30 July 2010

On your marks...

Shut up legs...

Amazing work from Studio485 - The poster is available to buy here. I'll let their intro speak for itself:
Jens Voigt has always been a cycling hero of Ben’s. Never going much for personal glory, always pulling himself inside out and back again for his team leaders, he is a hardman's hardman. Inspired by Jens Voigt’s work for Andy Schleck on the slopes of the Col de la Madeleine in stage 9 of year’s Tour de France, with a Friday afternoon to kill & the desire to put some ink on paper, it seemed the right thing to celebrate Jens with a quote of his that's become his calling card.
Spotted at Tracko

Fixie Up

What in fucks name is going on here? Jordan - I don't know whether to thank you or not for bringing this to my attention...

29 July 2010

Checkpoint Race Pt.2

This Friday - More infor at FGL



Rainer features in CommonMags ad for Mash - Nice shot via CinelliFB

Paul Smith Rapha

One of the more refined collab projects I have posted this year. The photoprint bag and wallet was released a month or so ago and the range continues with this awesome capsule collection.

The raindot polka hat is real nice - this is definitely going on my shopping list. I'm not sure on a release date or pricing for these yet but I'm sure there will be more coverage soon.

Shonky and the SoundRacer V8

i don't drive... but if i did...

Vans Syndicate: Luke Meier

Vans latest syndicate release with LukeMeier of Supreme looks damn nice. Simple silhouette with some nice detailing. via


New stock on the x-up vest at the ZlogBoutique.

Choice Cuts

Wheelmen&Co have just released this collab tee with ilovedust (SFGFC). Real nice type tee - I'm looking forward to see the hip pack collabe they are working on too.

28 July 2010

Gear Ratio

I had an email from a rider today about what gear ratio people run around Leeds.  He is also from a hilly area so any feedback would be good - Leave your ratio or any tips as a comment

I need a beer...

And a bike ride.

Photo: FeatherCycles


There have been a few shots of this already online but KimuraFlickr has a few more interesting ones - I love the depth in the top one. A few Manchester faces in there and I spotted that ASBOPolo disc too - Thanks for the link


CyclingWMD bringing the eye candy yet again - tanned girls and quality steel

Ride of my life

BBC4 featured a series of cycling programmes last night. One focussed on Author Rob Penn building his dream bike and travelling around the world visiting Brooks, Brian Rourke, Campy and Cinelli to name a few. The final outcome wasn't to my taste but the documentation and the behind the scenes shots are well worth a watch.

Catch it on iplayer here. There was also a programme about the tragic death of Tom Simpson on Ventoux but that doesn't seem to be available as yet...

PaulSmith posted about Rob's book here

27 July 2010


An interesting photo (Oscar looks well  disturbed here) and a few shots from issue 002 of Champfest magazine. Available from TokyoFG and 14bikeCo

Grain Edit

With some much time without the internet recently, there is a huge chance that these posters have been posted already but just incase you missed them, you can check out the series at GrainEdit

Fast Forward Miami

DVS - Fast Forward from Richard Quintero on Vimeo.

via Tracko

26 July 2010


This is too good! Ignore the gay preview shot...


I love seeing how much effort goes into peoples individual projects - I'm guessing Gavin from spinwell spent some time hand stamping these for the forthcoming musette project

25 July 2010


Thanks to the guys (and girls) at iminusd for sending out the sticker pack - the chain pattern in the background is real nice.

Musette Time


[FRAME] Chapter Twelve from FLWRIDER tv on Vimeo.

More quality celluloid from the boys at Flwrider

Livestrong Bruin

A little more publicity - These look pretty good - available ftom Mellow Jonny's

TDF 2010

Had a pretty good hungover afternoon catching the end of this years tour with Ben. No surprises on the whole - Cav's pace is unreal at the moment. WOuld have been awesome to see Schleck in yellow but there's always next year. Lances one off RadioShack jerseys were real nice too - its a shame he didn't bother to get the UCI to approve them so they could have raced in them - I guess Livestrong gets a little more publicity this way which is great for a charity

Full result breakdown

The Grand Finale

The yellow looks all but sealed today unless a crash or mechanical failure manages to uproot Contador. The real race is for the green jersey with some top riders in contention with the famous Paris cobbled sprint, the decider...

Tour de Facts

Some awesome work by JeromDaksiewicz that I spotted up on Tracko - I'm always a sucker for minimal infographics!

Pista Collective

Some nice shots of the new Pista Collective tees - now available at 14bikeCo.

22 July 2010

Protect Ya Neck

Tokyo FG Drrrrrop

Loads of new stuff just in at the TFG store - Clothing, components and the Baby Crow robot poster that they had online when they launched the new site...

Jersey Frock

Another interesting project by busyman - a dress created from cycling jerseys - photos courtesy of Fyxomatosis