31 May 2010


Another set up at FixFixFix

Feather Rando

Some more awesome work from the Feather workshop. Full custom Rando - so damn nice. The chrome plated custom stem is a definite winner. Check out another shot of it Racked up on Jammy's Flickr...

Bank Holiday Relay

The bradders lads extended their winning streak last night at the Armories relay loop. Nate (restrap) Neil and Andy put in some mad pedal action to beat off the competition.

The loop was only around two miles but the brutal headwind made it a very testing affair! What I thought might be a steady race ended up as a straight up sprint...

A big thanks to Emma for bringing all the home made cookies for post race snacking and taking loads of photos - these will be up through the week. Also thanks to Nate from Re-Strap for donating some straps as prizes - these ended up in a tombola as the winning team were all running restrap already! Props are also due to the two York lads that ventured over bringing some epic hangovers in tow - was real good to meet some new riders.

29 May 2010

Burro Eyes Wide Awake

Another print pack from the folks at Burro. I reckon a black on black crow would make a pretty nice option with this animal theme...

What Chainset?

The 75 brought the rukus in the chainset poll winning nearly 40% of the vote with the next runner up being Dura Ace with 15%. The next poll will be up now - hopefully we will go through a full bike and see what a readers favourite will look/ride like...

Fast Forward

London on July 1st. The idea is to get the strongest riders from all over the world for one grand final alleycat. Sounds awesome!

More deets here

Feather 26 Inch

Definitely an interesting one from Feather here - A multi-purpose build for Leeds/Canada Josh from Asbo Polo. Look forward to seeing this in the flesh man. 

I'll leave the commentary down to Ricky: the second installment is josh kupsch' 26 inch. This bike turned out awesome! pacenti artisan lugs,paragon machine works rear dropouts with derailleur hanger and bottle opener, internal cable routing, rear brake bosses tucked out of the way underneath the stays, it also has a 1" to 1 1\8" converter i made for a wider choice in clamp on stems, it's basically everything josh wanted. perfect for his trip to europe this summer for a mix of polo and long distance rides.

Feather Track Frame

This latest build by Feather is a custom track build for Danny Clancy. A classic frame with an amazing paint job by BicyclePainworks. Good work Ricky!

28 May 2010

Big Ring Riding

Spotted a Link to BigRingRiding up on FGCApeTown. Loadsa nice vintage shots and witty captioning.

Kissena Velodrome

New York City's only bicycle Track: Kissena Velodrome from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

This is real nice - shot by MikeKobal on a Panasonic GH1. I really like the headtube shots and the way that the shot drifts in and out of focus in some sections. Lets push things forward...

Custom Feather

This is just a teaser of the custom that Feather built for a TokyoFG customer. Ricky is posting up some studio shots of his latest builds over the next couple of days...


If you can tolerate the J-pop this is pretty good...

Return of the Max

Good work Jordan - the weekend begins now...


After seeing all these plays on the campy script logo, I thought I'd bring it with this superbrand...

Burro x Sink or Swim

Another sterling collection from Burro. This time the printed packs feature a graphic by soon to launch brand SinkOrSwim. The roll top at the bottom is just a bonus new release that looked pretty good...

27 May 2010

Frame 7: Steven Wong

[FRAME] Chapter Seven from FLWRIDER tv on Vimeo.

For our seventh chapter in our FRAME Interviews series, we caught up with the fastest BMX racer in Asia, Steven Wong. Steven took the Gold medal at the 5th East Asian games late last year as well as winning the ASIAN BMX Championships 2 years in a row previously. Steven currently travels internationally competing in the worlds top BMX competitions with the 2012 Olympics in his sights.

We asked Steven about how he got into cycling, riding other bikes and being a Pro racer representing Hong Kong.

We managed to sit down to talk to Steven as well as seeing Steven's explosive power on the track first hand.

More quality stuff from Flwrider...

This weekend...

Love Your Bike Portsmouth. Well worth a look if you're darn sarf.

25 May 2010


Just read about this stuff on Hypebeast. Acronym have got some cycle inspired/specific (I'm not sure which) clothing hitting the shelves now. I'd like to see some of this in the flesh...

Vans California Era

I'd love the stone pair to rock this summer but given that I probably wont see these in the flesh until well into the autumn, it looks like I've already found a winter shoe in those black ones there. Perferated detailing is real nice.

O'Brother where art thou?

Brother Cycles steel framesets are on sale now. £299 seems like a real good price for lugged steel to me!

Mash Histogram frameset

Some shots of the limited edition (only 2 painted) Mash frameset to match the new kit. Its well worth mentioning that the jazzy neon pattern is created from a histogram from a photo of the hills of Cali. Thinking graphics - I like.

24 May 2010

611 Cyclocross

Spent some time browsing their site after seeing the bars below. The attention to detail on this cyclocross is awesome! Check it out here.

611 Prize Bars

Prolly posted about these a few days back and these new photos just surfaced, which shows the 611 bars a little clearer. So nice!

New Tokyo FG Stock

Just saw that Ric at 4416 posted up about new stuff at TokyoFG. Some new frames from BrotherCycles and Dodici plus a new site come wednesday. Keep me posted Max.

OriginalFake x Lance Armstrong x Oakley Frogskins

Wonder if he'll be rocking these on the tour this year? Probably not.

Image from Freshness who also have a conversation with Outlier up now. Go here to read...

ECMC 2010

A massive thanks to Kimura from fix50 (hungary) for the link to some ECMC images. Caught some really mad stuff there! Was stoked to see a photo of Rie from Nagoya, who I had the pleasure of meeting last week in Leeds! Check out fix50 and the photo set here for more...

Domestique Tees

Domestique - Spotted at Tracko. So Rad!

The Bike Hippy

I was just over reading the results of the Bruiser photo competition over at Flwrider and was so stoked to see my bro's photo in second place!

The photo is of this guy (a local legend named 'the bike hippy') in Dalston, Cumbria who repairs bikes from a trailer in a courtyard. Proper roots!

Good work man - I'm well proud!

Handmade in Europe

European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition - Day 3 from e r t z u i ° film on Vimeo.

Loads of nice footage from day three of the European Handmade bicycle Show. Check out the ertzui channel on vimeo for the other days and more celluloid treats. Good find Prolly.

Diagnl Camera Strap

I see loads of guys shooting whilst riding and this seems a pretty nice idea for that purpose. It has a pull strap like those on messenger bags so it's easy to loosen/tighten on the move. Spotted on the BlueLug blog.

Re Strap Photo Jam

Nate over at Re-Strap is running this competition to win some of his foot retention. Get your DSLR or your hipstermatic5000 clicking now! Send all shots to info@restrap.co.uk

MASH SF team kit

not many cycling jerseys look this good. all the elegance of a rapha, with some nineties neon love.

23 May 2010

Thanks Flwrider!

Thanks to Andey (and the rest of the guys) from Flwrider for posting this shirt out to me. The metallic ink finish is awesome - the same print design as the new mussette bags they just released.