28 February 2011

2012 Velodrome

Given that come 2012 all the focus will be inside the building, I've taken every opportunity to post new photos of the newly opened London Velodrome. Designed by Hopkins Architects, even the climate has been considered and should make the track one of the fastest indoor tracks in the world. Bring the records...

Christian Hamrick

Christian Hamrick from Matthew Yaktine on Vimeo.

Some cold ass city riding.
source: Zlog

cinelli x mash bulls

Prolly got a little exclusive on these bars at NAHBS and promises a huge improvement since the last teaser. The black colourway is certainly killing the silver. Penned for a drop this may, although I'm guessing the UK drop will be delayed - no way you're forcing these through a quill stem though...

SJ to SF

SF to SJ + Shawver Cycles from jaime santos on Vimeo.

Group Ride!

source: LockedCog

Critical Mass Tragedy

This clip was brought to my attention through twitter this morning and it must be one of the most disturbing pieces of footage I have ever seen. A driver ploughs through the Porto Alegre Critical Mass - an action that can only be described as attempted and cold blooded murder. My thoughts go out to anyone who was involved in this tragic incident.

27 February 2011


Given that your grandma probably can't bunnyhop, this game of bingo might be better suited to any FGFS riders out there. £5 a pop with the first prize being a 14 ESB and 2nd and 3rd copping some nice stuff from a number of fixed blogs/brands from around the world.

The date is yet to be confirmed but check out this post over at F&W to find out more...

NAHBS - Legor Cicli

There have been some phenomenal bikes on show this year, with some interesting and inventive approaches to framebuilding displayed. With that in mind, I think this super simplistic build by Legor Cicli is my favourite. Prolly posted these shots yesterday and I've looked at them a number of times - the satin finish with white lug detailing looks awesome, accompanied by a tasteful track build - I'm a complete sucker for gumwalls!

26 February 2011

NAHBS 2011

Last year, the posting about the NAHBS was sporadic but with Prolly at the show this year, the coverage has been spot on. Check his flickr for detailed shots from a number of stands.

5th x Waste print

Available on the web store now

25 February 2011

Velodrome Supercross

There's a few ways you can look at this - either a bad way to have a race or a good way to ruin a velodrome. Absolute carnage! Thanks for the heads up Curran.

Track World Cup


A little delve behind the scenes at Manchester last week.

source: Flwrider

NAHBS - First Shots...

Urban Velo have put some of the first photos from this year's NAHBS up on the site - looking at all the teasers we have seen already, it's gonna be big!

24 February 2011

Freeman Caps

With the summer on its way, it's nearly time to hang up your beanie. These caps from Freeman look like a solid replacement for keeping your weave neat - the five panel looks real good.

Rapha/Paul Smith SS11

Rapha + Paul Smith SS11 from RAPHA on Vimeo.

The AW collection was real strong and from this well shot teaser it looks like the ante has been upped again. Simple, understated and functional (and expensive?). Looking forward to seeing more.

source: Prolls

Cadence Tool Pouch

Longer rides mean that a puncture might signal more than a long walk home. The new Cadence Tool Pouch has space for all your usual roadside tools plus a loop for your pump. The Lorem Ipsum range has to the best yet.

23 February 2011

Fixed 7

Somehow I've still not got a copy of number 6 but the cover shot on this is too rad - looking forward to reading two at once...

Alesha & Her Custom Whip

Another fixfixfix set up now...

Bishop Stainless

I spotted the top shot over at Prolly and to be honest the seat cluster alone warrants a post. Bishop bikes are never shy on the detailing and this is a prime example of where subtlety pays.

Angelo's Colnago

Now getting shot of a Cannondale Track is never going to be too difficult, but deciding what to replace it with might be.

Angelo (cycleangelo) has ditched his Track and opted for the awesome Colnago Dream Pista. This really is a lovely machine - the tube detailing is awesome and the hand painted fade finish it all off.

