30 December 2009

Santa Cruise alleycat - Brizzle!

A very nicely made video by John Fisher of Bristol's recent Santa Cruise alleycat.

Seems like theres lots going on in Bristol. Shame its such a pain to get to from Leeds.

Mash Cinelli mini site

Nice background vid and some product specs. Nice idea for a mini site...

In the cutts 3...

inthecutts Episode-3 Macaframa from InThe Cutts on Vimeo.


Some SF footage from the Leader Ad shot by Colby from Macaframa. That hill is maaaad steep.
From LockedCog

29 December 2009

Death Pedal 2 shots

Some very nice shots of a lad called Congo during the filming of Death Pedal 2

Still no 360 spiceys guys...whats going on?!

14BikeCo x San Marco

14BikeCo have just taken stock of their own officially collaboration San Marco Concor saddles.

Way to go guys!

Urban Velo 17


Urban Velo 17 is out now. Get it here

Nuttin' like a bit of hill bombing

NO CASSETTES (JASON CLARY) TRAILER from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

From Fonseca

Rollapaluza Welsh Regional Qualifiers

The Welsh regional qualifiers for the Rollapaluza National Series will be taking part in Swansea on the 7th January 2010. Everyone is welcome, there will be live music and DJ’s into the early hours, it’s gonna be proper.

Pre-register to race: http://www.riderhq.com/events/rollapaluzanationalserieswales
Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=116480079376
Rollapaluza website: http://www.rollapaluza.com/?page_id=274

Fixed Gear Wales teaser

The guys over in Wales have been busy doing some filming. Here's a little teaser of what's to come.
Good work!

28 December 2009

Nike SB Drop

A quality selection of product from the trustworthy SB - Basic garments look amazing and that bag is pretty rad too. via Freshness

27 December 2009

Marten & jakob

Mårten & Jakob from Boonphotography on Vimeo.

Nothing mind blowing but really well shot and edited - soundtrack is a straight up banger.
via LockedCog

26 December 2009

Snakeskin Goodness

MilanoFixed, on it as ever with this find - San Marco x Carnival collab on a snakeskin Regal. Bang Tidy.


Ian from Dalikfodda on Leeds Streets. Pretty mad to see the city transformed. I'll be uploading a video later of some alternative snow sport....

24 December 2009

Merry Fixmas and a Happy New Gear!

Thanks to all the blog readers, contributors and and all the sites I regularly pilfer for posts. Its been a good year for riding in Leeds - Said hello to loads of new riders and waved goodbye to some good mates and familiar faces. A couple of things in the pipeline already for 2010 - Max and I are working on a photo competition concept and eyes peeled for a potential indoor event in february...

Le Coq Sportif

Spotted this premium collection by Le Coq Sportif over at MilanoFixed. Nice looking, bike inspired garms. Full photo set here.

Tyler Killin' it...

Tyler Johnson from ZLOG on Vimeo.

Was stoked on Tyler's style when I saw him in the Revival - this just creates new boundaries for all you trick riders out there...

23 December 2009

Tour de NJS

Rollapaluza Winter league - Round One

I popped over to the Rollapaluza last night in Clerkenwell and tried my luck on the rollers!
I never thoughts that it would be as knackering as it was, and had to get some fresh air after I had a go as I could feel my recent burgerking possibly making a surprise appearance.


Mens Winner

Womens Winner
Caspar Hughes 21.83
Dorchie Cockerell 25.07
Runner Up

Runner Up
Scarlett Parker 22.14
Wiesia Kuczha 25.52

Matt Theobolds 21.67
Estelle Rogers 24.84

Lee Povey 21.85
Niamh McCartney 25.50

Fastest Time
Fastest Time
Caspar Hughes 21.05
Estelle Rogers 24.84

Some pics from the night;

Pics and results on the Rollapaluza website
Pics on badtimmy's flickr

22 December 2009

Something for Everyone

Some sterling builds from Leader spotted over at PedalConsumption.

2012 bmx posters

Just read about these posters over at Tracko this morning. A real nice idea by Music design in Manchester for a collection by Grafik magazine to celebrate the 2012 olympics and a nod to all the amazing design that has accompanied some of the events in the past.

"We were asked to design a poster for BMX, which was a stroke of genius/fate because Manchester is the home of British Cycling and Team GB. We enlisted the help of 3 young members of Manchester BMX Club and their coach Sam Foakes (former World No.1 Flatland BMX Champion) who helped us 'make the posters'. It's them on the bikes in the film...not us...we'd have fallen off!
We then persuaded Olympic 2010 BMX hopeful (and Manchester based) Shanaze Reade to sign 100 of them. All proceeds going to the British Paralympic Fund and the charity Right To Play."
Images and text from BikeType, which is well worth a look- The poster, along with 29 others is available to buy here.

21 December 2009

2010 in Photos

Prolly has posted his top shots of the year - not neccessarily trick wise but the photo - I love this one but check the rest out here.


