31 October 2010

Sunday fill-in

Sam is is off getting pissed on a trampoline this weekend so I thought I should fill in. Nothing new to show you, just a few videos I've come across recently.

I really love this video. Mainly because it's set in my two favourite places in the world (after Leeds) - Biarritz, France and San Sebastian, Spain. Brings back a lot of great memories. Photography is really nice.

This one is a bit long winded, but it has really nice sounds.

Found this piece really well executed. Didn't feel like a studio. Old geezers shouldn't be allowed to ride with carbon components though. Give this man some cast iron sti's.

28 October 2010

27 October 2010

Columbus - Cinelli

Columbus-Cinelli from mybeautifulparking on Vimeo.

Its always nice to see behind the scenes of the machines you ride. Although Cinelli maintains superbrand status, the factory still has a nice feel to it.

Liverpool Track Skwad, Son

liverpooltrackskwad from chickin on Vimeo.

Our home boys from Merseyside always put out rad videos with killer sound tracks. Enjoy this latest instalment of Chickin going mental on a bicycle.


I was over at TokyoFixedGear checking out some of the stock from the new drop but thought this was worth a post...While you're over there, the new Endura lines are looking pretty strong in the winter warmer category.

Dead Cannondale

But thankfully the rider is alive and well. Ian from FGCapeTown was the victim of a hit and run by a bus this morning - Hope your fairing ok man!

26 October 2010


Hitchcog from Freaxed on Vimeo.

Just in time for Halloween - This is one of the nicest videos I've watched in a while; not for the riding but for the creativity and of course the aero slasher mask - I can't wait to see more. Coming 2011 from Freaxed

Rapha Rendezvous

Rapha’s iPhone app calledRendezvous is a unique app in which you can designate meeting points with your friends, without having to go through the hassle of sending messages and having missed calls. The app allows you to invite cycling friends or strangers with the same passion to get together for a ride. It even can track your friends traveling to a rendezvous point in real-time.
Much like the calendar in the iPhone, you can add a description to a scheduled appointment, such as information about the distance, terrain, pace and kits necessary for the trip. Reminders can also be set, so you won’t miss a single cycling trip anymore. If you would like to keep your ride meeting points personal, you can set the appointment privately. However if you are feeling more adventurous, you can set public ride appointments or browse through and join a public ride.
Words from Freshnessmag 
Available on the app store for the grand price of FREE

Hell Track3

This looks so much fun despite the terrible weather! Last years looked pretty gnarls but I think this takes it a little further. That stair set at the end! via Prolls

25 October 2010

Skid City

Skid Spot from normaa on Vimeo.

Looks like a damn nice spot to ride - via Prolly


New photoset up at FixFixFix of Gerra and her push iron. That lace skinsuit looks aero as fuck...

Condor World Series

The Condor World series was originally created to celebrate the 80th birthday of Condor founder, Monty Young.

The series is strictly limited to 150 framesets in each of the world champ colours made from triple butted steel with Track or Road dropouts. They will retail at £550 for F+F, inch headset, ltd edition concor (pictured), condor seatpost and colourmatched leather tape.

For more information head over to www.condorcycles.com or give them a call on 020 7269 6820

Read more about the frame after the jump...

Mohawk Paper Promo

Mohawk Fine Paper just launched this book to promote their superfine paper.

Some really nice photography and the finishes sound amazing - read more about it over at ForPrintOnly

Outlier Merino Hoodie

The biting cold this morning prompted me to repost this Merino Hood from cycling outfitters, Outlier. Drop tail, longer cuffs and a helmet friendly hood could make this a winter staple. Not on the cheap but if you have some cash to splash then head here.

23 October 2010

Life Cycles

Life Cycles OFFICIAL Trailer from Life Cycles on Vimeo.

Nothing to do with fixed gear bikes, but worth a watch for the beautiful cinematography and awesome riding.

Table Mountain

A few of the FGCapeTown crew got an early start up Table Mountain to get these shots at 8am. Amazing scenery and the weather dont look half bad either. More shots up on the flickr

Saturday Night in

Me and the missus are just like this every weekend...


GHOSTRIDERS from Bicycle Store on Vimeo.

Watched this up on Prolly - its always rad to watch a pack of riders hammering through the city. Zombie faces are a bonus...

Owly Cat Teaser

The Foot Down OwlyCat Teaser from The Foot Down on Vimeo.

That hills gotta be a beast - more to come soon over at TheFootdown

22 October 2010


Fiksikeskarit from T/N/T/S on Vimeo.

Spotted this up on FGB. Its nice to see another place with weather contrasting to all those west coast trick jams you watch. Rain. Dark Nights. Beer. Standard.

Bike Pattern

A nice bit of tesalation by AmyMartino - some nice stuff on her site too. Thanks for the link Nick.

21 October 2010


Another Bishop bike has just been uploaded to the flickr - some really nice pink lug lining and that trademark speared seat-tube detail.


TokyoFG managed to fit a trip to Nitto into their eastward travels. They have a few vintage catalogue shots up on the flickr now but they're trying to get some footage of the actual making of the bars which should be coming soon...

Derailluer Pattern

by t.Hom spotted at DoubleOhTwo

Vegan Concor

I'm with Kyle on this one - I have owned loads of synthetic saddles and they never seem to bed in as nicely as a leather one. I do like the black on white branding rather than gold though.

Keep mixing those chemicals you synthetic bastards.

19 October 2010

Vans x Brooks release...

This is probablt the fourth or fifth post I've written about this release, but it feels like its been ongoing for years! I read a little more info on this over at the Canoe blog today (thanks for the link Laura).

They are finally set to release the very limited saddle (500) and kicks (1000) in November. They will be available only through Brooks dealers of excellence and Vans Vault retail accounts. Wonder if they will ever sell that awesome embossing plate...

The Ride

The Ride of Firdauz Haron from duraath on Vimeo.

Good ol' freeway spinning footage. via Flwrider

Sixpack Drop at PSS

PaperScissorStone in Leeds have just had a new drop of Sixpack tees including the BikeBuild tee. Go check the range here...

Feather loPro

Missed this one up on Ricky's blog but the latest feather build looks like a beast. Check out more shots up on FeatherCycles

Spinwell visits Reynolds

definitely an interesting read - check it here

18 October 2010

Athens hill carnage

The boys over at FixedGearAthens have been bringing on those Greek hills again. They were kind enough to send over some photos - you can check out the full set here. Prepare to get some weather envy!


No Brakes and Knee Socks. Check out the full photo set at DenimMag2. (Thanks for the link)

RC mag

I can't tell you what the magazine reads like but RebelCallejeros just launched an online cycling mag - check it out here...

16 October 2010

Milltag x Prolly

I'd say that neither of the collaborators need an intro here - Prolly's love of purple embodied in this jersey by Milltag.

Pre-Order here.

The Hills

The Guardian have a nice feature up at the moment about the Lancashire Road Club Open Hill Climb. Some really nice shots and some audio from the day, discussing the event and its heritage. Well worth a look/listen.

Check it out here.

24K Gold Level

Saw this over at TokyoFG. Built by Level for a Keirin racer who actually raced this thing before returning it to Level for display. All manner of bling aside, I'm just stoked on the matt black and gloss metal contrast.