31 January 2010

Chasing Legends

Chasing Legends is a film of the epic 2009 Tour De France. It looks like a great film, especially as it heavily features the legend Phil Liggott, Mark Cavendish and Jens Voigt.
The film makers were from an independent film company and so were on a tight budget, but they claim to have the best shots you will see in Tour de France style films as they managed to get right into the peloton and film from a press motorbike...that must have been a little scary to say the least!
It will be interested to see how the film compares to previous TdF films like Hell on Wheels and Overcoming. Both of those films have quite different approaches; Hell on Wheels is beautifully shot You get a sense of the extreme physical suffering that the riders go through, whereas in Overcoming you get to see how the team works from a strategic and political point of view. I'm sure Chasing Legends is going to be killer and I can't wait to see the full version.

Visit their site here


liverpool track skwad summer 2009 from chickin on Vimeo.

Looks like Chicken has cut some more footage gathered from over the summer.

LTS holdin' it down on the trickery

Rapha presents...

more info soon...

Polo in Leeds

Leeds Bike polo from Fixed Gear Leeds on Vimeo.

A few of us took to the polo court yesterday. Josh, our resident polo expert is slowly teaching us the tricks of the trade although we're not showing too much promise!

Thanks to Dan for making the video

30 January 2010

29 January 2010

Madera BMX Cranks

Maybe something for anyone rocking BMX cranks - They'd look rediculous on my whip but I wonder how the image is applied?

Feather Cycles custom stem

Ricky Feather of Feather Cycles has been busy this week creating this Full Custom beauty for Tom's bike. Single bolt fastening front and rear. Ricky is bringing it down to Polo tomorrow I think...Give him a shout if you fancy one yourself - from what he's discussed with me on my frame, the possibilities are huge!

Death Pedal 2

Death Pedal 2 Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.

Rad graphics and cool moves - via EdinburghFG

Periodic table of Cycling

This is pretty cool - Click to enlarge and read - the races are organised by importance and colour categorised. TDF and Giro d'Italia taking the crown up there.

Spotted over at Spinwell, where Gavin has loads of amazing retro cycling shots up at the moment.

Winter Olympics Animation

This is amazing - spotted the animation by StudioAKA over at BarrieBloor. Love the flowing animation... Rolling right inuit!

Lavaux Alleycat

Love the design of these posters for the Lavaux Alleycat spotted over at FGSwitzerland - I cant do them full justice as blogger is being weird this morning!

Lavaux alleycat. A fast and mostly (90%) downhill alleycat, on beautifull and desert roads in the Lavaux wineyards. Fixie riders, this is for you. Prices for the winner, and for every participant. Group ride up to Chexbres, departure at 18h30 at the Lausanne’s trainstation. After party with free beers in Lausanne.

I need a helicopter.

Livery Mini Fixed

Not checking my emails last night meant I was a little slow in posting these beauties - Livery's latest offering - which they are building up to full bikes with most of their own componentsincluding a bmx seat poured from a 30 year old mould.

Spec after the jump...

Serious Polo

Chicago vs Milwaukee from Mr.Do on Vimeo.

Some quality footage of Chicago vs Milwaukee going on here. There is a bit of Polo going down tomorrow in Leeds if anyone is game...

28 January 2010

For your feets...

On that tip - BLB got some mad colourways going down on the cage front and some triple layer double straps...

Colnago Master

Nago Master X-Light Pista At BLB. Always loved these - i think about 80% of my love is because of those forks...

more pics after the jump

Oscar Shredding

Oscar from 14bike murking some ghetto set-up...

italian SS road tour


A new colour of straps is now in stock.. BLACK/RED.. we’ve had a few requests about some photos of how they look on an actual pair of pedals and so here it is.  CLICK PHOTO TO GRAB YOURSELF A PAIR!

Here's a pedal shot of the new Dualism straps.
They're now available in a few more stitching colours
Only £20! Buy them here

Veja x Cyclope Shoe and 116 to sea...

Things going down in Leeds on Saturday 6th Feb. I'll be posting more info here and on facebook but check out Paper Scissor Stone for updates...

Sounds Good

Saw this on LockedCog this morning. Some rad stuff in there but I'm posting for the soundtrack - dragonaut by sleep is so good. Check out the hill ride scene from Gummo if you like it...

27 January 2010

Bishop Monster Track Forks

I posted some bishop stuff a little while back and this can be added to the collection of pretty bike parts. Bishop have created these forks especially for Monster Track XI. Spotted over at Prolly.

More images after the jump or check out the flickr here

Glasgow Alleycat...

