20 February 2012

Feather Headbadge Tee

Ricky from Feather Cycles just dropped these bangers today - picked one up at the weekend and they don't dissapoint - solid print from the guys at Catalogue. Pick up yours here...

10 February 2012

Restrap 2nd Birthday Jam Promo

Make sure you get over to Leeds for the Restrap 2nd Birthday Jam. It's guaranteed to be a mad day of racing through Leeds and hardcore partying.
Check the facebook group to register early and get a free limited edition Restrap t-shirt included in your £5 race entry.

TokyoFG : New Stock

Another drop at TFG including the Cadence Barrier jacket, logo tee and stainless dustcaps - best just go browse...

Live Fast Stay Young

And surround yourself by models.

09 February 2012


 More bike (and non-bike) related action captured in Manchester from the lenses of OneHundredSixtyEight.

Hypebeast : Ricky Feather

HBTV: Modern Day Artisans - Ricky Feather from HBTV on Vimeo.

Ricky Feather needs no introduction to the readership of this blog, or for that matter, the majority of the cycling community, but it's awesome to see his feature up on streetwear/fashion blog Hypebeast. Credit to Ricky's sterling workmanship and even more so, his amiable and driven personality. Good work Lad!

08 February 2012

Winter Riding

Southern Cali Winter Riding that looks something like the best day of our summer...

06 February 2012

Anmyon-do tour

There's been a load of big changes in the world track bike scene over the past few years. The explosion in the far east has been prevalent in recent video releases as has seeing groups of riders (on track bikes) in full team kit.