31 May 2011

Late For Work

Nice little viral from Cotic - pretty funny but that dude is rapid!

Boda Boda

Good fast city riding spotted up on Prolly

Andy In America

I know a good few people know about Andy (Jammy) from TokyoFixed setting off on a massive long haul in the USA but figured it was worthwhile drawing attention to his planned route, clocking up a good 10,000 miles over a year. If anyone over there has suggestions for places or people to ride/visit, then visit AndyInAmerica and drop him a message...

MacAskill in Capetown

Danny MacAskill Plays Capetown (complete video) from leica camera on Vimeo.

Awesome riding as we now always expect from MacAskill.
Pretty mad what a viral video can do for you. This was only two years ago!

27 May 2011

26 May 2011

Restrap In The Making...

Nate from Restrap has been discussing these new straps with us for a while, its great to finally see some pics of them. Looking good Nate, they're only being prototyped at the moment, but i'll look forward to seeing a pair in the flesh.

Street View

A little behind the bars look at some of this years alleycats in NYcompiled by Crihs.

Source Prolly

25 May 2011

Restrap - Made in Yorkshire

I shot this video back in December 2010 but have only just got round to completing it.
Thanks to Treanor for helping on one of the days, to Alex Sage Norman for working his magic on my awful audio and of course to Nathan and the BFD boys.


Boikzmoind Premiere

A date has been set for the long awaited Boikzmoind Prem in bristol - Gavin and the guys have been putting a mad amount of effort into this and I'm pretty excited to see the outcome...

24 May 2011

Welcome : Quiet Life Drop

A few new garms in at Welcome this week including some nice Quiet life stuff - available online and instore.

Nike : The Pool

The Pool - The Full Story from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

When huge brands get involved with a sport, there is sometimes some negative feelings about the reasons behind it. Whilst I'm all for supporting the young indy brands, I think it is safe to say with what Nike have done with the SB and 6.0 projects, they are putting a hell of a lot back into the sport. If you haven't watched this already then do...


A little insight into Victoria's training regime spotted up on Tracko

23 May 2011

Feed My Ride: Bags for sale

I posted about the Progress Exhibition at LMNH a few weeks back and just spotted some of the mussettes up for sale on the Progress Site - some really nice designs in the mix by some of my favourite studios in the UK.

21 May 2011

Rolla-Ace York.

YFG - Roller-Ace Roller Race

YFG - Roller-Ace Roller Race

YFG - Roller-Ace Roller Race

YFG - Roller-Ace Roller Race

YFG - Roller-Ace Roller Race

YFG - Roller-Ace Roller Race

Photos | Mark Ivkovic

Was great to get across to York on thursday, for FGY's very first roller racing event. I arrived around midday with a few of the Leeds posse, and was stoked to meet up with some other riders/friends and check out some local spots in York. So after a few brews, and a meet/chat with Perki and Matt from Deaf Pigeon, we all headed over to The Fulford Arms, a homely traditional pub, with good ales on tap and a friendly landlord.

The roller racing commenced, York were out in force, there were rapid times being clocked. I reluctantly managed one and a half runs, the ale had taken its toll, and i only managed to clock a 25.

The final results are as follows:

500m Sprint

1st – Adam Wilson: 22.57 secs
2nd – Ryan Manders : 22.81 secs
3rd – David Perkins : 23.30 secs

Fastest run of the evening:

Adam Wilson : 2nd Run = 22.08 secs

Congratulations and massive thanks to Nick and all of Fixed Gear York, for a running an amazing hiccup free event. Props to The Fulford Arms for providing such a great venue.


Come ride Hyde...

JP Elliot : Prolly Viking Tee

These are pretty rad - scoop one here

20 May 2011

DVS Cinelli Kicks

Prolly posted his initial reaction to the DVS Cinelli jams and first impressions seem pretty good. From my point of veiw, these look pretty good - more detailing and a stiffer sole make these a little more enticing than previous releases. Available in the UK in July - Ty from the footdown is always up to date on the DVS releases so well worth keeping an eye on his site...

19 May 2011

The Bicycle

The Bicycle from Jacques Magazine on Vimeo.

And a little more..,

Source: MilanoFixed

Milltag X Brother Cycles

Milltag just posted a little teaser of a forthcoming collab with Brother Cycles to be unveiled at the forthcoming Bespoked Bristol. Another good reason to get yourself down/up there...

