29 January 2009

hill (billy) music

first watched gummo whilst i was at art college - ended up getting this track (dragnaut - sleep) for my ipod a while back. I think this bit of film may effect my mindset whilst hill bombing.

anyone fit the bill?

Shredding telly

tunnel of doom 2009 (mthrfckr)

tunnel of doom liverpool from chickin on Vimeo.

Text from ride it sunday

We started the day by having a pre-ride through the tunnel so that everyone who didn't come on the recce knew what they were against. A nice amount of 25 people entered and raced against the clock. In the end though it was one swede that took the medal.

1st: Ben Staley 7:21
2nd: Richard Lambert 7:26
3rd: Aran 7:31
4th: Craig Nasty 7:36
5th: Hugh 7:50
6th: Alex Stoker and Doug Arnold: 7:58
7th: Phil Norman and Jonny Biles 8:00
8th: James Ward 8:01
9th:Gabe Stones 8:09
10: Dan Charnley 8:16
11: James Wise 8:17
12: Jon Cooke 8:30
13: Dixon 8:34
14: Daniel Horn 8:43
15: Daniel Cheetham 8:51
16: Britta Werna 8:53
17: Andy McCray 9:05
18: Adam Russ 9:11
19: Simon Pererra 9:19
20: Nick Twin 9:22
21: Saadat Mir 9:41
22: Dale 9:45
23: Dawson 10:03

After the race and to give everyone a little bit of time to relax, we all headed down to the pier head alongside the river Mersey, to have a few early beers and some tricks to boot.

Looks like a sick event - how early in the morning was it???

28 January 2009

LSF brings you.....LSF Holidays

Plane tickets are expensive, so I have come up with the perfect solution for anyone who wants to ride in fixed gear mecca.

Its kind of like a recipe, so here's the ingredience...
you will need:
1. A track bike
2. A set of rollers OR turbo trainer
3. One computer connected to tinternet (with a really long mouse cable)
4. Some strong boys from the hood (I would be perfect)
5. Some really bright lights

OK, so you've got all of those...

now you need to
1. set up your rollers/turbo drainer
2. set up your computer infront of you
3. get on your bike and mount the rollers
4. shine some hard core lights at you
5. go on google maps and check out San Fran real close up so you go into the 3D view
6. start to ride
7. click the fuck out of your mouse so you start to move
8. when you get to a hill ask your chum to slow the rollers down by gripping them

Et voila! theres nothing much else to San Fran anyway.....

AlleyCat Spoke Cards finished.....

27 January 2009

On-One and Dia Compe Track Hubs


New Track Frames from Guerciotti at Planet-X

Paolo Guerciotti is one of the legendary Italian brands.

Whilst searching for a lugged track frame to be made out of Italian steel we have been been fortunate enough to secure an extremely limited supply of classic Guerciotti PISTA framesets.

The company was founded in 1964 outside Milan, Italy, by brothers and former cyclocross racers, Paolo and Italo Guerciotti, with advice and assistance from Cino Cinelli.

Handbuilt from Columbus Neuron using zone and elliptical butting to produce a lightweight, yet very stiff frame.

Neuron tubing is one of the tubesets in the Columbus Nivacrom steel family.
It gets its strength not from heat-treatment, but from special composition. Niobium and vanadium are alloyed with the other elements to produce a high strength and dependable steel.

23 January 2009


After 23 years of brain-aided communication, the much-admired, much copied studio, The Designers Republic closed for business on Tuesday. But, as its founder Ian Anderson tells CR, it will rise again

All week, rumours have been flying around the internet that DR had gone out of business. CR can confirm that it is true. On Tuesday this week, the business was closed with nine staff being made redundant. According to its founder, Ian Anderson, the studio became insolvent due to a combination of factors: “We’d lost a couple of clients, didn’t win a couple of pitches, got a tax bill which should have been sorted out and wasn’t and a major client who didn’t pay the money they owed us – in themselves any of those things would have been fine but when they come all at once there’s not much you can do.”

However, while stressing that he is “gutted for the staff” and not wishing in any way to make light of the impact the studio’s closure will have on them, Anderson says that, in some ways, DR coming to an end “may be a blessing in disguise.”

“It hasn’t really been DR for the last two or three years: it had gone too far from what it was supposed to be,” Anderson says. Although, he says, he was happy with the “insightful” work that DR had done for major clients such as Coca-Cola, moving into that world had necessitated changing the business to more of an agency model with the added structure of account handlers that entails. He also says that it became necessary to take on the kind of work that he perhaps wouldn’t have chosen to do in order to keep a larger business going.

“I want to go back to what DR was,” he says of future plans. “Working hands-on and not through account managers. I’ve never liked that agency model - it’s not where creativity lies. DR accidentally ended up there in order to service bigger clients. I’m not being ungrateful to the people who ran the business side at DR – it wasn’t their fault. I’m glad we did it - it took getting there to make me realise that it wasn’t where I wanted to be.”

So what now? Today, he says, he is busying himself “lobbing out 23 years worth of paper samples, which is quite therapeutic”. Then there’s the long-awaited DR book, which he might finally get round to finishing, as well as another book which he is collaborating on with writer Liz Farrelly. “It does feel like the end of an era but really it stopped being DR two or three years ago. DR will go forward after this with me [under the same name] - whether it will be with a new team and a new office I don’t know.”

Anderson says that, for now, he wants to look at working collaboratively with other companies and creative people.

“I’m looking out the window and it’s a lovely sunny day - as it always is in Sheffield - and I think there are a lot of plus points. The Republic is dead… long live the Republic”

[borrowed from the good people at creative review)

thats more like it...

iphone - fuggedaboutit

charge vid (leeds bit near the end)

Shyhop Rendezvous from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

Charge London (shoot me if I'm reposting)

Fixed 2 from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

Vans Syndicate Eric Dressen Half Cabs

new cantgoslo shirts

21 January 2009

Cantgoslo (click for link)

Special thanks to Craig at Cantgoslo/Planet-X for sponsoring the upcoming AlleyCat

Look out for a FixedGearLeeds appearance on the Planet-X site soon

Remember to check out their site and their rad t-shirts

If you want one of the t-shirts you have two options
1. Put your hand in your pocket and cough up
2. Win the Alley Cat!

you f'oin what?

nb - No Handed Spin from nb on Vimeo.


Dre Big Spins from Darren on Vimeo.

20 January 2009

model behavior

Vans Store, Leeds

Me and Sam went for a little checky check at the Vans Store in central this morning.

Pretty standard store.....until you go downstairs!

Mini ramp! YEH!

They have copies of FIXED#2 Magazine!

fixed gear wales

good to see more regional/national fixed sites popping up. The guys that run the fixedgearwales blog (click title for link) are after some contributors, so anyone who's interested should click over. 

happy now dad???

On the loose!

hipster friendship for sale...

new blood

Kolture Vulture Trailer 2 from tyler lonsway on Vimeo.

OTP listing at JaJa