29 April 2010

Win Limited Kicks

Very Limited PedalConsumption DVS/Cadence shoe and looking at the number of posts on this today, I'm guessing they'll be hella entries. I've nearly got mine wrapped up. Go here to find out how to win.

Zlog Tee

Just spotted this shot up on PedalConsumption. Really like the Zlog take on the CTRS branding. Nowhere near as good as Bell Hall Velo of course...

28 April 2010

Marathon Route

Apologies for the proper slack posts this week. A bad connection and lots of work have rendered me pretty useless.

Anyway - the marathon ride last sunday is well worth a post. Robin from mixtmeat gave me a little heads up on this - you can check out some images up there and on 4416 flickr. Do it. Do it now.

Readers Wives

Jammy, not content with having the feather on the way (this weekend) seems to have added a zen and some drops to the goff then took the new fastlook to the forest for a little shoot.

Magic Number x Trackheads


Not sure I'm feeling this - but it's a pretty nice print. Spotted over at Freshness

Swiss Paint

Nice illustrative approach to frame painting by FGSwitzerland. Any more pics?

27 April 2010

Freeman Gravel Racer

I love this trail bike from Montana's Freeman Transport. It's got everything you need for a commute or every day use including a rack and some serious style. S&S couplings are also an option if your travels take you further than the office.

via viewerslikeu

Nice Work

Feather has definitely raised the bar with this one. Fillet brazed chromed stem. Awesome mate!

Flwrider Print

Looking good Flwrider!

Oh Dear...

Down with the youth and all that.

EDIT: Waaaay better than these fuckers

25 April 2010

NO Gallery

Some pretty nice stuff up on the No Gallery blog. Some tour stuff and lots more roadie inspired paintings. Go check it for yourself. Thanks for the heads up Nick.

Frame5 - Colossi

[FRAME] Chapter Five from FLWRIDER tv on Vimeo

Another great bit of work from the Flwrider Crew. This time the focus switches to Colossi, whose custom work you might have noticed over at PedalConsumption recently. A nice insight into the brand here...

City Weapon

Leeds rider Andy has set up CityWeapon to house his riding shots. Should be a good collection if you remember your memory card next time lad!

Copenhagen Rack

The functional fix has definitely shot up the popularity stakes this year. These copenhagen racks are pretty rad - a one peice bar/rack set up. Should be in stock at TokyoFG real soon.

5th Floor Finn Bike Check

From 5th Floor

Revival II

A School Project (The Revival II) from Skitch Clothing on Vimeo.

This alternative intro I spotted over at LockedCog is amazing. Good work Skitch!

Grime April

420 from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

Some pretty mad shit here. Superfast Manual in the intro is nuts

via Prolly

22 April 2010

Fixed Tandem

Nice build by denver rider Alex Potter - fixed tandem. Photo by Ryan Rogers - thanks for sending it over man!

Bike Snob in print...

Pages and pages of looking down on the rest of the world. Check it here. Spotted at Tracko

Matt Mignanelli Painting

Matt Mignanelli painting at Recoat from Recoat on Vimeo.

Nice stop frame of some live painting at Recoat up in Glasgow. check out the RecoatSinglespeeders site too...

5th Floor Spin

Sneak Peek from The5thFloor on Vimeo.

Some nice fast stuff from the peeps at 5thFloor.

Stussy x Dickies Cropped Worker

A nice alternative to stopping the blood flowing in your legs by rolling your drainpipes up. The heather ones look real good.


The two orange lines are exactly the same size.

Yeah. That's what I thought to...


LaMarche getting serious rise over Prolly's bruiser.

Gotta be the biggest fixed bunnyhop yet.

Yeah son.

Stoked to see this picture of Ric from 4416 up on LockedCog. Awesome shot by Angus Sung (flickr).

Feather Trick Fork

Before and after, fillet brazed track fork by FeatherCycles. I'm guessing this is for Jammy's 48c Trick Beast. Cant wait to see this built!

21 April 2010

Cinelli Mash Track

MASH SF: Our goal is to offer two separate Cinelli geometries for 2011. The current street geomerty, and an even more agressive track. The more agressive frame will offer some special details, and sit at a slightly higher price point for that design. 2011, and no sooner. This is the downside to instant internet information. It makes waiting, feel even longer… We are incredibly happy with the current production model, and want to offer something to a different customer with this additional adjustment.