Save the Bike Lane

[SEOUL got SOUL] SAVE THE BIKE LANE (Teaser) from David Jongkwon Kim aka DKshop on Vimeo.

Another nice bit of footage fromSeoul - the amount of video coming from the east is amazing.

Source: DK Production

Pistard Milano Merino Jersey

The latest drop from Pistard is this MerinoPerform (blend) jersey. Subtle detailing and red and black milan (AC) coulourway. For more info or to purchase, go here

22 February 2011

BFF Call for entries...

Hopefully by this point, the Bike Film Festival needs no introduction to the blog's readership. The BFF are now calling for entries - from what we've seen in the past, as long as there is a bike in there and it either looks good or tells an interesting story, then you are in with a chance of being selected. Animation, narrative, documentary, music video - the list goes on.

The final deadline for this years entries is the 1st April so get creative now. For more information, or to submit your work, vist the BFF site.

Also worth mentioning as a bonus, the BFF will be stopping in Liverpool prior to the London shows this year. Get some quality time in with the LTS lads...

Sunday Ride 2

rideBLT - [sunday edit no. 2] from rideBLT on Vimeo.

After watching this video from the rideBLT crew, I wan't two things; summer nights and group rides through Leeds. Straight up good vibes!

Olympic Velodrome Opens Today

The velodrome is the first of the new olympic facilities to open. I love the way the exterior mirrors the boards! Let's hope Hoy's input in the design gives us some advantage.

Photos: BBC News

Chrome Kursk Pro

Chrome Kursk Pro from Chrome Bags on Vimeo.

The release of Chrome's Kursk Pro SPD compatible shoe accompanied by a test video of the shoe in some of the gnarliest conditions you could ride in by Cycle Hawk messengers.

The simple aesthetics and black on black colourway look to be a winner - available from Chrome.

Pedal Consumption Pouches

Patrick's webshop seems to be getting better and better; the latest addition being these tool pouches, available in bi-fold, tri-fold and roll versions. Scoop here.

21 February 2011

And another one...

TRACK WORLD CUP| MANCHESTER | A SHORT FILM from British Cycling on Vimeo.

While I'm on the good coverage tip, thought a quick repost of this video I saw on 5th was in order. The intro is a little strange, kind of feels like some art-house jam but lots of track action follows.

World Cup Coverage

You have to commend the British Media coverage of the Track World Cup this weekend. The BBC coverage (bar that issue with the late start on sunday) was damn good, both quality and quantity wise (I learned to love the red button this weekend gone) and the photography across all the printed/online media has been awesome (check the above photo from the guardian).

As glad as I am that Sky is pumping money into British Cycling, I'm glad I can still catch the track (and the tour) without selling a kidney.

Skull Candy World Champs

Just read a post over at TheFootdown will a little info on the launch of the Skull Candy world champs range. I'm not sure I'd drop a big wedge on some headphones but if you need to accessorise with your jersey (Chris, Bradley, Geraint ?) then go scoop...


A load of people will say that the 'titty tee' has had its day and although they look like something you had made at the market, I'm still feelin em.

This one is from TheHundreds

Frame 21

[FRAME] Chapter Twenty One from Flwrider TV on Vimeo.

Flwrider's Frame series, number 21 features HK BMX's Lo Jim (translates as 'Old Jim') talks tricks, parts and the growth of BMX.

Butchers Hook

These may have been around for a while but I've not seen them before - good find Emma!

Available to buy here

Ginnel Whippet 3

Upon us again, the monthly Ginnel Whippet roller racing kicks off this friday night. Real good turn out last time and some fast times. Wonder what friday holds...

More info here

Sean Burns

Just watch the road gap near the end.

source: UrbanVelo

Good Afternoon


Team Pursuit Gold

This was the event I was most hyped about this weekend and I managed to miss it! Looks like I missed a performance and a half but Wiggo has been quoted as being disappointed with the time - another WR next time ey...