31 August 2010

Hillbombing is Alive

and so is putting in serious fixed miles! This guy is killing it:

Words and Pictures from Cuttersink (spotted at Tracko)

This Summer has been a lot of fun, I have had the pleasure of joining Swiss cyclist Patrick Seabase on a few mountain rides, documenting what I feel are some truly amazing cycling achievements. I've witnessed sheer determination and guts as he's climbed and then descended alpine passes that would test professional and experienced road cyclists. Averaging speeds of 30-35km per hour over 120 km rides with descents at speeds of 75-80 km per hour, all being done on his own prototype carbon track bike frame with a fixed gear (49/17) ratio. If that was not challenging enough for this inadvertent icon he also rides brake-less. Much more on this will be revealed in Issue 7 of Amateur magazine due out early October, until then here are some photos taken during a recent ride over the famous Grimsel pass.

The Daily Eye

Things I spotted on the always amazing TheDayAfterYouDie

Jam Master J

Chances are, if you live in the north and have been to many northern (or southern!) events, you will have met Jammy. A top guy who without a doubt earned the title: Scene slag o' t'north.

The time has come to bid farewell, as another LSF rider heads to the smoke - at least this one has fat tyres and risers!

All the best mate - I'm sure I'll see you again soon...

pic: FeatherCycles

30 August 2010

Das Radmagazin

Clue's in the title really. Bangin' photography and some pretty nice design in the new fahrstil mag.

Fyxation 23c

You may have spotted these around already - the 23c version of Fyxations popular session tyre. I held back on posting until they got back in touch about UK stockists: they are available now in BLB

Young Guns

Young Guns from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

Young Guns,
Having some fun
Crazy ladies keep 'em on the run.
Wise guys realize there's danger in emotional ties.
See me, single and free
No tears, no fears, what I want to be.
One, two, take a look at you
Death by matrimony!

Pretty Rad that LA has a big enough scene to do an U19 Alleycat! via Prolly

Pedalling for pints

This sounds like my type of ride! Pedalling for Pints is a 1000 mile pub crawl from John O’ Groats to Lands End on a tandem bike tasting the finest ales and beers Britain has to offer while raising money for Wheels for Wellbeing, a charity who support disabled people cycling in London.

Bike Choir

I need this for the end of the next alleycat!

29 August 2010

Cobble Wobble

Frome Cobble Wobble - Sunday 19th September. Check the site for more details, the illustrations are real nice and the event definitely sounds like a good one!

Filson x Vans Vault

Looking Good!

Bank Holiday Candy

Pédaleur de Charme!

Sex Sells...

tees and kicks for PedalConsumption. Hot Damn

Kinfolk x Wallpaper x Brooks

Now this is something special! The ever impressive Kinfolk created this as part of a series of collab projects for WallpaperMagazine. This is the nicest photo but you can see way more detail in this one. via

Notion Trip

notion trip from Ls6bmx on Vimeo.

Leeds based BMX store Notion hit some foreign streets.

27 August 2010

Tied Together London

Focus on the London section of the Tied Together project. Sections from TokyoFG, WAH and Palace to name a few...via 14bikeCo.

26 August 2010

Stem Magpie

A little bit awesome. via DoubleOh2 / Convoy

FTT edit2

FTT edit #2 from Thomas Larsen Røed on Vimeo.

Spotted this video up on Tracko. Loads of hill bombing and rad scenery - makes me feel pretty shitty about our poor excuse of a summer! Check out edit1 here.

Gay Paris

A few night shots from the LSF/BFD trip to Paris. Is this the night with the scooter incident?

25 August 2010

FGL Jacket

In just about time for the impending turn in weather, the FGL jacket shows its face. There was loads of teaser shots around a while ago but there's a full flickr set up now.

On the London based clothing tip, Hip store in Leeds will be launching the 4TN (14bikeCo) range on thursday 30th september accompanied by an LSF alleycat and afterparty at Nation. Should be an awesome beer fueled night so get yourself down.

24 August 2010

La Garibaldina

LA GARIBALDINA from Pindaro on Vimeo.

