30 March 2009

28 March 2009

world champion hoody...

available from blue lug.

pictures from manchester premiere...

a few images from the premiere last sunday. drunken antics ouside the pub were much fun! James wise (3rd place leeds alleycat) won on his geared bike in a lycra suit closely followed by craig nasty also on the gears - third place was the first fixed rider but my mind wont remember his name! Leeds repped it up with max winning the trackstand and will the footdown then trick madness from chicken (liverpool) and some rather hazy skidding including liams death skid (pictured above) in wich he fractured his thumb.  

27 March 2009

Cinelli x RVCA (Bikes X Art)

Cinelli x RVCA Presents: Pressure from RVCA on Vimeo.

Seen it...

Council of Doom from RVCA on Vimeo.

Went to the premiere in Manchester on Sunday - Just saw some photos from the event before so will upload em when i get a chance. Good work Liam, Rich and all manchester, liverpool and leeds crews for turning up!

26 March 2009

death spray custom

some rad custom paint jobs going on at london based death spray custom. The black nitto bars are my personal favourite but the subtle glitter finish on the track frame is also pretty nice. Some other really interesting projects on the site too.

Taipei International cycle show 09

spotted the sugino polished offerings on straightchain and followed the link to flickr (click title for link). Some really intersting shiny/coloured (and a few ugly) bits for you bike magpies.

pedal room

Pedal Room is a new site just launched by Christian who is also responsible for 14TEETH. It is in its early stages of development but aims to be an online cycling community website - There are lots of things in the pipeline so go join up and see what you think. 

free and easy trailer

bonus points for daft punk
Free&Easy Trailer from jun iwai on Vimeo.

death pedal trailer

DEATH PEDAL Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa KAreem on Vimeo.

25 March 2009

black beauty

A material is said to be black if most incoming light is absorbed equally in the material. Light (electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum) interacts with the atoms and molecules which causes the energy of the light to be converted in to other forms of energy, usually heat. This means that black surfaces can act as thermal collectors, absorbing light and generating heat(see Solar thermal collector).
Absorption of light is contrasted by transmission, reflection and diffusion, where the light is only redirected, causing objects to appear transparent, reflective or white respectively.

cyclodelic launches range at topshop

London based cyclodelic has a concession range in Topshop. Designed and made by two female cyclists from London, the products are aimed at women who don't wish to have to forfeit fashion for function, or vice versa. Congratulations and hopefully I'll see some products soon.


spotted a link to this on SFGFC today and the photos really blew my mind: the collection includes everything from track bikes to cargo bikes and everything inbetween. click the title for a link - it's well woth a look.

acne/bianchi cycle range

I read about Acne studios cycling inspired ranges and a collaboration with bianchi in the telegraph magazine a week or so ago. Acne’s Creative Director Jonny Johansson saw a female cyclist and was inspired by her condradicting styles and heavy bike chain with otherwise feminine silhouette.

To coincide with the brands cycle inspired collection they have developed a few fixed bikes with bianchi. The subtle branding and mellow tones are refreshing in comparison to the highly stickered and rediculously painted road bikes that my eyes have to put up with on a day to day basis. I wonder if the suede saddle will be available separately an any point?

bike art

via: prolly

the greatest camper ever?

also spotted on the very interesting wilson brothers blog

new pics of wilson brothers project...

No cassettes webisode 2

No Cassettes Webisode 2 from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

Introducing introduction

Introduction YU from YU KU$UMOTOh! on Vimeo.

24 March 2009

Acronym bags...

acronym bags - amazing stuff and possibly the sternest, most serious product video ever!


A concept using a felt roller and powdered chalk to mark the routes taken by your bike. Different coloured chalks could make for some pretty interesting patterns. Check out the idea at gelardi.com

Spotted on Southsea FG 

19 March 2009

LSF edit one from Fixed Gear Leeds on Vimeo.

Here is a little footage I just put together.

Its meant to be widescreen but vimeo is being a bumhole

Not the most interesting thing in the world, but its not bad for a first go


new supreme vans (canvas upper with leather lining) and matching pista concept. Apparently the 09 pista concept is available in celeste again but obviously only in the US.

nice options top keep the sun outta your eyes.

huf on hypebeast

coast to coast collab

nice logo for some upcoming jazz. spotted on Prolly

More north of the border madness

click the title for more info. Not ridden glasgow but been there plenty of times and the hills are the closest thing I've seen to sanfran. If anyone has anypics please send em over!

17 March 2009

edinburgh alley cat

should be a good day battling the hills and cobbles! Prizes from flatspot and halo plus whispers of a prize for best fancy dress. Not sure if bags/locks are needed or if its a straight up race so will try and get some more info. In the meantime check here for more...

more keyboard madness

waste time here