28 May 2012

Summer Vibes

Nothing to do with bikes in any way but your eyes will probably enjoy it...

08 May 2012


This weekend LSF represented and headed to London Town to seek their fortune in Tokyo Fixed’s crit race – The Hunt.  Canadian Jon, Restrap Nath, Cantgoslo Craig Nasty, Token Girl Meg and Tim “TP” Pulleyn battled it out against some seriously stiff competition at the Hillingdon race circuit. 
Nath wore lycra. This was serious.

60 riders battled it out for a place in the final. Canadian Jon and Token Girl Megan in the first heat, with TP, Craig Nasty and Restrap Nath in the second. Canadian Jon fought hard for a place in the top 15 and made a sterling effort, but the pack proved too aggressive, and, Jon overtired from a week of serious hand holding with his girlfriend, didn’t quite make it.

A last minute entry meant Token Girl Meg was the only woman in a pack of 60 men (not for the first time). Jeans, trainers and a shit bike probably didn’t help, and she was lapped. Twice. The chicken burritos were nice though, so not a wasted day.

Then came Heat 2: Restrap Nath represented in his lycra and pack a mac, Nasty (for once bag-less) and TP, who had been chosen from the masses to represent Death Spray Custom and was kitted out with a Team Jersey & a beautiful Pro-Lite track bike with custom paint job.

A poor starting position meant Restrap Nath and Nasty had a battle on their hands to get into the pack. Nath made it and held his position well until the final lap, when a crash (not his) forced him to stop. A good race for Nath regardless, especially given the loss of his contact lenses in the second lap. Besides sitting on the marshall’s burrito, Nath survived the setback and would no doubt have qualified as the only legally blind entrant had he made it. Nasty finished behind the pack, but with a smile and a new friend. Not bad for a 20 minute race. TP’s bike (oh, and talent and hard work) did the trick and he qualified for the next round.

A hard run final was won by Francesco Martucci (no.21 - IRide Fixed Modena), with our TP coming in a very respectable 12th place, with special mention to Restrap Nath for the cheering.

Thanks to Tokyo Fixed for organising a great day.

Photos courtesy of Death Spray Custom.

04 May 2012

03 May 2012

Fixed Mag. #11

Fixed Mag #11 is out now with a tidy 8 page feature on Restraps 2nd year birthday bash.

Any one in the yorkshire district looking to get hold of a copy, show your interest here as we'll be bringing a batch up from London this weekend.