31 March 2010


I just saw this shot by Matt Lingo over at FGSwitzerland. I am inclined to agree with the comment about tilt shift effects but this is a real nice example...

Outlier Spring

Just spotted Outlier's spring collection over at Tracko. As ever, some quality stuff. This merino tee looks rad but comes in at a fairly hefty $75 (which would probably work out as about £75 given how bike parts/clothing seems to be priced). Go check out more here.

Dedicato a Vanni Pettenella

I received an email from a guy named Mario today:

"Vanni Pettenella was a teacher for me… on bikes, fixed and more. I captured some video from a tape he give me about 1964 olympic games and about one Ovomaltina tv spot he did.

It’ s a way to remember him."

He has a Youtube channel full of vintage track action - well worth a watch and an excellent way to commemorate a great rider. Good work Mario - Go check it out...

HK Hills Teaser

HK HILLS from A.Y on Vimeo.

The Flwrider boys hitting the hills. Looking forward to the full edit.

Lance is Big...

This is some cheesy shit. Reminds me of this, which is much better...

Spotted Lance over at BikeReviews. The other is embedded in my childhood.

Zlog in SF

Zlog in the Bay from ZLOG on Vimeo.

30 March 2010


Just spotted some teaser shots from day ago of the minidrome. Looks really fun/dangerous.

another one from flwrider

Frame Part 3

[FRAME] Chapter Three from FLWRIDER tv on Vimeo.

Something a little different from Flwrider this time:

For the third chapter in our [FRAME] bi-weekly interviews series, we headed up to the north part of Hong Kong to visit a slightly different retailer focusing his efforts on putting more people on pedal powered transport.

In a slightly more cycling orientated area of Hong Kong, along one of the more well known cycling routes here, is Velocity Racers, a shop that sells the not so obvious form of personal transport that is a recumbent bike. When we found out you could get up to speeds of 100km/h much easier than a conventional road bike, we had to find out more about it.

We met up with Corbett Rowell who has a background in engineering, runs and owns Velocity Racers, about how he got involved with this type of bike, riding around with one and his mission with opening the only recumbent bike shop in Hong Kong and China. Touring the shop, we got to see some real amazing pieces of engineering which we get Corbett to go through and explain the engineering behind the bikes and how they manage to get up to those crazy speeds.

Thanks Flwrider

Thanks to the guys at Flwrider for the stickers, gave some out on saturday - this one on my bike has seen hella rain already!


The guys at Belk bags have been getting their work on recently. New products and new shots up on flickr. The XL pictured here looks pretty damn good and there's always the Backpack if you're a bit of a two strap jack.

Made in Great Britain. Get in touch with the guys via the site if you are interested in their stuff...

Scenic Sprints

Footage from this has been popping up all over the web. Looked like a sterling day. As ever Ty from TheFootdown has a full report with pictures and a bonus fear/skid vid. Go check it...

29 March 2010

Vans/Carhartt Era

Some nice natural palette Era for this summer. Suede and ripstop should be pretty resilient to cage/pedal batterings...

more here.

2&21 are good

Just read over at Prolly about these nice info graphics by 2&21 for Good magazine. Always stoked to see some nice limited colour printwork going down....

9th Invitational

Phil Wood hooked up Cog with these babies for the 9th Bike Messenger invitational in Milwaukee.

28 March 2010

Neek 180

EFG's Neek getting sideways on his way to getting backwards.

Fyxation Track Grips

Now I know these have been on pretty much every blog this week but as someone took the time to email me some info, I thought it'd be nice to post them up. Featuring the same grip pattern as the Fyxation tyres, and available in skinny track grip (pictured) or mushroomed BMX. Not sure on UK stockists yet...

Leader TRK 2

Gussets aint pretty but I guess they work. Built in chain tug is a winner for sure.

Lob Goal

Craziness. spotted over at Juice

25 March 2010


John Cooke
, the man behind a lot of the ESB frames has hooked up LTS boy Chicken after he snapped his frame at the 14 bike co party. I've got a feeling that this one isn't going to budge..

Nike Loopwheeler Cycling hood

Maybe the fact that it has those 'cycling' pockets on the back is enough of an excuse (to myself) for me to buy one of these. so dope. via Tracko

24 March 2010

SF Sprints

I little out of the way for me but if you can make it down...

Worth mentioning, if anyone has a bike event going down, especially UK based I'd be happy to post up some info. Email deets at the top...

Danny McAskill making it all look effortless again!

Starts today

BBC have some red button coverage going on from around 5 today. Can we bring it again?

