31 August 2009

Bike type

peep here.


Too goddamn hot. JNSNP Tee.


New Skids On The Block from Hamish Hamilton on Vimeo.

Looks like a pretty fun event. Top Five in Pentapista skids woulda killed it.


Leeds/Paris May09 from donnacha carroll on Vimeo.

More visual goodness from your favourite Irish cameraman. Even a small clip of Ady Hogan in there and check out the wall ride about 2.50. fucked.

14 Bikes jazz

super co-ordinated build from 14 bikes - plus one of the dopest dropouts a man ever seen.


rad pic from facebook - like the dramatic light. If someone lets me know I'll credit the photo...

Fixie Inc. 2010

Just saw this photo of the new 2010 blackjack. Some good attention to detail and a nice saddle are a good start - handlebars are pretty tasteful too, if a little weird. Some of the other new models are using beltdrive technology (which I wouldn't trust for shit) which seems to be a trend in the sensible ss commute bike. More info and pics over at road.cc

Catch me if you can 1

Event Coverage: Catch Me If You Can - Chapter 1 - Los Angeles from Enjoy Human on Vimeo.

via Tracko

Adidas OT range.

Adidas took on some of the CrankArmSteady crew to model some new cycle inspired originals range. I'm diggin those blue samba and the world championship colourway windcheater is cool - also some mad coloured superstars witk keirin numbering and reflective canvas kicks.

2010 Masi Coltello

oh and this thing is also coming out in '10. Colnago? Anyone heard of em?

30 August 2009

Form over function?

Rapha inside story...

Inside stories is a book by Rapha about the labels in their products. Looks like a pretty nice buy for a tenner. Also spotted the Rouler box set on the site which is alot more expensive but looks like a beauty.

29 August 2009

'84 Vivalo Special

Spotted this one over on PedalRoom. Like the minimal colourway and saddle flair - good work Luther!

testing testing

Moore Large are giving me a new Onza Uno to review! The lease will be about 2 weeks long so I should have this in Leeds for everyone to have a go on.

Leader 722TS

Pretty dope. Dropouts don't look the strongest ever but I guess it depends what you use your bike for...

Freeman DoubleStraps

Freeman Transport have done pretty well with these - they look pretty damn powerful. Bangin' on a vintage build. via BikeJerks

25 August 2009

Good shit

My Summer Shit from chris clappe on Vimeo.

Nice lookin vid - some nice smooth shots. via Prolly (again!)

New Bowery release...

Read over at Prollys blog about the release of the Bowery Tr(a/i)ck frame. First glimpse aint too bad - nice minimal colourway and decals and a good looking geometry buuuuuuut, its alloy, which seems a little silly for a trick frame - surely they woulda built BMXs out of it otherwise?

There are some other plus and negative points - go read Prolly's review and form your own opinion...

Murder of couriers 3

via: Zlog

Fixed Mag4 soon...

Where are you go trailer

Saw this on the AustinTwo Wheels BFF Pre/Review (?) Pretty crazy stuff. Tour of Africa - mad dirt roads and so hot but definitely looks to be a life changing experience. I'm still wondering why one guy chose a tall bike though!

best thing i have seen this week without a doubt.

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. from Chris Cairns on Vimeo.

so fricking awesome!


24 August 2009


Real pretty stuff from SuperFancy. Got an email from Soren, letting me know about the top - Death by Fixie shirt, but I'm sold on loads of the prints...
Go check em out at the link above.

Moscow Part2

Fixed Gear Moscow part 2 from Alex Goncharenko on Vimeo.

via Juice

23 August 2009

Mash x Cinelli tee...

Out real soon. Spotted over at the Mash blog.

Linea Animation

via Zlog

Vans Chukka Del Barco LX

Just saw these badboys over at Flatspot. 140 notes is heavy but I reckon they'll sell as long as this nautique vibe is still big...

Farewell mon ami

Warren, the winner of Leeds first Alleycat (top picture), and all round good dude, leaves Leeds tomorrow for sunnier shores. He's going travelling the world with his missus and given his love of the ocean (or namely, surfing) I don't think we'll see him for a while.

I've set him up a blog but his aversion to all things electronic could signal a long wait before we see any pics - I'll keep y'all posted.

Have a good one mate - you really will be missed in Leeds! First stop SF - DO A SKID!!!

Japan Vs. Italy

Rad T print from VeloCult. Nice site redesign too...

Another one for the reading list...

Followed the link to the PaulSmith blog from TokyoFG. Lots of visual treats, bike bits and pretty frequent and personal posting. It's so good to see an individual so devoted when they could easily sit back and count the pennies.

Porter Chain

Spotted over at BarrieBloor, this previous best seller is looking pretty good. Available in a number of colours - I'm a sucker for the minimal classic branding.