31 October 2009


Paris-Roubaix Le Film [Teaser#5] from Julien Rideau on Vimeo.

This looks pretty damn good - chopper filming looks rad. Look forward to seeing the full edit.

Just one thing - does the theme remind anyone else of the foot and mouth ads with piles of burning cows?

Round the World.

Wrote a post about Finisterre earlier this week, and since have also spotted a feature over at pedalconsumption featuring the Humboldt and StormTrack jackets above. Again, very nice stuff.

Stuart from Finisterre sent me an email about James Bowthorpe (pictured top), who this year smashed the round the world on a bike record kitted out and supported by the guys at Finisterre. Looks like they've already established some roots in the cycling world.

Urban Velo 16

Online PDF Here. All the usual and a JohnProlly feature on Tokyo. Go Read!

29 October 2009

Dodici Shop

Would love this place as an LBS! Dodici store open now in Milan.

EAI Chainring

Sprocket is not new but upcoming chainring release from EAI looks badboy! Reknowned for quality components, this chainring, currently being tested by British Cycling promises to meet expectations.

Handmade in the USA from heat-treated, bearing grade stainless steel with a hardness scale of RoC 45-47, this ring will provide maximum stiffness and strength. To top it off, EAI will be giving it a Ti-Nitride coating that will increase lubricity and hardness by 100%. The ring is being tested by British Cycling at the moment and will be available in 2010.

Words and Pictures exclusive at Prolly.

28 October 2009

Revival - Premiere info coming soon...

The Revival from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

Repost maybe but who cares, that 180 is ridic.

Mini Cooper Bikes

Okay. Loads of companies have been jumping on the bikesaresofuckingcool bandwagon, and although car companies have (very recently) used bikes as an advertising tool, I'm fairly sure these CooperBikes are the first fixed gear to come directly off the production lines of a car company.

Straight up, you can tell these aren't a Unipack, any colour you fancy, your bb will last a week, bike. They're reynolds steel and some money has been spent on parts - Brooks (yes, real brooks) saddles and bartape and some pretty nice looking Sturmey Archer chainset that I've not seen before. I did notice however that the top one has been beaten with the ugly, cable guide stick. Not a problem for singlespeeders, but why not use a removable brace as featured on the lower budget one? Prices start at £595 for the blue and up to £849 for the black one (big picture here). Custom range coming 2010. I'll keep an eye out for full review and keep y'all posted.


Got sent a link to a new UK retailer today. Had a few things that I have only seen in blogworld! If anyone has more info on them, or where they are based - send it over, but for the time being, go have a look at Velodrama

Le vélo de papi fait de la résistance

Le vélo de papi fait de la résistance TEASER#1 from rvhiolle • lagraph.net on Vimeo.

Really good trailer for an upcoming Paris release. Got a nice email from Coline from Bobwhite letting me know about it - Good work! Look forward to seeing a full length version - Real good to see all the disciplines portrayed in one short. French people are cool as fuck.

Le Tour Product

A blatant re-post from Tracko but this stuff is well worth the plug. Amazing photography, prints and tees available at LeTour. Brent Humphries has done such a good job at creating a project in homage to such a great event.

Sasha Grey for American Apparel

Not so girl next door...

Martin Product...

Spotted some images of the new Martin releases over at PedalConsumption. Looks like some real quality stuff - baselayers, button ups and hoods. The hoodie i've posted here is particularly good but I'm not looking forward to the price this'll be on our shores with it coming it $199 over in the US.

Cruisin SF

Madskill Macaskill

If you haven't already - go watch it here.

27 October 2009

FixFixFix site launch

If you read bike blogs and have seen some hot Cali girl draped over a bike of some description, there's a damn good chance that it comes from FixFixFix. They've had loads of flickr hits but have just launched the official site and got a new photo set up on the same day. Good work guys and thanks for the link!

