20 December 2011

1.61 Hip Pouch

There are a fair number of hip pouches on the market and these ones from one man operation 1.61 look pretty good. Cordura nylon with all the usual loops and pouches and leather logo trim.

Check out the full spec and get yours here...

16 December 2011

Roller Racing Tonight

I'm sure you are all aware that the Christmas roller racing is going down at hukaz in hyde park tonight but just incase you didn't I thought it was worth dropping a post - check out Nates original post and the event page for more info - do it now!

Drew Bezanson

Drew Bezanson from Justen Soule on Vimeo.

Blind transfer at the end is madness...

15 December 2011


A little short coming out of Leeds - Sore Skateboards Reppin'

Cadence Drop

Some real nice pieces in the new Cadence collection - the grey/orange zipped hoodie looks awesome - check out the full range here

14 December 2011

07 December 2011

A calssification of cyclists

This print is well worth a look - spotted over on The Handmade Cyclist, it classifies some of the greats in a number of specific riding styles - get yours now on etsy.

Thanks for the heads up Smithchild.

Leeds Fixed Gear Christmas Party

Christmas is almost here so we are holding the annual party plus to raise money for Childreach International. So get yourselves there and support a good cause.

Win prizes from our massive list of sponsors. Big shout out to 14bikeco, Boneshaker mag, Deafpigeon, Charlie the bike monger, Cantgoslo, Velosolo, Brother cycles, Fixed shit up and Traffic distro.

Everyone is welcome to come along and even just to grab a beer . Hope to see everyone there. Click Here for event page.

01 December 2011


Red Bull Minidrome | Manchester from Stephen Hughes on Vimeo.

Nice work spotted up on a few blogs today...


Just read up on Prolls about his input into the 2012 re-up of the classic Cannondale Track. The only things that got me doubting were the name and the fact that it's available in Prolly Purple. More the fool me?

Restrap Christmas Giveaway

Nate is feeling generous at the moment, so with the festive season rolling in, has decided to enter everyone that buys something throughout December into a prize draw with a prize to be won for every day up to Christmas. Go shopping scrooge...

28 November 2011

Crowns & Owls

After a really strong couple of years in the film industry, Leeds based Brown Bread Films have now morphed into Crowns & Owls. Check out the new site and showreel here - well worth a look...

Fixfixfix 2012 Calendar

Hot Girls and questionable bartape options for every month of the year - go get yours here...


Saw this tee from UrbanCyclery up on Tracko - get yours here...

Fixed Forward interviews

Interviews: After Fixed Fest 2011 from Fixed Forward / FXFW on Vimeo.

A little insight post-fixed fest featuring some familiar faces from the scene - nice work from FixedForward spotted up on 5th.

25 November 2011

Wheel Animation

I'm not sure when this surfaced but its pretty clever - make sure you watch through the first minute to see the animation in full effect. Thanks for the heads up Nic (In Her Glory)

23 November 2011


PEONFX from faz adhili on Vimeo.

Another one from Faz - this time for PEONFX - Nice work...

Chrome X Miller

New bag for your beer? This latest drop from the folks at Chrome might just be a solution...

Edinburgh to North Berwick

EFG November ride from David King on Vimeo.

Stoked to see this short from EFG up on Prolls - I used to go up to North Berwick with my folks as a kid - it's cool to see it again...

20 November 2011

New Brother Cycles Build

The new Brother Cycles frame. Just thought I'd quickly share if you haven't already seen, you have to admit this is a dam nice frame and its un- drilled. Think the Brother guys are definitely heading in the right direction.

17 November 2011

GF Smith Sample

Had a visitor to the studio where I work today from GF Smith - essentially the Cervelo of Paper. One of the samples was this book - and whilst it might not be too exciting for those who don't fantasise about paper and print, the sculpted embossing on the cover (you can see the reverse on the yellow image above) was one of the nicest applications of this I've seen in a while.

Restrap Horizontals

These shots just surfaced on the Restrap blog of the new(ish) Horizontals - I'm running these at the moment and they feel pretty rad - especially if you're accustomed to the support from traditional clips and straps.

Scoop here.

H Plus Son Archetype

Just spotted these new Hplus Son road rims up on pedal consumption. Love the logo application on these...

Source: PC

14 November 2011

11 November 2011

Hufnagel Parts Project

Not sure how I missed these shots but having just spotted them up on TokyoFG, I figured they were well worth a post. Hufnagel upping the ante with full custom parts. Trill.


Massive props to my boy Nate from Restrap for winning the runner up prize in the Northern Princes Trust Entrepreneur awards. Look how happy he is... More photos later.

Vans Syndicate Greg Hunt

Black and White. Nubuck and Waxed Canvas.

Newcastle Fixed

A little teaser of the upcoming short from our Northern Friends at NewcastleFixed. Good work lads - that leg over slam at the start looks killer!

Tweed Run NYC

Jen from BFF gave me a heads up on this feature on the export of the Tweed Run to NY. Expect to see more footage from the London RL Tweed Run in a few weeks...

10 November 2011

09 November 2011

INSA x Milltag

INSA x Milltag jerseys are now available in extremely limited quantities. There are 12 colourways - but just three of each are available to purchase with a complimentary signed photo from the upcoming Girls on Bikes exhibition. Head here to scoop... 

08 November 2011

Burn Em.

Now I know nothing about the credibility of these frames but this burnished clearcoat finish from Factory5 looks pretty fresh.

Full Windsor Mudguard

Now I'd love a full functional bike with fenders and all for the impending cold and wet season but the fact of the matter is, I can't afford one. These quick fix folding mudguards look like a half decent solution - think Joseph and Joseph chopping board - but for the back of your whip.

Available here - more stock soon...

07 November 2011

Seoul got soul

[SEOUL GOT SOUL] FALLEN LEAVES from David Jongkwon Kim aka DKshop on Vimeo.

Wet roads and leaves. Rings true the world over...
Great work on the new video in the series.

Coming Soon...

Deaf Pigeon Edit Coming Soon from Danny Cameron on Vimeo.

My lack of free time recently has resulted in a severe lack of posts - I'm hoping that this will be remedied soon! One of the posts I missed was the 'coming soon' video from the Preston lads over at DeafPigeon. Stoked...

02 November 2011

Cider with Rosie

I wish this was my weekend view.

Take a closer look...

The non-cyclist annotation is a little comical - click the image to enlarge...

Flaming Pigeon Race

Here's the next installment from the Deaf Pigeon crew, a good straight forward race A to B. This should be a banger so get yourselves there!

"Here it is, the next Deaf Pigeon event. Saturday 5th November. Meeting at Avenham Park hill (the steep one) from 5.30pm and aiming to get race underway for about 6.00pm.

The race will be straight to Preston Grasshoppers by anyway you see fit. Prizes will be courtesy of the awesome Knog! (http://www.knog.com.au/)It's going to be a darkish race, so bring some lights with you and some warmish clothes because the plan is it watch the Grasshoppers firework display when we get there.It's £5 to get into the display but it'll be free to race, you don't have to pay into Grasshoppers, but there will be food and stuff on inside, so it's up to you.Tell the non-racing folk, wives and girlfriends to meet us there, it'll be a fun night, guaranteed!Hopefully we'll see you all there."