10 December 2010

PACE fixed gear

rather a nice OTP from pace cycles (local to us which is nice) - a smashing colour and i really like the forks but not entirely convinced about the bar choice despite it looking bloody great. (edit the more i look at this - the more i want it... well done guys - very nice)
This is what they have to say...

"Stripped to its bare, beautiful essentials. 42:16 bikes combine soul with performance. Form with function. Exhilarating to ride and own 42:16 bikes are a very new take on classic bicycle design and materials. Finished in subtle colours and chrome the 42:16 Street shown here is the first complete bike Pace has manufactured for many years. The 42:16S is not just another track frame dressed up for an urban role but has dedicated geometry and spec’ to provide just the right balance of stability, speed and comfort when out on the town.
The 42:16 S (Street) is initially being made available as a Limited Edition model of only 100 pces, all with individually numbered brass ID plates underside the BB. The 42:16 S features a unique One piece Stem-Handlebar design, custom made straight blade fork and beautifully Fillet Brazed frame made from highest quality Pace 4130 Chromo steel.
All carry identical components many of which are custom made- from the Pace cnc machined track rear sprocket to the Charge Spoon saddle with colour coded logos and cool pale green base (see full specification below). Supplied in singlespeed fixed configuration hub can be flipped and freehub fitted as required (freehub not supplied with bike). The 42:16 S is available in four sizes, each size with a dedicated stem and bar width and are available now from your dealer."
check out pace cycles for more details and pics http://www.pacecycles.com/?page_id=38

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