22 March 2010

Feather Cycles

Jammy was heading over to York on Sunday, so I tagged along for the ride and just so happened that I had my camera equipment with me so I decided to make a simple little edit of the goings on at Feather Cycles. Nothing fancy, but its nice to have a little insight into what Ricky does. When I think about it, I can't think of any other frame buliders who are only 23/24. Good on you Ricky lad.

Love your Bike

Spotted a shot from this on ffffound and headed over for a browse. Love Your Bike, as far as I can work out is a collective created to promote and celebrate the bicycle both in it's visual and utilitarian glory.

There is a festival organised for this summer so if anyone can head down the deep south, it looks to be well worth a visit - check the contributors list here.

Sterling typography as standard. iLovedust perhaps???

Wolfpack Marathon

Wolfpack Hustle Marathon Crash Race 2010 from The Bicinity on Vimeo.

A little slow on the uptake with this one - pretty much wrote off any decent posts this weekend. Anyway, Some footage of the Wolfpack Hustle crashing the marathon course at crazy o'clock. An awesome event with more than 400 riders turning out for some nightime carnage...

Thanks for the heads up Andrew - more shots on flickr here

Hill Bombing Lives

Massan for Leader Bike from Dan Arel on Vimeo.

Massan keeping the religion alive yet again. Some awesome footage - make sure you watch til the end...

21 March 2010

Cragg Vale

Another fucking hangover, but well worth it. Despite the terrible weather, we had a half decent turnout for the Cragg Vale premiere. With the onslaught of rain, beers became the main entertainment for the day, although the underground polo was well good.

A huge thanks to everyone who made the effort to come out, get a wet arse and a bad hangover, with props to Rik from 4416 for coming up from London.

Manchester Hill Bomb

Dave Lowes managed to find a hill in Manchester so took a photo to commemorate - good work mate

BELKbags bag + mallet sheath

a simple bag with a polo mallet sheath by rupert and hassan at belk

belkbags blog

belkbags flickr

19 March 2010

Hells yeah

It's not too often that you get a double whammy of a girl this hot with a bike like that...


Charge: Hovis Hill bomb...

Fixed 4 from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

Damn that hill's seen some action recently. A sound edit of Tom's caper over in the UK.
via Prolly

The 2000th LSF Post

Thanks for reading but more importantly, riding...

Adidas Originals Advert

Fixed gear is officially massively mainstream. I'm not going to hate on anyone for being in an Adidas advert- hell I would have been stoked have been in it (wouldn't have wanted to show Becks up though) Its just, I dunno, things are changing fast I guess. Anyway, I'm off to bomb some hills. Laters.

17 March 2010

Cinelli stainless forks

Anyone who's a Cinelli fan on facebook will have already spotted these but thought they were worth immortalising in blogworld. I'm not stoked on the shape but the idea of not having your chrome forks peeling and chipping is very appealing. Word on the street (read 'facebook') is that work has begun on a new stainless crown too. Sounds pretty interesting...

Solo Bombing

two snakes-Round One from Matthew Waudby on Vimeo.

Pretty Moody skies. Nice little edit...

via Juice

16 March 2010

Best shot Leeds

Abusing my blog power a bit, apologies. I've been picked for the final ten in the Unite best shot Leeds Competetion. It's in Leeds and I'll spend the money on bikes if I win, so kinda fitting. Vote for Ben Treanor Please, muchos thanks (click title to vote).


Little bit of London action from the 14 boys

12 March 2010

LSF Cragg Vale Premiere

Max has pretty much finished the edit - we will be hosting the premiere at the usual haunt, hukaz on Saturday 20th March. The premiere is designed to coincide with Max's leaving party which will be a day of bikes and beers prior to the film. Email for more info.

Spinwell Re-Hash

Looks like one of the Spinwell crew has hella time on his hands. Too funny!

11 March 2010

Livery Aero

Latest drop from the folks at Livery is looking damn fine. Love the colourway/finish on this one but check the others here...

Ted part 2

10 Minutes with Super Ted Part 2 from John Prolly on Vimeo.

via Prolly

Fixed Mag

No.5 coming soon. The Vans store better keep me one this time!

Reliable Rigid Rapid

Old Raleigh sign on display at Beamish. Thanks for the shot Anthony.

Ollie Shaw Design

Leeds Rider/Designer/Person, Ollie just got his site up. Well worth a spy. Good work man!

Fixe 3

Another dual cover for issue3.

Available in the UK from Fingerprint

images via Prolly

Prolly interviews Ted

10 Minutes with Super Ted Part 1 from John Prolly on Vimeo.

That is some collection in the background! via Prolls

10 March 2010

Rollapalooza Manchester

Good to see some female presence - thanks for the shots Nasty - will get the results posted soon...