30 June 2011

Rapha : Galiber

Some awesome race footage spliced with the usual moody Rapha celluloid. If you haven't already, check out the Rapha Galiber jersey too.

TDF 2011

Can't fucking wait. Come on saturday...

Bike Parts Vending Machine

Needing an inner tube in the evening can be a little tricky at best. Bike Fixtation could be an answer ; Newly opened in Minneapolis, the station is open 18hrs a day, 365 days a year. The machine contains tubes, lights and snacks as well as a bike stand and air pump. I can only imagine what some of the scum in the UK would do to places like this but it's a pretty nice idea. The other option? Get your local kebab shop to start selling parts...

Chrome SF: Tak Photoprint Tee

Chrome has made another addition to their growing apparel collection with three photoprint tees with these shots by Takuya Sakamoto. I thought it made sense to show the images in all their glory but you can check out and buy the tees direct from the Chrome site...

29 June 2011

Restrap : 24 Hour Summer Sale

Valid from 2pm today until 2pm tomorrow (Thursday) - £5 off any pedal strap or hip pouch purchase - or choose a free lock holster instead. £5 will be refunded post purchase so leave your details in the notes on the payment section. Tenth purchase gets a free Restrap Tee so get shopping...

Headset Press : Robin Mather

The guys at Headset Press have just posted up an article on UK frame builder Robin Mather - some really nice imagery and background info on Robin's work - check out the full article here.

Good Morning

Footdown Hand-drawn tee

Ty has got another tee up on the online store - this time a hand-drawn rendition of the owl logo - scoop one here...

Arsenal Away Kit Launch Video

Again, completely off subject but the full version of the video I've been working on with Brown Bread Films went live yesterday and I'm pretty stoked with it. Just need to apply all that slo-mo and smoke to a bike video now...

27 June 2011

Restrap Hill Climb

This Sunday in saltaire - check the Restrap blog for more details...

Fixed & Two

A real slack weekend postwise but beers and bikes were a callin. First up is the excellent Fixed&Two : Loads of nice photography, a feature on Ricky Feather and lots more...

23 June 2011

Arsenal 1886

A little something I've been working on with the lads at Brown Bread Films - whether your a football hater or not, it's well worth a watch...

21 June 2011

20 June 2011


I saw a link to the Estonian website; Rekord up on PC. I don't understand any of the text on there but the site is real nice and some pretty strong images in the mix...

Riders on the Storm

The Prism: Riders on the Storm from localathensfilms on Vimeo.

An interesting look behind the scenes of the LocalAthens crew...

17 June 2011

Cafe Du Cycliste

Remi from Cafe Du Cycliste dropped me a mail drawing my attention to their clothing and accessories range. Nice muted tones and some pretty functional garments that look a little different to a lot of what is out there already. Check out the full collection at Cafe Du Cycliste

16 June 2011

Flwrider Jersey

The lads over at Flwrider have another jersey in the pipeline - real nice monotone colourscheme with skyline detail. For more info on sizing or how to get one, head here...

Cantgoslo Hero Tees

The first in the series features Jaques Anquetil and comes packaged with a matching A3 print for only £25:

acques antuequil – “monsieur chrono”, five time TdF winner, l’equipe’s 1963 champion of champion’s, a stalwart rider and never afraid to speak honestly of the sometimes unrealsitic expectations of those controlling the cycling sport at that time

scoop one here...

Leader x PC Kagero

Patrick from PC has been talking about this collab for a while and the outcome doesn't look too bad at all. Nice simple detailing and a strong colourway are a damn good start. I'd be interested to see this built up with some different parts too...

More shots here

Fixed Fest

Alley Cat Fixed Fest 2011 from woof jakarta on Vimeo.

Rocket presents FIXED FEST 2011 from yeah! on Vimeo.

Azizul Hasni vs Chas Mash SF from faz adhili on Vimeo.

Looks like this event went off big style! Loads of picture floating around too - check Prolly and PC for more...

14 June 2011

Bespoked Bristol 2012

This years show was an astounding success - I've spoken to loads of people who attended and all were complimentary on both the running of the show and the exhibitors stands. The 2012 show promises to be bigger and better - better get thinking now Ricky...

Bike Saint Paul

Bike Saint Paul from riley erickson on Vimeo.

Source: Flwrider

Sellind Sledges to Scallies

wetfart2 - selling sledges to scallies from dalikfodda deathpunk snowboard on Vimeo.

