29 December 2010


Its been another mad year riding in Leeds; from the iced out early months through a pretty awesome summer and into what seems to be an everlasting winter.

We have seen the arrival and departure  of too many riders to mention - as the college terms change, the people you ride with do too. With Will travelling around Oz and Max returning to the warmer climates of London, I've lost two of my favourite riding/drinking buddies but stir-friday, the LSF clubhouse and the rest of the crew have kept things going...

Lots in the pipeline for 2011. The Ginnel Whippet Roller-racing will return in late january - come down and try and outspin our first victor; Tez. Hopefully Leeds will have some rideable roads by this time so we can get some winter rides in too. There will be another alleycat in the spring - possibly a multi event day like pentapista - and I'm pretty sure the first prize for this is going to be very special. Thanks to everyone who supported the Leeds scene this year - both sponsors and riders - roll on 2011.

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Ooooohhhhh it gives me goose tingles