This is one of the shot from Waltons stop at 
Box Dog.

Words and pictures from Locked Cog

20 April 2010

ilovedust spokecard

Funnily enough I was just checking out the ilovedust folio site today then spotted this over at PedalConsumption tonight.

Designed by the studio for the Love Your Bike Portsmouth show. Mad skills and even more graphic goodness to envy!

Looking at all the bikes in the studio I'm sure there must be at least one SFGFC head in there (although I can't see a vivalo!)

ECMC 2010

Schedule up on the ECMC site now. The ride from Copenhagen to Budapest was a bit of a surprise.

Thanks for the heads up Moni.

Hell Yeah

Juliet threw a launch for the new HellYeah tees at the Macbeth last week. Still waiting to see a few more shots but this no-handed tinnie kill cobweb tee looks particularly good.

You can scoop the new tees here

RIP Guru

A banger to remember him by...

Randem Tandem

This is awesome. GG Allin - I applaud you!

Happy Birthday Gavin...

Gavin from Spinwell hit the dirty 30 today. Keep up the good work mate...

Revival on the shelves...

Scoop Here.

19 April 2010

Red Bull Mindrome

Red Bull Minidrome from Radar Films on Vimeo.

Official edit from over at Tracko.

AEPDX Meeting

An AEPDX Meeting from Juliet Zulu on Vimeo.

Hipper than a bag of arrospok fitted caps but looks awesome.

Kylee Kross

Another load of inky rudeness up on FixFixFix

5th Floor

Rudy Melo of 5th Floor from Angus sung on Vimeo.

Spotted this nice stop frame over at Locked Cog. Coincidently, the 5th Floor crew have just got the site live - go check it here...

Revival in Europe

The Revival - DVD Teaser from Corey MacGregor on Vimeo.

Loads of nice footage. Mainly London but I know I spotted a little Paris and some Leeds (!) in there too. Good work Wayne (& crew).

Ricky Feather Secret Session

Ricky Feather: Secret Session from Notion Store on Vimeo.

Feather talking top tubes and top fives. Couple of bonus tricks in there too...

Leeds Leeds Leeds

Wozza Reppin' Leeds in Fixed5. Missing those rainy rides much?

Thanks for the heads up Tom


iPad Sprocket Pocket from MAYAnMAYA on Vimeo.

Totally useless and impractical...The iPad

18 April 2010

Another Scissor?

So, after every other person who rides tricks has bought a new Charge Scissor, Charge have released pictures of the 2011 prototype. Could someone from Charge explain why they plan on releasing a re-designed frame so soon?

Authentic One Peice

Feelin these. Not sure if they're in the Uk yet...

HK Hills

HK HILLS / Blue Pool Run from FLWRIDER tv on Vimeo.

Some of the Flwrider crew getting on the gears and attacking a beast of a hill...

16 April 2010

Mugshot Tee

Mustachio. via 14

FGLondon Jacket

Looking mad fresh. Some more shots over at the FGL blog. £250 RRP

Hella North

Nasty's final cobbles of death race over in Manc. Check out Cantgoslo for more info...

Messto Spinning

Real get your bike out stuff from Messto - via LockedCog

Pixels Invade

Uploaded by onemoreprod. - Arts and animation videos.

Awesome - Good Find Brownie!

'til death do us part?

I saw these over at MashSF. Wonder if they're Columbus?

Hackney Drag Sprints

Ric from 4416 posted a peice on the sprints - He met up with Max (LSF) and the Mixtmeat crew down there. Having ridden with Ric, I can vouch for his pace, even on 38s. Hopefully I'll find some more shots of this event but there are a few here on RomanSkyvaFlickr

15 April 2010


Not checked the Livery site for a while - just spotted these beefy looking chainrings. Not sure on UK availability of these yet but will keep an eye out. Also couldn't resist posting the stays on the pursuit frame - stoked on the LDG cutouts.

UPDATE: TokyoFG will be stocking the Livery Stuff. First drop in 2/3 weeks. Radness....

New Affinity Site

Affinity have just launched their new site - all the usual stuff and a pretty good rider builds section. Just had a proper look at the Kissena - that cutout is some deep shit...