31 August 2011

Midnight Ride

A little teaser from the upcoming Artcrank event in Denver. This two colour print by Anthony Cozzi is available at the show but you can pick it up online here too...

24 August 2011

The Footdown : Wrench Competition

The folks at VeloSolo have hooked Ty from the footdown up with five of their new 15mm wrenches for his latest competition. These look pretty awesome - head here to find out how you can win one...

23 August 2011

Restrap : Product Catalogue

Nate's been mad busy of late - This catalogue designed by 44/16's Ric Bell being the newest of a menagerie of releases. Check out the new 2011 products and an insight in Nate's brain alongside an introduction to the Restrap Team...

Boikzmoind : Watch it.

BOIKZMOIND Trailer from Xynthetic on Vimeo.

Gotta be the most hyped UK riding film in a long time, and from reports on the Prem, for good reason.

There's a list of some planned Boikzmoind premieres including a Leeds showing on the 17th to coincide with some kind of alleycat. Get it in your northern diary...

TokyoFG : Mash Histogram

This Tokyo build for a Leeds customer has already become a talking point on the LSF Facebook - mainly because no-one knows who it belongs to.

Sick build - get out for a ride with us dude...

Vans Core Pacquard

A nice drop for the Vans Autumn range - clean as hell...

19 August 2011

And another one...

Milltag also have a new site live today - go have a look and take advantage of the 20% OFF EVERYTHING offer by entering the code NEWSITE at the checkout...

New Restrap Site : LIVE

This has been under development for a little while and the outcome is Rad. Designed and built by David 'deaf pigeon' Perkins - the new site features all the usual product info, a team section and damn nice format. Go have a browse...

Also, keep and eye out for the new Restrap Product Catalogue, coming soon - designed by Restrap Team member / Frame Snapper / 4416er - Ric Bell.

INSA : Girls on Bikes


17 August 2011

Cinelli 2012

Alongside the expected barrage of black and white carbon product, this spring sees the rebirth a few classic Cinelli products including the awesome 1965 Criterium bar. Time to switch to Italian?

source: FGB

Cantgoslo Hero : Tom Simpson

Mad slack on this - Sorry Nasty!

Pre-order HERE

Industrial Revolutions

The latest Macaskill short has being blowing up online (much the same as Danny's previous releases). I watched this on Channel 4 the other night and there's some pretty amazing stuff in the mix...

16 August 2011


too rad. source: tits&tyres

Restrap Horizontal - Pre-Order

The straps will be up for pre-order this Friday on a brand spanking new Restrap Site - courtesy of David 'deaf pigeon' Perkins.

I've had a quick blast on these and I'm a straight up cages and double straps dude and I'm thinking about making the switch. Can I handle putting BMX pedals on my Feather tho...

Keep up with all Nates Restrap antics on the Facebook Group and Twitter.

13 August 2011

Restrap II Teaser

Here's a little teaser I put together for a new edit of Nathan at Restrap featuring his new horizontal straps. I'm expecting it to drop some time in September so keep your eyes out.

11 August 2011

Lost Legs

Just spotted the legs of Trean on tumblr - another Leeds rider we have lost to another city. Sorely missed but an LSF brother for life. Nice shot Sergio!

Tonight : Papergirl Newcastle

Papergirl Newcastle is a pretty interesting project - I posted about what they do some time ago but given they have another event coming, it's well worth a mention.

Using the bicycle as a form of distribution, the collective will move art around the city at the end of the month - for more info on how this works, check the site...

Tonight sees the preview party at 7pm at Settle Down Cafe - say if you're in the toon stick your head in and have a look...

Thanks for the heads up Rich


OneHundredSixtyEight - A nice photoblog documenting Manchester cycling / city / rain. Well worth a browse...

Chrome : Your First Time

Chrome have just launched an essay competition challenging you to write a short essay (300 words) on getting your chrome wings.

The prizes are pretty damn good so if you fancy putting pen to paper, check out the info here and enter here...

09 August 2011

Brown Bread Films : Pengillys


More astounding work from our friends at Brown Bread Films, for Pengillys 'Toby's Hill". Great concept, great looking video, this songs been a regular on my playlist for the past few weeks.

Artcrank London

I'm hoping that after the impact it made last year, I won't have to write much of intro to this years Artcrank London at LookMumNoHands. All the usual bike related print goodness - for more info head to the Artcrank site or hit up Facebook...

Last Day in Jakarta

05 August 2011

On a shoe tip...

Another pair to add to the collection spotted up on TheFootdown. DVS - get a pair up to Leeds...

More info on order details here

Prolly Jams

These have been doing the circuit in blogworld for a while but these new pictures up on Blue lug shed a little light on the Prolly shoe - black and basic - just how I like it...

03 August 2011


Open publication - Free publishing - More bike porn

Another Banger from Greg Falski featuring CMWC, bespoked bristol and a feature on Leeds! I'd love to know who told Greg to call me 'Don Sam' (Nate, Curran?) - Anyway, huge thanks to Greg and Tomas for coming up for a day to shoot, ride and drink with the Leeds crew...

TDO x Ceddar Gorge

TDO X CHEDDAR GORGE from Bishops Pocket on Vimeo.

A lovely short from the Bristol Crews: 4416 / Bishops Pocket / hmltnwhlrs - some astounding scenery there guys!

02 August 2011

Kill All Bike Thieves

Another Tee from the Burro crew - this re-up of a design from last summer is available on the Burro Store now...

CMWC 2011 : Warsaw Photos

I've seen very little coverage of the CMWC this year but spotted a link to these photos from Just Fixed Wheel Photography on facebook - check out the full set here.

Velo Cult Volume One

Velo Cult have released their first publication - a photographic journal of bicycle culture. Scoop one here

source: Prolly