03 May 2011

On Yer Bus...

Many thanks to all those who turned up on Sunday, the weather had almost held up, besides the intense headwind which stuck around for the race. Despite a few organisation hiccups, and a traffic warden who had clearly been robbed of his bank holiday spirit, the event turned out really well. More shouts to Nate from Restrap, for rescuing his delicate hungover brain and curating the race, and also to Sam, king of fixed gear Leeds for all the initial organisation, on our end.

We were delighted to see the Manchester riders turn up on a route master, i can't deny how cool it felt riding down beside Hyde Park, in a pack with a bus in tow. Mad appreciation for Charlie Baker from Urbed and of course Mr Nasty for making it happen.

Hope to see you all again soon.
1st Charlie Baker/James Wise: 19.44minutes
2nd Ben/Marek: 21.07minutes
3rd Lyndsay/Craig Nasty: 21.11 minutes


Pictures from here.

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