31 March 2011

Colne: Lancashire

Now thats a beast.

Photo: HereComesTheBelgians


I initially saw this work by Etienne Chaize up on F&W a few days back and then again just a minute ago on Prolly. It's only after understanding the craftsmanship that goes into them that you can really appreciate the quality of this work. Drawn in Illustrator, used as photoshop masks and hand painted with a wacom. I love the way the grain gives an authentic airbrush vibe!

Colin Arlen: Reel WiP

Reel WiP from Colin Arlen on Vimeo.

Some old and new shots in the mix - all good!

Welcome Skate Jam

Head to Welcome for more info...

Retired Riders

Retired Riders from Deus Customs on Vimeo.

30 March 2011

Kearny SF

Saw these amazing shots by Jake Ricker up on Tracko - I love the way they capture not only the angle of the hill but all the interesting and jarring architectural features.

Mission Photocontest

Pretty nice competition from the guys at Mission"We’ve been hard at work building our new pop up store in Brussels. As a final touch we’re creating a photo wall using images we’ve taken over the years. We’d like to invite you all to participate and send in one of your favorite photos. No rules, just a photo you like and think would be good on our wall. We’ll build them all into the display and our favorite will win a roll top messenger bag of your choice."

Head over to the Mission Facebook to find out more about entering...

Return of the Viking

I don't usually post FGFS stuff but with John's services to the fixed community it'd be rude not to put this up - not that it'll be struggling for views...

Classics: Andy Waterman

Het Nieuwsblad & Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne 2011 slideshow from Andy Waterman on Vimeo.

Some Amazing shots by CycleSport photographer Andy Waterman from semi-classics of Het Nieuwsblad and Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne.

29 March 2011

Loughborough Fixed

Spotted this up on FGNCL - always rad to see another UK city scene!

Fixed & One Cover

That's a hearty list of contributors right there. Honoured to be part of this project - for info on the Launch Party head here...

Merckx Tuesdays.

Fyxomatosis always have great shots up on the site - check the full set here.

Source: Prolly

28 March 2011

Cantgoslo: Life's Too Short

A lil' teaser of the upcoming Hero Collection from Cantgoslo. Head over to the website for order details and to see the other Legends that made it to print...

Restrap Party / Ginnel Whippet

Okay, so a little slow on getting this up but better late than never!

Friday night saw the arrival of a mass of cyclists to Hukaz in Hyde Park to celebrate the 1st Birthday of Yorkshire based foot retention company; Restrap.

There was an amazing turnout - plenty of familiar Leeds faces and past Roller Race victors plus a sterling turnout from Manchester (Nasty and Chris from Cantgoslo plus Mike from FGF, with mad props to the Huddersfeild lads for turning up despite struggling to find the place for a very long time!

After an initial mechanical (beer spilled on a sensor) fault, the rolling got underway with some pretty speedy qualifying times being clocked. The majority of the favourites made it through to the final so we knew we were in for a good one. A huge thanks to all the girls that turned up for getting on the bikes and giving it some - and props to Emma for killing it despite a bad knee.

With the two fastest times of the evening, the Mens final was a beast - Tez just pipping Matt to the post to win the sought after Chrome bag.

I'm sure anyone that has read this far down may have noticed the Restrap cake. When Emma mentioned bringing a cake along for Nate, I did not expect anything like this! I must give a special thanks to Sue Clarkson (FunBuns) for her crafty skills and kindness in donating the cake.

I think I've probably gone on enough now, and anyone that was there witnessed a pretty rad event. The support from sponsors on this was phenomenal - a huge thanks must go out to 14 • Brother Cycles • Cantgoslo • Velosolo • FixedGearFrenzy • 1/8th Inch • Shiner • ChromeSF • Hip Leeds

Also a personal thanks to Mani and Marisha for allowing is to take over the bar for another Friday and just generally being good people. Props to Nate for helping organise this and Russell for keeping calm and fixing shit when I was too busy with beer (sorry man!) and finally to all the riders that showed face and helped us party the night away - Cheers!

Photos: Emma Thornton / Sergio Jensen

Schwalbe Durano Skid

Spotted these shots of the new Durano Skid up on the Blue Lug Blog. I'm pretty interested in how these are gonna ride and more importantly, how long they will last.

Anjou Velo Vintage

Another vintage bike fair and rally to add to your calendar. Taking place on the 19th of June in the Loire Valley, there are 30,70 and 100km routes culminating in a vintage car and bicycle fair with local produce and refreshments.

Head over to the website or the Facebook page for more information...

Time to buy a car...

About a girl from Bobby Gilanyi on Vimeo.

Bali Cruisin'

Fixed Gear Bicycle Event: Paths of Pain from Nikko Karki on Vimeo.

Every time I see a group ride video, it reminds me how rad it is to be a cyclist in a huge pack of friends. Bring the summer!

Ride BLT - Sunday Edit 4

rideBLT - [sunday edit no. 4] from rideBLT on Vimeo.

These guys have been mad consistent getting these videos out - this one is my favourite so far I think - looks like there's some good taking over the road going on there...

AFGC 2011

The schedule for Mays Asia Fixed Gear champs is up now on Flwrider. Spread over 2 days, it looks like theres something for everyone...

14bike on the move...

14BikeCo will be moving out of the truman brewery store, to focus attention on some big projects this year.

The webshop will continue to function, whilst the 14 brand grows and focusses on bigger things - Good luck with the move guys!

25 March 2011

Supreme X Vans Mike Carroll 94

All over this colourway.


Still one of my favourite shots - spotted here.

Allan Peters

I've been following Allan Peter's work for some time and was stoked to see these prints for an upcoming Artcrank on his site - love the simplicity of the palette and how the grainy finish works.


VCR Los Angeles from Chris Basilio on Vimeo.

Posted the teaser for this a while back and just spotted this up on Prolly this morning. What a soundtrack!

24 March 2011

Papergirl Newcastle

I spotted this nice logo design by Darryl via twitter and headed over to Papergirl Newcastle to see what the project was about.

Stemming from the Papergirl project (born in Berlin) the basic gist is that art (submitted by local artists and designers) is distributed around the city by bicycle.

If you're interested in getting involved head over to the Papergirl site.

UK Power.

Flwrider Double Dog Stem

Head to Flwrider to find out how you can get your hands on one.

Good Morning

23 March 2011

Dandy Horse is Born.

Spotted the photos on Tracko a little earlier and they were certainly sufficiently interesting for me to head over and check out the collection. The Dandy Horse brand comes from Barcelona, with some wierd ass cult photos and really solid prints.

Check out the site and facebook.

Boikzmoind Reppin'


Re-Strap Re-Up

Nathan from Restrap has been a busy boy of late, with some new products in the pipeline and the new site now live.

As a reminder, we are holding the Restrap first birthday party this friday night, alongside a 4TN S/S preview and Roller-Racing. Come down and join in the celebration - check the facebook event for more info...

Blaq S/S Products

Blaq Design have some damn nice products in the current range and the Spring Sale offers a 20% discount until the end of the month. The finish on these looks good and I'm real happy to see some subtle colourways through the collection. These guys offer custom products too, so give them a shout if you don't see what you are after...