30 September 2009

Raw Pista Concept.

Spotted this over in the current projects at LondonFGSS. Belongs to Pistanator. Stripped to raw then satin finish. Good work man!

Business time.

Diggin this Lars bag spotted over at LockedCog. Loads of other styles but this one stood out as a non tech lookin bag that I can take to work and still be functional.

Lolly Seatpost

Saw these KentEriksen seatposts over at FGGirlTaiwan. Minimal branding is real nice - would look amazing with a cutaway brooks or flite. Not so cheap but then its Ti and not pumped out of a mass production line. Win!


I need this in my house. Think the lady may not be too stoked though.

via: Trafik

29 September 2009

Prolly on product.

Multiple product posts over at Prolly today. Nice looking jacket from Mishka - pretty functional - and it's nice to see other riders having to wear jackets already after watching so many SF videos! Also spotted these vintage looking cycling shoes from Quoc Pham. I've never been that stoked on the vintage cycling shoes I've seen as I'm worried I'd look a bit too much like fred astaire but these aint too bad. I'm sure once I'd actually rocked them to ride in I'd change my mind.

TFG x Tonic Supernaut

Strong looking build spotted over on the TokyoFG Flickr. Spoke to max from TokyoFG today and they've got some pretty rad stuff coming soon. New posts coming soon...

Genetic stuff

Was having a lunchtime browse and spotted these genetic vein grips on TokyoFG. No picture up so I did a google hunt and also found the drops (38cm w 26.0 stem) by the same brand - Interesting shape: a little like those Nitto bars that were rereleased a while back.


mad shit. Zen chainring and those collander like saddles are top of my list. A black bike (affinity this time) with mavic set up seems a trade show standard but when they look this good I see no harm in tradition!

More images over at Orange20Flickr.

27 September 2009

Kalavinka x Adidas

I'd seen the bike a few days ago online but wasn't that stoked on it. Just spotted these detail shots over at hypebeast so thought I'd get em up. Adidas seems to have been pushing mad amounts of fixed gear product recently - would be good to see some in the flesh...


Fixed Book...

In no way affiliated with fixed magazine, spotted this release over at 14bike. Some of the photography looks pretty good but obviously don't know any of the content.

Read more here...

Somewhere over Tokyo

Somewhere Over Tokyo HD from Dagbert on Vimeo.

26 September 2009

Cycle see-saw

Brooks equiped madness from the WilsonBrothers.

Yeah son!

Prolly in Japan

Looks amazing! Mad bike porn and some shots of Ted, can in hand (as per).

Hope that ankle heals up soon Prolly!
Check out all the images at ProllyFlickr


full set here.

In the toon...

I'm hoping they'll be a little more info on this soon but sounds interesting. More messages soon...


TRAFIK - To Live & Ride in L.A. from David Rowe on Vimeo.

Pretty nice video - the sunset scene at the start really make me want to ride the west coast. Can't complain today though - the sun is shining on Leeds!

Tokyo Skids

CMWC'09 Tokyo Skid competition from Tomoshit on Vimeo.

via LockedCog

25 September 2009

2010 mash frameset

pretty nice. The grey one still does it for me though - the original pursuit and black campy build is a little more special...

22 September 2009

Way to go. Dick.

short film. (Rj) from Rj Agcamaran on Vimeo.

Spotted this short over at LockedCog and the abysmal descriptor the video creator had included:

a short track bike film. (Rj)

anybody living near the Los Angeles area and would like to be a part of the film.
contact me via myspace:
suggestions and help is welcome.

i need people with skill, don’t bother asking if you suck.
also i’m trying to revolve the film around bike
dont bother to ask if you’re doing bmx tricks on a track bike.

please and thank you.

xoxo Rj.

This really is bad - The video could have been cool as a fun look into other peoples riding and local spots but instead becomes a boring exercise in beefing up the creators self esteem - YOU SUCK.

Hip 2 Help

Hip 2 Help Benefit Race from C Evans on Vimeo.

This looks well good - a bit of inspiration for the next Leeds event. Everyone looks like their having fun and the afterparty looks bangin.

Kilroy silk.

Nice promo from gorilla. Not a bad looking frame either.

21 September 2009

SuperTed Carnage.

SUPER TED from hassy on Vimeo.

This bank is fucked!

14Bike Hub

Anyone who's read the new issue of fixedmag will know about these 14Bike badboys. Style looks bang on. Developmental stages so will keep you posted.

If anyone is strugling to get hold of a print copy (link for PDF down the page) - FussShop will send one out to you for just the postage charge.

RIH Bikes

Mike from Amsterdam sent me a link to these two films he created about The RIH brand. Definitely worth a watch - I'm always stoked to see someone devote their life to something and still hold it in such high regard. This guy is like a lugged Wim Crouwel.

Feather test ride.

Headed out last week with Ricky and Liam to test (but mainly just stare at) his first official feather frame. Reports are good - my order will be in soon! Some bangin shots from Liam Walsh as ever!