Another aweosme race promo video spotted over at Prolly. The logo tracking on this is great - becomes a feature rather than just a straight brand placement. Good work from FixedBergamo - check the blog for more details


Just saw these pictures of shared pathways in Sydney up on DoubleOh2. I've only experienced these in my home town of Carlisle, where the council are too busy spending money on the 'underpriveleged kids' and dole scammers to build a cycle path on the busiest road in the city. All it takes is a few people walking without paying attention, or a large group and it gets pretty dangerous...

To live & ride in LA

To Live & Ride In L.A. OFFICIAL TRAILER from TRAFIK on Vimeo.

Some pretty nice footage here - the chopper shots are always interesting. I find some of the attitude a little frustrating but definitely a good watch...

23 August 2010

Brother Cycles Re-up

BrotherCycles just updated the website. Cleaner looking plus some new sections to check out....

Summer Sabotage

Chrome just launched another competition. This one involves getting some footage of a waterbomb attack and the creator of the best/funniest/most watched video gets a bag. Anything for the victim?

More info at Chrome and facebook

Bridge Magpie

So awesome - spotted on DeafPigeon - from here

Welcome (to) Leeds

MASSIVE props to the guys at Welcome skateshop in Leeds for the goody bag I had waiting for me at home! The new tee print (pictured) is real nice and the beer cooler is in use right now. (Also, props to Tom for the bonus birdspotting SB shirt - diggin' it massively).

22 August 2010

Worldwide Wozzie

Our good friend and hardcore LSF rider Wozzie is out travelling the world. He put together a sketchy bike (he wouldn't ride anything but) and recently met up with the guys from Bogota Fixed Gear! The guys over there were really cool and welcoming - thanks for hooking up our boi!

From Wozzie's blog:
"Unfortunately with my tight budget I couldn´t afford a proper fixed hub... so we improvised, a normal hub with a fixed sprocket then a bottom bracket lock ring jammed up tight. Then to make it a little less suicidal with a little help from the kid at the car park we welded up a litte device that may or may not stop the cog coming straight off when braking too hard... i´ll let you know!"

Columbia hasn't been all fun and games for Warren and Sara, so it's great to hear that they're doing great and having as much fun as usual!

Death before Derailleur

 Reprints for sale on the Footdown Store now

Macaframa Park

Jason Cleary in the Panhandle from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

via Prolly

21 August 2010

New rider

When in Leeds...

via LS6BMX

Pristine/Mash SF Alleycat

10/10 for these posters for the Mash / Pristine Alleycat in amsterdam.

Wallpaper Pack-a-whip

Wallpaper magazine has released 'The International' - an S and S coupling fixed gear bike designed to pack into the bag, pictured right. It's not a bad looking bike but for £2500 (and the bag costs that again!) I'd be looking for something a little more special or at least titanium...

Bad Times

I heard about rics frame snapping earlier this week but spotted a shot up on PC that prompted me to post. You been gnarlin too hard man! Photos: TrevorGordon

fast 'n' loose

SCUMBAG INVITE | "Fast n' Loose 2010" Benefit Race from Justin Gallagher on Vimeo.

20 August 2010

type blog

so sam and i both have fancy iphones so no excuses about uploading pics we like - as we do a lot of packaging and signeage work -  figured it might be nice to shot and upload stuff we see around the place.  take a look!

19 August 2010


Spotted a mention over at the Welcome blog about the Transworld Skate&Create videos. I just watched the Adidas one and it was awesome. Fallen video is up with Etnies and Lakai to come soon. No embed button yet so head to Transworld to check em out...

Fixie Inc 2011

Some pretty strong attention to detail in the new 2011 range from FixieInc. The seat stays and seat clamp on the bottom image are amazing. The yellow cyclocross offering is a beast too!

Sausage Jam II

This Saturday on Hyde Park, Leeds. All the usual skate shenanigans plus maybe even a dunking for sausages event...

McGee Unicator

This special release - Barry McGee / Cinelli Unicator lookes awesome. I can't vouch for the comfort of these saddles but they look amazing. With upcoming projects with Mash (bar tape - maybe the histogram pattern?) and MikeGiant, Cinelli are certainly keeping the ball rolling. Spotted on Tracko / Aerodynamica