Thanks to Ian from Dalikfodda - trade up on some toestraps for this dope beanie. Definitely needed at the moment! Check the site for all your metal snowboard needs.

20 December 2009

NYX Trailer

'NYX' Trailer from ••ANTIPHON•FiLMS•• on Vimeo.

OK - Not technically a bike film but alot of videos come up when you search 'Track Bike' in vimeo. Just posting because it looks damn nice - Stills from this are bound to end up on some sort of Birds On Bikes site soon...

Trailer for the narrative debut short film 'NYX', written, directed, and photographed by Hart Ryan Noecker. Trailer features original music written and performed by Victor Nash, Amanda Spring, and Wilson Vediner of the band Point Juncture, WA. Starring, Rosalie Lowe, Sara Muir, Jessamyn Fitzpatrick, and Carl Evans.

Camera and lenses, Koerner Camera. Filmed on Kodak Vision3 500T. Processed at Fotokem, Burbank, CA. Color timing, Jake Buff, Downstream Media, Portland, OR.

Filmed entirely in Portland, Oregon in June of 2009. 

Debuts Wednesday, January 13th, 2010 at the Whitsell Auditorium under the Portland Art Museum at 7pm, Free admission.

Pista Malmo

Un Giro di Sporco Sud 2010 from Lukas Råberg on Vimeo.

Serving as a teaser for an upcoming event - visit PistaMalmo for more info.


Spotted these Bontrager Wingtip shoes over at BikeReviews. Not my cup of tea but I can see a market in tweed runners that must run an spd perhaps?

19 December 2009

Posterior Porn

Six up in this saddle orgy - Red Cinelli one looks Rad - via sagaji flickr

Demekin Mini Fisheye

Just spotted this tiny thing over at the ElecrikSheep site - looks amazing. Measuring just 2 inches square, the SuperHeadz Demekin Fisheye 110 Camera has a host of features, including  a 1/100 shutter speed, f/8.9 wide angle aperture, 1:13.5 lens, and enough room for a 100 film.

Please Watch For Us

Amazing four colour silkscreen by Ben Barry. The design was created as a get well soon message to a friend who was hit by a car. You can see more posters created for his friend Paul Jerde here.

Mash Store Update

Mash Have updated the store section of the site - New product from Martin and a few classic tees to name but a few. Check it here. Thanks Prolly

Feather cycles - now at TFG

TokyoFixedGear now have a limited collection of Feather cycles in the soho store including the new blue frame I featured a few days back. If you're down london, go have a look at these handmade beauties.

Some Everwear

Just Spotted over at TheFootDown that Velodrama  are selling the notorious Everwears for only £25. Blue or Red sidewalls available. Sounds like a damn good deal.

Aurora Collection

Aurora, who you've probably heard of because of their toe-straps have just dropped a collection of clothing. Bill Cosby print is cool as hell - Check out the range here.

18 December 2009

Rollapaluza Winter league - Round One


The first round of the Rollapaluza winter league is going down this Tuesday the 22nd in East London. I'll be down reppin LSF so look out for some pictures

For more info check out the Rollapaluza website and facebook page

Spinwell beanies

Gavin from Spinwell has his delivery of beanies now. Nice guy, great blog and good beanie. Only £16.50 posted. Scoop here.

UK BMX Carnage

The hangover house from jason phelan on Vimeo.

via LS6 BMX

Emi on the long haul...

Emi Brown:  Los Angeles to Inland Empire from Matt  Lingo on Vimeo.

Emi is Fucking Rad. Cool to see someone you're used to viewing spinning big hills putting it down on some long haul rides. And I love seeing drops on street track bikes! Thanks for the link Neek.

DVS x Cadence (finally a preview)

I'd been speaking to Stuart at Revival (UK DVS Distro) about these cycling specific kicks for a long time - Today was the day that all the preview shots were released and they look damn good. Not sure what the score is with UK distribution but will post more as soon as I hear...

Thanks to PedalConsumption for the images

LondonFGSS awards 2009

A fantastic idea - as voted by riders

Best online store
1. Wiggle
2. ChainReaction
3. HubJub

Best Pump
1. Topeak Joe Blow
2. Topeak Morph Mini
3. Carhartt own brand

Best tyres ('can you imagine')
1. Continental Gatorskins
2. Specialized Armadillo
3. Maxxis Refuse

Best Saddle
1. Fizik Arione
2. Selle San Marco Regal
3. Brooks B17

Best off-the-peg Bike
1. Surly Steamroller
2. Charge Plug
-2. Fuji Track

Best Bag
1.PAC ultimate
2. Archies Growbags Rosie
3. Archies Growbags Transformer

Best Value Lock
Kryptonite mini D

You can find all the categories and results here

Kilroy - Wonka

KILROY from Gorilla Bicycles on Vimeo.

You have probably seen this already but...Amazing looking bike and some amazing shit going down courtesy of Mr Wonka. Mad Skills. via Tracko

17 December 2009

14bike magalog

Saw a covershot of this a while back - downloadable as pdf here.
Thanks for the link Prolly.