31 December 2010

Track Day

Some amazing shots of the Melbourne Track World Cup by Veeral Patel - well worth a look over his site too for some more...

30 December 2010

The City They Call Long Beach...

Long Beach Cruisin. from The Fly on Vimeo.

Nice bit of riding captured by The Fly.

Via Tracko

Eastern Promise

Eastern Ti Grim Reaper spotted on LFGSS - more shots and info at BMXmuseum

Flying Machine

I saw the top picture over at Flwrider and had to explore further. There is certainly some well used hardware up on the infamous Obree build - I reckon he took the turbo off his FGFS.

See more shots at TaxiDog flickr

Bike Eye

Spring time from Andy Ellis FGL

Vanilla All-Stars

Super Limited prints on raw northwest fir. Vanilla have created around five editions of four different bikes all finished with the Vanilla headbadge.

via PC

29 December 2010


Pammie adorning the stem of Mario Cipo during the 99 season. via Pedalfar


Its been another mad year riding in Leeds; from the iced out early months through a pretty awesome summer and into what seems to be an everlasting winter.

We have seen the arrival and departure  of too many riders to mention - as the college terms change, the people you ride with do too. With Will travelling around Oz and Max returning to the warmer climates of London, I've lost two of my favourite riding/drinking buddies but stir-friday, the LSF clubhouse and the rest of the crew have kept things going...

Lots in the pipeline for 2011. The Ginnel Whippet Roller-racing will return in late january - come down and try and outspin our first victor; Tez. Hopefully Leeds will have some rideable roads by this time so we can get some winter rides in too. There will be another alleycat in the spring - possibly a multi event day like pentapista - and I'm pretty sure the first prize for this is going to be very special. Thanks to everyone who supported the Leeds scene this year - both sponsors and riders - roll on 2011.


Dre Kisbikeco park edit from Andre fowkes on Vimeo.

Little short of Leeds lad Dre spotted up on LS6BMX


Weapon of Mass Destruction

CycleExif top 10

CycleExif have posted some right beauties this year including the Townsend Grasstrack (pictured). Head over and check the top ten here

28 December 2010


FixFixFix just put up another photoset - this one is about as suitable for work as a see through suit.


Holiday Hype from BODABODANYC on Vimeo.

You've probably seen this already if you've been trawling but figured i was worth a post. Watched this over at 14bikeCo - a big video roundup on there if you've not hit up much this week...

25 Years of the dunk

This book looks pretty good - set to be released with the 2011 SB Dunk pro. I've got the last SB book but I think this may be harder to get hold of...

26 December 2010

Welcome Army

I'm pretty sure gout is kicking in after a day of only drinking port and ale yesterday - straight up Henry VIII style consumption going down. Tom showed me this video from Welcome this morning - Leeds based and showcasing some familiar faces and places. Certainly worth a watch.

23 December 2010

Merry Christmas

I'll be sitting infront of a computer a lot less for the next week so although there will be a few posts, I'll mainly be drinking ale and wobbling my belly like a bowl full of jelly. Have a good one!

21 December 2010

The Peloton

This book really does look like a thing of beauty. Strong, minimal aesthetic and awesome mono/duo print. Hardback and 188 pages, the book, released by Rouleur, documents photographer Tim Kolln's work shooting all the major cycling tours. It is available from Tokyo Fixed Gear for £50

Pinarello Princess

Cute. Not in a filthy slag tag thong above her hips way but in a nice take her home and meet your mum chachi and joanie way. Pretty nice copper plated whip too. More images here...

Selle Royal - Origins

I read about this project by Argentinian based studio, Place over at SFGFC. Saddle graphics are something that seem to have gone downhill since the greats by San Marco and Selle Italia. This Re-up by Place does a great job in recognising the heritage in the designs whilst pushing them into a new era.

Cantgoslo meshbacks

Bit hush-hush this drop Nasty! Spotted these up on a few sites today - for more images and order info head to Cantgoslo

Outlier Kicks

Ok, so probably too refined to hang the kicks tag on but for the chino commuter these look pretty good. Check out the full lodown on these at SneakerFreaker.

via Prolly

20 December 2010

Pimp my ride

Yo, I heard you like girls so I put some girls on your bike so you can ride while you ride (sorry). Photo JustinFox


Hipster 100 from Grant Davis on Vimeo.

via Prolly

Stationed in the Nam

Rick (4416) has extended his travels over to Vietnam and was kind enough to give me a nod to his shots up on flickr - Mixtmeat and massive trees - and no fucking snow.

Greifmasters 2011

14BikeCo have been hyping the Greifmasters tournament for a while, and for good reason. Each national squad (including London's famous London?) is represented by an illustration. France and Spain are the first to have the graphics up on the site and they look amazing! I wonder what symbol they'll use for England - any suggestions?

Autumn Rain


Another amazing piece of work from the Brascona Vimeo. Solitary forest blast filmed and edited by DIY.
Thanks for the heads up Lars (death to the world)

19 December 2010

Track Day

All images from TrackBicycles

Nari Furi

The new Nari Furi winter stuff is in at TokyoFG. Love these three peices here.

In bed with Boikzmoind

These guys dropped a trailer a good while back and it looked pretty amazing - I've not a clue what's happening here but it is well worth watching - sunday morning comedy.