14 December 2010

Trackstand for Coffee

I read about this up on the new DeafPigeon site - a pretty interesting story: The Courier Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon, started offering anything on their menu for free to the cyclist who could trackstand for the longest period of time on the pavement in front of the shop.

The record was originally set at 25minutes without movement and this was broken recently by a 19 year old college student (pictured below) who broke it with a ™Calf busting∫ 30 minutes and 1 second :) 

The idea is that when a cyclist rolls up outside the shop, the owner runs out, and sticks 2 pieces of blue masking tape (an inch in front and an inch behind the bike), starts the stopwatch and it's game on. He keeps a handwritten tally of the participants near the espresso machine inside.The records originally started at a 1 minute 7 seconds and rose, a week later to 7 minutes and so on, and so on.

Words and picture from DeafPigeon

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