Carpe Diem

carpe diem from HAM CHOONG WOO on Vimeo.

Just a nice little video. Good vibes. via HKFixed

ATH 2.0

ATH trailer 2.0 from ken adams on Vimeo.

via HKFixed

26 October 2009

worldwide Wozza.

As our journey into winter darkness takes a step forward, Leeds rider Warren (and Smally, his lady) continue the tour of the west coast. So far SF and Portland have been hit along with lots of different bikes along the way. If you're reading this dude - good luck with the car hunt - gotta be better than last time!

Finisterre Winter 2010 Product

I'm not sure about everyone else but for me it feels like it's gone from summer to winter in about two weeks. I forget every summer how frustrating the feeling of cold water running down the back of my pants is. Looks like its new jacket time! This stuff from surf company Finisterre looks pretty rad...

This Jacket - The Matanuska M65 is my personal favourite from the site - minimal styling with tech fabrics. Made from Beeswax impregnated Canvas which sounds pretty damn good - there is a full video rundown of the spec here. This is definitely on my list.

They also produce some real nice looking Merino layers - the superfine long sleeve baselayers look pretty good and are only £35. The 100% merino tees are nice too - good to see a half decent print on a quality garment. They've got some plain tees, sweaters and merino hoodies on the site too - low on stock so hopefully more coming soon...

I'd seen very little product from Finisterre before I checked out the site. They've got some real nice peices on there - although designed or aimed at the surf crowd, I reckon that alot of the product would make a good crossover to the city (dare I say 'urban') cyclist.

I'm stoked to see some guys with good attitudes and good ethics making good clothes - Go check out the site for more info.

J'ai mis un tigre dans mon vélo

Spotted a link to the RVCA Paris exhibition video over at HKFixed. Pretty Short but nice video (no embed code) - loads of nice bikes and some pretty drawings. Watch it here

Exhibition "J'ai mis un tigre dans mon vélo" which mean I put a tiger in my bike. With photos from Cédric Viollet, illustrations by Guillaume Jolly, and paintings by Jérôme "Cloben" Romain. There is the Barry Mc Gee x CINELLI x RVCA's bike in exhibit at the "SEIZE galerie" in Marseille, France. Film shot and edited by David Pieau.

New FixFixFix

Full set here. You know the drill...


Hell Track from jose o on Vimeo.

TFG x ILoveDust

Good to see a big UK Collab outsid of London. Southsea based design supremo ILoveDust and TokyoFg teaming up on this colourful beast. Mad detail!

Words (and pics) from SouthseaFGFC...

After choosing a top spec Figmo Stealth aluminium track frame, an all over ilovedust pattern was created and applied to both the frame and forks. The frame, originally built for Louis Garneau, is aerodynamically designed, providing tight clearance and a perfect choice for serious track racing and combined with carbon forks makes for a super light bike and a perfect canvas for design.
Designed to enhance the track square geometry of the frame, ilovedust’s elaborate pink and orange design compliments pared down black components, again chosen to the highest specification and perfectly suited for taking this bike to the velodrome.

SB Zoom Air Harbo(u)r

Loving this release from Nike SB. Look like they'd be pretty good at fitting in cages too. via Freshness

Update: Available at Mischief now! Cheers Barrie

TFG Ewan McGregor build

We built Ewan a bike for his upcoming movie The Last Word. The movie is set in Glasgow & directed by David Mackenzie.

He's riding a Gorilla Hattara frame & he's wearing clothing from Pedal.e.d, CCP & Swrve. Ewan took two, one to ride in the movie & one to add to his "collection", he told us he has a Pake (Another brand coming soon!). He seems to love all things with two wheels, when he was down in London he borrowed a bright green Cycroc & rode it round W1, would have been good to get a photo of that.

If any one wants a Gorilla we will be selling their bikes in our soon to open shop. We will be taking pre orders on their amazing new trick bike soon!

Words and Pictures from TokyoFG