27 December 2008

sicko trials round leeds (click for more)

jeff koons

Art superstar Jeff Koons has landed another hit, and designed his first yacht. The"Guilty", owned by art collector Dakis Joannou, features an extravagant artistic take by the US artist on the exterior.

"Of course, Sarah Morris' text painting "Guilty" hangs on the wall of one bedroom - bought after the yacht was named. Owner and major art collector Dakis Joannou simply had to have it!

The exterior design was created by international art star Jeff Koons, famous for his basketball in perspex case, three-storey high "Puppy" made of flowers, and the "Made in Heaven" erotic series of photographs with Italian ex-wife and porn-star-member-of-parliament La Cicciolina.

borrowed from the FERRARi MURAKAMi blog

sweet. tempted to start a business doing this to brooks... test samples on my old saddle coming son!


23 December 2008

Schwinn Red Devil

This picture is mental! The car is allowing the bike to slipstream
through the clean air. (anyone seen the Theo Boss Vid?) Check out
the tiny window for him to look out of.

The Schwinn Red Devil was ridden by Alfred Letourner to a
record speed of 108.92 M.P.H on may 17, 1941.
Oh and the gear is a 252 inches. Perfect for Leeds I hear.

19 December 2008

Tom LaMarche on Charge

Not sure how I missed this with my relentless blog reading but there it is.

japanese trickery

you gotta watch the keospin to wheelie (1:20ish)
source: fixedgearlondon riders blog

its not bikes..but i like it.

& caliroots

taxi driver - thanks jol (lfgss)

couple of peaches from condor

also- worth checking the sale list on the site

gold nitto bars and stem (ebay)

Panasonic on the bay

witness the hipness (cinelli home page)

...suppose they get away with it as they're not trying to barspin it in the town centre.

chilled cinelli valencia bars

cinelli otp

mystic rats - anyone know when these will be available?

the weird and wonderful...

16 December 2008

the devils whip..


A few pics from the fixedgearleeds christmas ride

was pretty good fun but cold as ice. we managed to only bring a shit camera and then only take about ten pictures. way more riders than anything we did in the summer tho!

new home for tour de ville

New shop just off London Feilds Hackney
(source: fixedgearlondon blog)

Keo takes the W-cup

W-CUP from Eli Tokyo Jitensha-Jin on Vimeo.

lawyers at the ready...

saw these on the open bicycle blog. don't know about availability but think maybe they break a few copyright laws?

edit: drifla have em on their ebay shop

icarus frames

these frames look pretty sick - dont think they're openly available yet but keep your eyes peeled for more.