30 November 2009


These look pretty good - in at 14bike now...

Conti super sport plus

Continental Super Sport + 700x25c... from Fixedgearlondon on Vimeo.

FixedGearLondon, as I mentioned a while back, have been working with Conti on a new fixed or skid specific tyre. 25c but looks alot slicker than the new 25c rando release I posted a few days back. Would love to get my hand on one of each for a test.

Crunks Clothing

Spotted the top tee over at FGB. A nice classic design in the collegiate style - bottom one is pretty rad too. Will post more info on ordering/availability once I find out. In the meantime, checkout Crunks.

Worldwide Wozza

Your boy Warren with porn hero Ron Jeremy. Nice pants mate...

Fast Tricks

k@nt!09HAMAbike from k@nt! on Vimeo.

Nice edit. Loads of tricks - smooth and fast. via Zlog

28 November 2009


For anyone else that has been awaiting the arrival of 25c Randos - They appear to have them in at Parker now for 14.50. Having felt the 28c were a little slugish I'd be interested to see how these feel...

Cadence Winter

It's rare that a brand release enough good product to make me hard pushed to decide what to feature. Cadence has done it agin with the winter collection - well thought out, functional clothing that looks Rad. Still loads of stuff from the SS collection that I'd love too. Thanks to PedalConsumption for a nod in the right direction.

Stairways to Heaven

Stairways to Heaven-Preview from // on Vimeo.

Looks pretty damn good. Always happy to see some inner city thrashin!
via Prolly

Fakie Barspin Wheelie

Joel Weston Again from John Prolly on Vimeo.

This ones for real. Spotted on LockedCog

More TokyoFG Shots

A few more images of the TokyoFG store from Yorgo's Aktip blog.


A month or so back I posted the 14bike build with paint inspired by a WWII bomber. I really like the idea of the inspiration for your colourway coming from something outside of cycling. This guy is building a track bike based on skeletor - with a little help from Mick from BusymanCustom. Check work in progress out at DownWithSkelly?


Spotted a few images from Leeds and Manchester over at the Skitch blog. Oh the memories!

26 November 2009

TFG Store - Open Now

Good work Max! TokyoFG Store open now. Looks Rad.

Images via HellYeah

Alpine Action

I know these have been around for a little while but they're the best ride shots since the infamous reservoir photos a while back.  Grand scale out of the city via FixedGearSwitzerland.

Spotted over at Zlog

25 November 2009

Custom Goldtec

Custom Laser etched hfwido hubs spotted over at the EFG blog. These look bangin!
Good find Neek.

Now for something completely different.

Fashion photographer Terry Richardson, who no doubt you will of heard have has shot the 2010 Pirelli Calendar. I've been a huge fan of Mr Richardsons work for some time and this example of his work looks pretty damn good.

Unfortunately, you cant buy the Pirelli calendar - you need to become a stockist of their tyres - If they start making bike ones I'm on it...

More Tits and Ass at HypeBeast.

More from the Vault...

Vans Vault SK8 Hi LX release.