30 September 2010

3hrs 40mins

Hip are hosting the 4TN launch tonight in Leeds. Meet at 6pm Thornton Arcade. Nerves taking hold...I need a beer!

Evil Bike Messenger

Quality dismount! but otherwise WTF!

Things happening today...

As Tom jets off to L'eroica I'm getting stressed about tonight going swimmingly!

Dope Bastard

Whats this? A professional cyclist testing postive for performance enhancers? Surely Not.

Cyclist Alberto Contador, winner of the 2010 Tour de France, has said he has tested positive for a banned substance.

Contador's press officer said he had tested positive for clenbuterol during a rest on the Tour in July. In a statement, the spokesman added that the Spanish rider was the victim of "food contamination" and would hold a news conference later on Thursday. Cycling's governing body, UCI, later confirmed that Contador had been provisionally suspended. Cycling has struggled with doping allegations for years. Among a host of high-profile offenders, US cyclist Floyd Landis was stripped of his 2006 Tour title for a positive drugs test.

via BBC

28 September 2010

Not tilt shift.

Awesome model skills by The Brothers Braun. Read more at the always factual, never biased, DailyMail

The church of polo

I'm no polo player but this tee print by the guys at FixedGearSwitzerland is awesome.

Pre-order yours here

Any Excuse...

Cyclepassion just previewed the shots for the 2011 calendar. Bit high glam for me but still...

Spotted at Milano

Cadence x DVS tee

Nucleus just got a delivery of the dead tyre photoprint tee. As far as I was aware, the tees weren't gonna be available on these shores so better swoop fast...

Thanks for the heads up Ty

Mongo Bike

Check this beast locked up outside Welcome in Leeds. Thanks for the pic Callum.

In Ste-re-eri-o

Via 14bikeCo

good work mate!

Just a quick post to congratulate Ty from TheFootdown for being shortlisted in the WalesBlogAwards under the sports category.

The Hills are Alive

"37° 58' N 23° 43' E" from ken adams on Vimeo.

As trick riding explodes over the world, it's great to see new Hillbombing and riding videos being released. This is the latest offering from the guys in Athens - some awesome scenery and gnarly hills. Good work guys.

Keep your eyes peeled for a Leeds premiere of the full version sometime soon...

Shiny Feather

Just got this preview shot of an upcoming Feather build. The chrome headtube with racing green looks awesome! Nice work Fev!

27 September 2010

Interbike 2010/11

Coupla Pretty skinnies and gnarly fatty's, just like any other day.

Via LockedCog

Rollapaluza Newcastle

Cadence mania hit the toon yesterday - Good to see the Newcastle crew burning that lactic acid.

Photos: PhilXThomas (sorry for the shameless facebook pilfer mate!)

25 September 2010

Weird and Wonderful

Some excerpts from Colnago's 88 catalogue kindly compiled (along with countless others) up on Bulgier

Fresh Garms

A few teaser shots of the new LSF tees. Get yours at the alleycat next thursday...

Cinelli Vig

New colourway on the Vigorelli unveiled at interbike. I'd prefer a full black finish I think, but I still quite like the old red/blue/wht colourway when they're built up properly.

Spotted at BlueLug

Special Needs

Specialized + Wheel Talk Introduction from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.

I don't post a lot of FGFS videos but I just watched this over at FixedShitUp and I'm reposting purely because it is a refreshing change to see a large bike manufacturer reacting to a need in the market in a prompt fashion. The 26 inch revolution has well and truly taken hold!

24 September 2010

Icarus Interview

FGAthens just posted up an interview with IanSutton of Icarus frames. It's always good to get an insight into what makes frame builders tick and how they got into the industry:
"I began building when I left college to attend the Yamaguchi Frame Building School in Rifle, Colorado. The training was 100% one-on-one with one of the greats in frame building, working with Koichi Yamaguchi learning the basics from start to finish, along with the art and nuance too. Later that year I visited builders I admired and wanted to work for to talk about the industry and decide if I should work on my own or gain more experience with a high end custom builder".

Read the full interview here.

be a bender like beckham

Ric's new ride

Hope you don't snap this one in half dude!

H+son box section

Bike trends are tough to keep up with. First the deep section, then deeper and now way back to skinny box section rims. Buying something that looks like a classic is always a safe bet, these H+Sons look like a classic pista option. Check these and more interbike coverage up on Prolls.

Mash 2011

I posted a preview shot of the 2011 Mash frame yesterday. Mash just posted these up on the blog showing a full build. Check the post here.

Next Thursday

This should be a big one. 4TN clothing preview in hip followed by an afterparty in Nation. Oh, and there's an alleycat.


23 September 2010

Straight to flat

Kert Petersel VISION Edit ! from mystic bmx on Vimeo.

Kert Petersel being a punk and jumping off big things.

Fixed Gear Athens

ATH trailer #2 from localathensfilms on Vimeo.

I think I posted this a while back (I definitely watched it!) Just posted up a link to Athensfixedgear so I thought I'd post it up again. Keep riding fast!

Pocket Rocket

New drop of the Welcome/Liberty pocket tees at Welcome (Leeds).

Mash 2011

Garrett checks out the Mash 2.0 frame - it looks like the limited histogram pattern scheme is spread across the whole range with a new grey/blue mix. Scoop the hat here. Thanks for the heads up Flwrider

Macaframa Montoya

Matt Montoya from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

I don't post much in the way of tricks but the no footed slider was too good not to. That snapped crank/bb at the end could of been so much worse! Also on a Maca tip, just spotted the Macaframa x Raleigh build up on FixedShitUp this morning - All photos courtesy of Prolls.

21 September 2010

Vanilla Sweedvagen CX

Vanilla keeping the game up with this custom speedvagen. Those bars are too rad! via CycleExif