30 June 2009


A certain ginger metalheads custom is nearing completion...

word up son

Saw the shot up top of the new H+Son rims - F30 and SL42 (machined) - on Pedal Consumption. As ever, looking pretty nice - wonder which of the super deep rims out this year is gonna come tops. The B43 is looking like a big favourite but lets wait and see...

Bro's and Bikes

Fun With Bikes! from Patrick Lawler on Vimeo.

Feel good vibes and HD visuals. Tidy.

Via: LockedCog


AlleyCritRace-Panhandle-June 20th-SF-Final from C Evans on Vimeo.

Real nice to see a video of some gnarly city riding again! Some fast as hell dudes on this too.

via: LockedCog

29 June 2009

Cinelli Mash

A few different builds on the mash x cinelli frameset. Despite the pimp ass wheels on the 14bike co build (top) I think I still like the original bottom one most. Maybe its the black Campy cranks - looks aggro as hell!

Leeds BMX Carnage

Danny Clayton from superstarbmx on Vimeo.


Stijn customs

was reading about these Stijn custom frames over at the southsea blog this morning and had to post a few more pictures. The attention to detail and finish is unreal- Love the chromed inside stays and forks!

24 June 2009


tilt shift goodness spotted at LockedCog


some smooth classics spotted on the londonfgss bike porn thread.

For pastures greener (read greyer)

One of Leeds strongest riders and a real good friend of everyone in the LSF group has moved south for better weather, expensive lager tops and fresh girls. And his masters. Good work Ady lad - in a bit.

Matthew The Bike

More pen-fun from MatthewTheHorse. These ones have got to be my favourite so far - keep your eyes peeled for more action soon...


Well busy at work. A menagerie of posts tomorrow. Thankyou.

Ride Hills tee

Available once again on Tracko. You know you want to.