s charity, A New Day Cambodia (ANDC). The non-profit organisation currently provides accommodation, food and education for about 100 garbage dump scavenger children.... transamerica2010.wordpress.com

13 June 2010

Flwrider Projects

Flwrider will unveil the rest of this project at some point this week - That bartape is real nice - what is it?

Vans Authentic Granada

We've all owned a few knackered pairs of Vans I'm sure, but these ones of Warrens looked pretty shabby - at least until he took them to this guy in Granada who stitched new leather panels on the toe for $5. Next years hot look???