In addition to this, both Milltag and the collaborating artist on the Tommy jersey range are donating all profits to the family of Wouter Weylandt.

Tokyo Fixed : Nitto

Tokyo Fixed visits Nitto from Tokyo Fixed on Vimeo.

Tokyo recently visited the Nitto factory and aside from documenting the process behind the creation of some amazing products the journey culminated in working together on some real nice new products - The Craft Stem and the RB0010 Bars. The detailing on the stem is just too nice and the curve on those bars looks pretty useful too...

17 May 2011

United City Alleycat

Nasty and the Cantgoslo crew have this jam planned for Friday - the biccc2011 pre event across in Manchester. Do it!

Jack's Ritte Track Beast

Now and again you come across a bike that just looks gnarly as hell. I just spotted this Ritte up on Pedal Consumption and it ticks all the boxes.  Fillet brazed steel and carbon just work so well together. Check out more photos on Flickr.

Nike 6.0 Flex Wrap

Another pair to add to the want list...

Asphalt Bikes Grand Opening

Check out Polish bike shop Asphalt Bikes - expect more filmic goodness soon...

11 May 2011

Adams Carvalho

Adam sent me a link to some new illustrations over on his ffffixas tumblr - nice tonal colourschemes - check way more here...

Levis/Raleigh Team

Read a little about the old Levi's/Raleigh team over at Tracko and posting this image was a bit of a no-brainer. There's an absolute ton of awesome greyscale images from the world of cycling over at Sam Emerson's Facebook - if you've got a little time to play with, it's well worth a browse...

10 May 2011

Feed My RIde

Progress Packaging: a yorkshire based packaging solutions brand are showing an exhibition of Musettes in LookMumNoHands from the 19-26 may. With contributors including some big hitters including Sea, design project and I love dust, we can expect some banging oucomes which will be available to buy from the 20th, each limited to just 100 editions.

Tales from the Crit

Tales From The Crit from faz adhili on Vimeo.

Now that's some proper rain!
source: PC

Bespoked Bristol

If you are thinking of going for a custom build this year, or just want to feast your eyes on some of the UK's finest hand-made offerings, then Bespoked Bristol is well worth a daytrip. Check the website for a full breakdown of exhibitors and events.

09 May 2011

Wouter Weylandt killed in Giro

Immense tragedy has today struck the cycling world with the news of 26 year old Belgium rider Wouter Welandt's death during the Giro D'Italia.
He was a terrific cyclist who has been integral to the success of former team mates Tom Boonen and Fabian Cancellara and achived heroic status as the winner of two Grand Tour stages. He will be greatly missed.

05 May 2011

Union Cycle Works

Think: The Union Cycle Works from think-work-play on Vimeo.

Think-Work-Play currently have a feature on Union Cycle Works up on the site. A not for profit organisation, helping the less privileged to understand the mechanics of a bicycle through building bespoke bikes for customers, which in turn funds the project. A really sound idea - check out TWP to see more about the project or visit Union Cycle Works.

Thanks for the heads-up Jon.

03 May 2011

Get the London Look...

On Yer Bus...

Many thanks to all those who turned up on Sunday, the weather had almost held up, besides the intense headwind which stuck around for the race. Despite a few organisation hiccups, and a traffic warden who had clearly been robbed of his bank holiday spirit, the event turned out really well. More shouts to Nate from Restrap, for rescuing his delicate hungover brain and curating the race, and also to Sam, king of fixed gear Leeds for all the initial organisation, on our end.

We were delighted to see the Manchester riders turn up on a route master, i can't deny how cool it felt riding down beside Hyde Park, in a pack with a bus in tow. Mad appreciation for Charlie Baker from Urbed and of course Mr Nasty for making it happen.

Hope to see you all again soon.
1st Charlie Baker/James Wise: 19.44minutes
2nd Ben/Marek: 21.07minutes
3rd Lyndsay/Craig Nasty: 21.11 minutes


Pictures from here.

What are they good for?

Drops doubling up as a boom box cradle - Nice work Nick!

01 May 2011


Meet today at Hyde Park Corner, 2pm. Get yourself down bikes, beers and a bit of healthy competition.

The usual track stand and skid comp will follow. Manchesters finest are headed over now, on a route master bus, in a true London fashion.

There'll be prizes, see you there!