28 February 2010

Danny's Fixed Gear Fail

Halo Berlin

Is the berlin anti puncture a different version of the tyre? I'd be interested in what people think of these - I know the first courier tyre didn't fair too well - some may even say bloody awful

edit: turns out this is an updated version with a 2.5mm puncture belt instead of the standard 1mm - interested in a full review if anyone has one.

via KeirinBerlin

Vans 2010...

Hiketastic. Via Freshness

Fixed Gear Mexico

Worldwide Wazza just put some shots up on facebook from his time in Mexico. He hooked up with some of the FGMexico (could be either this blog or this one?) guys. That is some bike collection right there!

Copper Plated

Copper plated spokes on a Halo set up spotted over at 14bike Co. Good work!


I really love seeing bikes and bike parts when they're well used. Bit of a contrast to all the highly polished NAHBS stuff! Spotted the shot over at FGAthens

NAHBS 2010 - Day 3

Following my 'lack of track' rant the other day UrbanVelo posted loads of fixed from day 3.

Some real nice stuff going on...
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27 February 2010

Fyx Fyx Fyx

Rad old skool Fyxomatosis shot. Nylon hotness...In his words:

6 years ago I was in Vancouver, in between courier deliveries, I was stopping women in the street and asking them to pose on my bike with my dodgy digital point and shoot.

I'll beat my shamals that someone will know this young lady - such is the small cycling world we live in. 

One Boy and his bike...

A little short of David Lowes (Manchester) getting his spin on in the workshop/garage. Really mellow watching...

Minature NY

The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

Pretty Awesome looking - post prod tilt shift effect has really worked out well. Thanks for the heads up Barrie

Old Skool New Skool

via WilsonBros

All in the Detail

Livery's astounding attention to detail is taken to new levels with this tiny mock up for upcoming packaging.

The Toon

Charlie Don't Surf - Last Section and Credits from Pete_G on Vimeo.

Little bit of Newcastle Fixed footage and some BMX trickery. The NSF riders have always been gnarly - there's some monster drops in the mix. via NewcastleFixed

Original Fake Gore-Tex Paclite

Saw this on hypebeast yesterday - Looks pretty awesome and the fact that it folds up hella small is always a big advantage. Not on our shores yet but the price tag is looking a little hefty at over £400.

NAHBS 2010

Just checked out the NAHBS galleries over at Urban Velo - I'm sure there is an abundance of amazing bikes there but I've not seen anything mind blowing as yet. A couple of nice Don Walkers ruined by the fucking 'chinatown' decals, and load of cyclocross offerings.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more today...

22 February 2010

Stairways to Heaven

Stairways To Heaven Race - Los Angeles from The Bicinity on Vimeo.

LA - Three sprints - Two Stairclimbs - Awesome video.
Thanks for the heads up Ricardo!

Built in Britain

Spotted a few shots on the 14bike blog from the exhibition currently hosted instore. Built in Britain by Jonathan Winstone explores the UK bike scene and includes more than a few familiar faces. Well worth a look if you are down that neck of the woods. Couple more shots here.

LSF ride Cragg Vale

Bit of footage from Andy's bike mounted camera.

Trailer coming tomorrow...

Joel Weston - Leader edit...

Joel Weston | Leader Bike USA from Justin Gallagher on Vimeo.

Fakie Wheelie Ahoy. via Prolls

Yobi Chain Rings pt.2

This Nickel Plated one looks awesome. Spoiled for choice on the chainring front...

Tour of Singapore

The T.O.S Final Teaser from Crank Arm Steady on Vimeo.

via CrankArmSteady

21 February 2010


New photo set up at FixFixFix

Cragg Vale

Some of the LSF riders headed deep into the sticks yesterday for the ascent and descent of Cragg Vale, the longest  hill in England. Saw some raw footage yesterday and it looks hardcore - expect a teaser edit from Max soon...

Slider City

Eastern Bikes Slider Contest from Eastern Bikes on Vimeo.

Saw the post up on Zlog about the Karl Poynter Slider Contest - not clear if its open to fixed or not. Looking at the standard of action here, I'm going to say that its going to be damn near impossible to outsick the BMX community...

20 February 2010

Bike Check.

Spotted Deeks (EFG) Bob Jackson build over at TheFootdown. A nice classic fast build - looks even better in the flesh.

UK Product...

Gavin from spinwell has a tee project in the pipeline following the success of  the bobble hat at christmas. Look forward to see prints soon...

I've been waiting for something from FixedShitUp for ages, and I'm still eager to see where this is going. I'm pretty sure Neek is involved which is always promising....

18 February 2010


Yup. Thanks for the picture Nick.

Rad Samurai tt

Spotted these awesome TT bars over at Tracko. Unfortunately I don't have any more info than he does but you gotta love em.

Behind the scenes at Leader

Leader Bike Warehouse shoot for Fixé from Matt  Lingo on Vimeo.

That build looks fast as fuck. via Zlog

VeloSolo polished Chainrings in stock

These look awesome - I want one real bad!
Scoop here

Holy smokes..

Wizard Smoke from Salazar on Vimeo.

This is definitely the freshest video i've seen in '10. Love the underwater shots. Chapeau

nice outfit...

2 posts in one day! cruel but i like the dogs expression

nike ad...

be it made known that i don't post as much as sam would like. in fact i spend a lot of my life on the net looking at things and rarely have the motivation to share it.
Few days late now but still... very cool ad and sam will be pleased that i am contributing



Nitraid Windcheater

Stoked on the back pocket feature. Tom says it looks like something for a special needs trainspotter (he would know). via Freshness

Flwrider Super8

FLWRIDER at CMWC '09 from A.Y on Vimeo.

The guys from flwrider just created a rad edit from some super 8 rolls from CMWC09. Looks awesome - bit of Prolly footage in the mix too - just look for the big guy dressed in black with flouro forks!

16 February 2010

15 February 2010

Coppi x Tin Tin

Just spotted the scan of this rad TinTin that Gavin from Spinwell picked up from a flea market. Good work man - so much original content and loads of good vintage finds.

Flat Out Teaser

"Flat Out" Teaser from FLAT OUT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Watched this over at Prolly - A pretty epic journey to take on fixed. Some awesome footage and the surrounding scenery looks amazing. Good work to all involved - I look forward to seing a full length feature...

14 pt2

Another shot by greg falski from 14's party. Who can we see in the background but 'scene slag 'o' the north - Jammy.

Looks like some mad shit went down and I'm stoked to see our boy Chicken from LTS get a shout. Cant wait to see more...

14 bike co party

One of the first shots to surface from 14's first birthday jam - spotted over at Prolly. Photo by greg falski

14 February 2010

A year ago today...

Today Leeds celebrated the one year anniversary of the first alleycat.

At the time I post this we would have been still drinking, probably on the 10th or 11th pint. Great times.

Fixed Gear Cape Town

Just had a look over at the FGCapeTown blog this afternoon and spotted a rad photo set (check the post here) of the guys up in the mountains in real thick mist. Couldn't find them any bigger but would to see em if someone can link me up...