Ian from Dalikfodda just posted this up - some footage in the snow ridden streets of Leeds. Rendered undridable (and unwalkable in places!) these guys made pretty good use of the icy whiteness...

13 June 2011

Mountain Cream

Mountain Cream B&T from CREAM Bikes & Things on Vimeo.

Now and again a video pops up with a terrain that you really want to ride. This is one of them.

Source: Flwrider

Vans Shop Riot

Some pretty rad footage from the Vans Shop Riot in blackpool. With Teams from shops all over the UK, you're bound to spot a few familiar faces - good to see Welcome repped and even a face from S4...

12 June 2011

Wiggo in Yellow

With the TDF just round the corner, Wiggo has cemented himself as a contender for the malliot jaune by taking the overall win in the finale of the Criterium de Dauphine today - real good to see some Brits smashing it...

Toronto Fixed

torontofixed: Mayday AlleyCat 2011 from sambuev on Vimeo.

Some rad footage from Toronto's Mayday Alleycat


Massive props to Ricky Feather - The track bike he built for Martin (pictured) was awarded Best Track Bike at Bespoked Bristol. Looking at the other bikes on show, there was some pretty stiff competition, which makes it all the better. Well done lad!

Check out BikeRadar gallery for loads of shots from the event...

Stolen Bikes: York

York Fixed Gear rider Jonny had both his bikes stolen this week - a Giant Track and a Bowery - both taken from   his home. Please keep your eyes peeled for both of these online and in the flesh. If you hear or see anything, get in touch with Nick via the York Blog or the FGY facebook

10 June 2011

Griffith Park

Sightings: Griffith Park from The Bicinity on Vimeo.

Beast of a climb!

Source: Prolls

Bike Lanes

Watched this up on Tracko this morning - gotta feel what this guy is saying - The bike lanes in Leeds are sparse and littered with parked taxis and bus stops...

09 June 2011

Pam Jams at TFG

Tokyo Fixed Gear have some new stock in the cycling inspired range from Pam - scoop one here...

Brother x Milltag

I'm pretty excited to see the unveiling of this collab from two of Britain's young cycling brands; Brother and Milltag, both of whom have been key to support of the British Cycling scene.

The project, teased with this soviet poster will be unveiled at this weekends; Bespoked Bristol alongside some other great brands including local builder: Feather Cycles...

08 June 2011

Polski sklep

Marek aka 'Roland from Poland' has a talent for smelling a good tyre. I'm being serious, give this man (baby) a tyre and will tell you if its any good without even having to ride it - it's nuts.


Shit saddle but still...

CMWC 2011 : Warsaw

Spotted this teaser up on FGB - for more info on this autumn's event in Poland head to WarsawCarKillers

07 June 2011

Blood Sweat Chemo

I'm a big fan of Allan Peters blog - a great source of inspiration and a regular on my blogroll, but the story behind these amazing designs by Jason Miller is particularly captivating.

Jason's workmate Andy Thieman went through a long battle with cancer and decided the best way celebrate his victory was to help to raise some money for others that have suffered at the hands of the disease. To date, the pair have raised in excess of $26000 for the Livestrong Foundation.

Great work and a great cause. For more info, head to Blood Sweat Chemo

Fixed 08

Gotta be the best cover shot yet on the upcoming 8th issue of Fixed. Here's the story behind it:

we set off very early at 4am, grabbing a free breakfast on the way at a mountain hotel… (just say you’re staying in room 11 and it normally works) 
We were looking through photographs making the selection for Fixed 08, when we found a random shot of a supply road leading to the top of the mountain island, by the dam. Patrick had not attempted this descent before, as it is off the main road and normally he rides the 30km straight down without stopping. The surface of the supply road was super sketchy, pitted with pot holes, uneven cobble stones and crumpled tarmac making it almost impossible for him to control skidding… it was good fun and we hope you will like the end result.

The seabase stuff has been visually stunning from the off - to see more check out the cuttersink blog.

06 June 2011

Tricks for Beer

Vince from Sore has found a new incentive to get his team working a little harder...

05 June 2011

Feather Cycles tee

Props to Ricky from FeatherCycles for hooking me up with this tee - suitably modelled on hyde park.

Drop him an email if you're interested in getting one...

02 June 2011

My Gears

Just a few little shots of my beloved Madone that I took in the studio.
Fear not- this is Max posting, not Sam. The day you see him with gears is the day he touches a windows PC without projectile vomiting.