30 September 2008

schwinn cutter - $300 but how much in th uk???

more stuff from blue lug

Ladies of Team Pegasus 2009 calendar -

saw this on the southsea blog today and thought it was only fair to spread the wealth. Looking at the bottom picture though, I find my eyes  distracted by the front wheel. Go on - which would you rather have???

off tracko...

Teaser 002 from mike ambs on Vimeo.

this blog has too much video...

sam and i being inept graphic designers struggle with words to convey our wants/needs/feelings, so we find pretty pictures or videos far more effective... this man however does the word thing quite well. so in the interest of balance here is a snippet of the genius that is bikesnob NYC. i think a regular sample of his work may be in order.

"Recently I was riding through a trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn when I saw a guy locking his bike to a post. Naturally I quickly scan and assess any bike that enters my field of vision. This particular bike appeared to be a garden-variety 80s fixie conversion--with no brakes, of course. However, as my eyes made their way to the rear dropouts, I noticed something: a coaster brake, attached to the left chainstay with some metal wire.

Is this what people have come to? Are some people really so desperate to adapt the no-brake fixie look that instead of installing a decent caliper they will adapt perhaps the crudest braking system since the rod-operated spoon brake? Clearly, the rider I saw acknowledges the necessity of having a brake. Why not then simply affix a light, elegant, and powerful modern dual-pivot? I'd have to think a coaster brake-equipped singlespeed would stop even worse than a fixie with no brakes.

(And can somebody please explain to me why fixie riders who do have front brakes still skip-stop or skid in order to slow down? Do they give away free tires in Williamsburg or something?)"
(click for full post)

there we go. looks nice now... a little bit of a random snippet to be honest but i remember reading it last year and chuckling, i will be indeed looking through and pointing you to more articles soon. (in cronological order)


diesel genius

Diesel X from divertimentofreak on Vimeo.

29 September 2008

dildo bars!

oh yes. the dildo bars have become bendy, for the ultimate in clean lines... frickin awesome

and yes.. borrowed from the njs blogspot

21 September 2008