31 January 2011

Red Bull Hill Chasers

Spin - Ben Roberts

I've spotted a few of the images from Spin - Ben Roberts pop up recently and seeing more of them up on 14 today prompted this repost. Amazing shots!

Flatland Alleycat V2

Flatland Alleycat Vol. 2.  - 2011 - Szeged from Fixeged on Vimeo.

Tom from Fixeged sent me a link to this video over the weekend - I've never travelled to Eastern Europe but the scene over there looks pretty good! Good to see a nice old fashioned multi-event alleycat going down...

Ginnel Whippet

We held our second Leeds Roller Racing  event on Friday and I think I can speak for all when I say it was a blast! We had an amazing turnout, with loads of new faces taking to the bikes over the evening.

The qualifying saw some pretty close battles, with Martin Ogden (thanks for the write up man) and Matthew Street facing off in the final. Matt managed to peep Martin to the post but it was damn close - lets see what happens in february...

Thanks to Mani for letting us take over the bar once again, Neils Wheels and 14BikeCo for prizes and of course, a massive thanks to all the riders that turned up to spin, drink and make a small bar very very noisy.

More photos (Credit: Michele Williams) after the jump...

DSC Machine

More sterling paint work from the guys at Death Spray. Gotta love the colour scheme...

Photo: Neil Bridge

28 January 2011

Who We Are

Who We Are from Michael Campbell on Vimeo.

I just watched this short, shot in Bournemouth over at Prolly. Exploring the bond that forms through cycling, it looks into what these friends do when they're not riding. Really great shots and a great idea.

Feather Forks

These custom forks for Joe's upcoming Feather are awesome - looking forward to seeing the rest of the build man!

26 January 2011

Tom Simpson Biopic

Shane Meadows, the acclaimed director of This is England and the excellent Dead Mans Shoes, has been quoted that he would like to make a film about the life of Simpson and his demise on the slopes of Ventoux. All else aside, the attention to detail in Meadows film sets are astounding; it would be great to see homage paid to a Great British cyclist with period correct bikes and regalia.

Source: Telegraph

Cycling Inside

Cycling inside 2011 \ Критий ровер 2011 from dyak on Vimeo.

Watched this over at LockedCog - The banks on this velodrome are nuts - full vert at the top I reckon. Pretty interesting vimeo description too: Lviv velodrome is the only indoor cycling track in Ukraine, and its banks are among the steepest (or coolest) in Europe. European Track Cycling Championships could be held here, but the velodrome is built with columns that hold the roof and they obscure part of the track for cyclists, so this jeopardizes their safety. For certain reasons these columns are wrapped with mattresses for padding in case of accident, just like ski lift consoles at the ski resorts, and you can see traces of dried blood of fixie riders smashed against the padding. (Lviv mattresses are so severe that kill the cyclists on the banks).”

Frame : 20

[FRAME] Chapter Twenty from Flwrider TV on Vimeo.

This time, Flwrider get inside the mind of a pro bike mechanic - bikes, the bike industry and treating your bike like a girlfriend.

Shout out!

A big thanks to my good friend Neil, owner my local bike shop Neils Wheels for donating the prizes for Fridays roller racing. If you're ever looking for obsolete, rare and rad bike parts you need to get in touch with Neil.

Hit him up on the face book page here

RBMD : Official Video

There's been a ton of coverage on last weekends event already but this video from Red Bull gives a little more insight into the qualifying and some interviews with the organisers and competitors - bring a figure of eight one next time...

Mid-Skool 77

Bangin' - love the off white tones.


Too awesome! Thanks for the heads up Nick
Unfortunately OUT OF STOCK

The Beach



ESB from Mixtmeat on Vimeo.

Nice short from the Jan and Dunstan (Mixtmeat) following the ESB frame through production and then putting it to some good use - really nice shots and the colours look great.

Brotures Fixed/Free Convertible

An interesting idea by Brotures but would I trust it riding brakeless? I'm not sure - Really intersted to see how this works out.

Source: Everywhere

20% off Cadence orders

A special deal for Prolly followers - head here to take advantage

Train Harder

The Daily Mail documented the training regimes of Pendleton as well as Wayne Bridge and James Haskell. A far cry from 10 miles and three pints...

source: Tracko

Colect Freshness

The first product from the Colect brand comes in the form of a pretty lil air freshener to keep your car/saddle smelling good.

All purchases will make the buyer eligible for a limited edition shirt prize draw - these are released next week - head here for more info

25 January 2011


Bit of an odd one - brazilian model poses with conversion with evil saddle angle. I guess my standards have gone up since that high fashion post with all the Italian classics a few weeks back.


The guys at F&W have been unveiling more and more nice bike related design of late, the most recent being this Velocita project by MichaelMercerBrown - check out le tour stuff on his site too.

Bike Art

I spotted this work by adams carvalho over on 5th floor - pretty simple and amazing colourways - the guy's been busy - check out more at ffffixas

LDG online shop

Livery Design Group started teasing the cycling consumer with shots of their products a good while back and have now launched their online store. There is a pretty large product range for cages up to frames with a view to selling completes some time soon - the price range is what you might expect for a quality product (anyone ridden this yet?) and the branding and aesthetic of this stuff looks awesome (the 6 bolt hubs are amazing) - I'm looking forward to seeing some in the flesh.

Head here to browse the collection.

This Friday : Ginnel Whippet

This friday, the Leeds roller-racing night, Ginnel Whippet returns to hyde park for another beer fuelled evening of stomach turning fun. The last one was real good and had a decent turnout despite the snow.

Numbers are getting fairly high already so if you're game, drop me a message and I'll try and save you a space.

24 January 2011


Read an interesting (but unsuprising) article this morning claiming there is an average of 10 potholes for every mile of road in England and Wales. Victoria Pendleton is involved in a campaign urging the government to do more to sort this problem - something I'm sure most of you would back.

Shiny Japanese Things

TokyoFG have just received a few rare (used) nitto reversible stems - not everyones cup of tea but I really like the binding bolt above the bars. Also spotted the zinc plated tugs - only £9 so a damn sight cheaper than the mks counterpart.

Happy Monday


Berlin Bikes

People and Their Bikes - Trailer from lukas panek on Vimeo.

Jacked this teaser from the good people at Fhartwind from Prolly this morning - pretty excited to see the final film...

Sunrise Sprints

More work from the guys at CAS - good work on the win Idris!

via Prolls

23 January 2011

When in Bristol...

I've been heading over to Bishops Pocket every day or so and spotted some new shots today - I'm guessing that collar shot is another Track Dropout kit teaser.

The Machines

This shot by Greg Falski has popped up on a few sites today and thought it was worth sharing. Having met Ted at the 4TN jam in Leeds, I can vouch that he's a real nice guy but you have to admit he does have a knack for looking a little dark in photos...

Adidas OT

I've seen loads of the OT range knocking around and the guys at 14 kindly donated some for the 4TN alleycat in Leeds. Two new cycling targetted drops from adidas in the OT range include the messenger bag and hip pouches - I'm feeling the messenger bag but not sure on the boxiness of those pouches...

Thanks for the heads up Ben - shots from CaliRoots

21 January 2011

Bike Tape

I'm not sure how old this is but I'm pretty sure I've not seen it before and it's pretty cool. Imagine this for real - It'd be like when the batteries were dying in your walkman and you get that drone...

Illustration by Residual