One for your event diary - Glasgow has the biggest hills I've seen in my life (up by the art school) so bring some big legs or a spinny gear, and of course a few tinnies or a bottle of buckfast to really fit in. More info here


I know these were posted last week but there were some issues with the image links so here it goes again - Pogliaghi Dura Ace Groupset. Bobby from BrickLaneBikes was kind enough to send over the photoset - more golden beauties after the jump...

BLB freestyle hubs

BLB's latest addition to their huge range. They have a new section up on the site with just BLB parts - you could pretty much build a bike there...

26 January 2010

Ride To Glory

Mad UK BMX skills. Loads of Northern spots.

Spinwell visits Lee Cooper

The chap behind Spinwell recently took a visit to legendary UK frame builder Lee Cooper and took some nice snaps of the workshop.

I also stumbled across this picture on the Spinwell blog:
Lovely vintage musette from the great Woodrup's of Leeds

Southsea holdin it down

Some nice shots from the lads at SFGFC

Sun envy

Fixed #5

Fixed magazine #5 will be coming out on the 14th of Feb and will be sharing a launch party with 14 Bike Co who are celebrating their 1 year anniversary!

Keep up to date on their blog

Tokyo to Osaka

Tokyo to Osaka Teaser from John Murillo on Vimeo.

Looks like a great adventure! 350 miles on fixed...wonder how long it took?

Check out the site here

Veja x Cyclope Shoe

The Collab sneak by Veja and Cyclope Paris will be hitting our shores very soon. They will be available from the 1 at Offspring Neal Street (London) and Paper Scissors Stone (Leeds)

You can also pre-order yours at Paper Scissor Stone from Wednesday 27 January.

Paper Scissor Stone and Fixed Gear Leeds are holding a party at the store on Saturday the 6th February to celebrate the UK launch and to coincide with the opening of the 116 to Sea photography exhibtion by Joe McGorty. More info coming on the blog and facebook group soon...


Good Times Roll from 2HeadedHorse on Vimeo.
via Juice

24 January 2010

Hipster Road Biking

As the Bikefag goes over the hipster hill into his late 20s, the time has come to hang up the custom-madePabst Blue Ribbon R.E.Load messenger bag and the American Spirits; to leave the urban track biking to the younger, paler, and more obnoxiously-bespectacled next generation; to hop on a classic, lugged-steel road bike, and put myself out to pasture.
27-year-old bikefags all over the nation agree: we need something more! We want to go further than the local bar! We want to do more with our freelancing income than buy another Phil Wood track wheelset! We want to suffer like the 1970s cycling legends we look up to! It’s time to get serious! It’s time for hipster road biking!
Amazing article from over at BikeFag - read the rest here...

So good.

I saw this earlier in the week on FGB but assumed it was the 'Van Homan will save us' video. So so funny. 
"Even the french homos have nice fixies nowadays"

Plemon Straps

Spotted these colourways of the Plemon Straps over at blue lug. Waaaay too snoop dogg for me but I'm sure they'd work on that leopardskin daccordi lo-pro for the full pimp look.

SuperTed Bike check

Double bike check infront of 14Bike - pretty interesting for a rider to have built both his whips. Check out the other half of the bike check after the jump.

The Kitten

A bike with car wheels. Built by Gregory deGouveia 

"The Kitten took me about a week for the frame and wheels. The headlights and brakes took about another week. The Kitten was built because the wheels were free. It's excessive and inefficient — it's sort of the anti-bike."

Check the video after the jump

Anon Headtube porn...

Found this on my desktop. Not sure where it came from but the pearly finish and those forks look rad!

Edit: It's a katakura silk that TokyoFG had repainted at atlantic boulevard

City Grounds

City Grounds Photo shoot from Alex on Vimeo.

Real nice video. Some huge tricks getting thrown down - the double set is colossal. Nice to see a bit of a mix too with the hill bombing in there too. via LockedCog

Merckx Sunday

I love this. So simple...

House of Commons

TokyoFG have just had a new delivery. House of Commons thermal looks pretty good...

Dromarti Pista

Read about this Dromarti build on BikeReviews. Hand built, lots of crome and nice detailing. Pretty light but not so cheap! more photos after the jump...

23 January 2010


Mad ass swerve on this seatpost. Spotted over at Pistamania

Peter Blake & Simon Taylor

A really nice collaborative show focussing on the bicycle by illustator/legend, Sir Peter Blake and Simon Taylor from Tomato. Spotted Oscar from 14bike getting his keo on in the midst of a load of nice animation and film shots. Watch it here

Charge Bolt ons...

Juliet has been rocking the prototypes for a while and singing their praises. Is there a silver option too?


H+son upping the ante yet again. Not sure how much they weigh though!
Spotted them over at PedalConsumption

Smoking Tyres

down time from dylan boto on Vimeo.

Pow. Some hill footage. Inspired for a days riding now!
via LockedCog

22 January 2010