30 April 2009

Nasty's ridiculous bike

Timberland ID

click here hipster...


More Skateboarding >>

oh no.

It looks like it all got a bit much for Tanner from Aloha fixed bike! Hardly surprising looking at some of the shit hes been putting down recently.

bookmarks at the ready...

Mash TV on Vimeo. Loads on there already and from what I've read, they'll be showcasing videos from all over the world. The Global takeover continues!

Happy Days

Fun Day of Riding! from Thomas on Vimeo.

Serious feelgood video. Maybe it helps that the second song is one of my favourite songs ever.

Ted in GQ

Fixed feature in the latest issue of GQ style. Just for the record though - I am not increasingly akin to a freerunner.

28 April 2009

oh my....

sometimes, when I'm bored, I go on EAI and look at what I could buy if I had loads of money and lived in America.

And in HD.....

This has taken my many, many hours to get my head round. The PC's and Avid configurations are the most un-user friendly in the world, ever! But its all sorted now so expect to see more soon...

oh, sorry for youtube. Vimeo is much better but it wouldn't support the file format

printable BCD measurement

just knocked this up to help anyone out who needs to find out the bcd of any obscure/unknown chainset. Should work out exactly A4 but I've included a scale to double check. Hope someone finds this useful! Click on image for full size document.


An extension of Korean brand Liful, T-LEVEL represents their urban luggage division consisting of a wide range of high quality urban lifestyle product. Featured materials within their Spring/Summer offerings include a 420D Invista Cordura fabric, Waterproof Truck Trap liner, YKK Japan Water-proof zippers, Duraflex plastic parts, and 3M reflectors. The first collection will consists of a selection of small/medium messenger bags, pouches, and reflective straps for riders with a release scheduled for May 2nd at select Liful/T-LEVEL retailers.

words and pictures: hypebeast but southseafgfc pipped me to the post...

Matt Lingo

Been seeing quite alot of work from Matt Lingo online recently. His website features some of his fixed photography as well as more images making you wish you lived in America even more. Go live the dream!

get on...

eye in the sky - real deal this time!

Red Bull Eye in the Sky from Ivan Mennim on Vimeo.

23 April 2009

numero trois

coming soon....

velocity b43 - testing testing

these look pretty crazy - mad deep tango bike - the look being helped along by orange grancompe ss. Not read anything on them yet but will update as soon as i do...

Nous vous in Edinburgh

Leeds artist collective Nous Vous are exhibiting at Analogue books in Edinburgh in May. Well worth a look...

new t idea

need to get some cash together then will hopefully get a few of these printed. Also a few other designs from local artists coming soon. 

supercorsa autumn drop

still, thats the autumn drop in the US - see em over here sometime next year!!!

source: prolly

Red bull - All track 09 - eye in the sky

this footage really raises the bar for alley cat footage - hope red bull have alot of spare cash for promo this year!

21 April 2009


Yo Fixie! '09 from Writ of Outlawry on Vimeo.

Hell Of The North West from Writ of Outlawry on Vimeo.

This looked like an amzing weekend. Good work to the Manchester lot for putting this together. I can't beleive my bike picked last week to die - amazing weather and yo fixie weekender. Roll on 2010!!! 


the shape of this looks well rad - bit worrying if you get to the section where it narrows and you're in the middle of the pack tho - bit like a game of track chicken!

mizzo x doodah x gorilla

Pretty nice idea for a colab bike. Get a green tyre on the back and its sorted. Had a browse throught the product section on the mizzo site, some other nice shit too (pictured).