28 March 2011

Restrap Party / Ginnel Whippet

Okay, so a little slow on getting this up but better late than never!

Friday night saw the arrival of a mass of cyclists to Hukaz in Hyde Park to celebrate the 1st Birthday of Yorkshire based foot retention company; Restrap.

There was an amazing turnout - plenty of familiar Leeds faces and past Roller Race victors plus a sterling turnout from Manchester (Nasty and Chris from Cantgoslo plus Mike from FGF, with mad props to the Huddersfeild lads for turning up despite struggling to find the place for a very long time!

After an initial mechanical (beer spilled on a sensor) fault, the rolling got underway with some pretty speedy qualifying times being clocked. The majority of the favourites made it through to the final so we knew we were in for a good one. A huge thanks to all the girls that turned up for getting on the bikes and giving it some - and props to Emma for killing it despite a bad knee.

With the two fastest times of the evening, the Mens final was a beast - Tez just pipping Matt to the post to win the sought after Chrome bag.

I'm sure anyone that has read this far down may have noticed the Restrap cake. When Emma mentioned bringing a cake along for Nate, I did not expect anything like this! I must give a special thanks to Sue Clarkson (FunBuns) for her crafty skills and kindness in donating the cake.

I think I've probably gone on enough now, and anyone that was there witnessed a pretty rad event. The support from sponsors on this was phenomenal - a huge thanks must go out to 14 • Brother Cycles • Cantgoslo • Velosolo • FixedGearFrenzy • 1/8th Inch • Shiner • ChromeSF • Hip Leeds

Also a personal thanks to Mani and Marisha for allowing is to take over the bar for another Friday and just generally being good people. Props to Nate for helping organise this and Russell for keeping calm and fixing shit when I was too busy with beer (sorry man!) and finally to all the riders that showed face and helped us party the night away - Cheers!

Photos: Emma Thornton / Sergio Jensen


Emma said...

Some of my photos are by Terry and Treanor.
It was an awesome night can't wait for next one.

Vojta said...

lovely event, really enjoyed it, just somebody to hold my bars next time :)

samuelkinburn said...

We'll get someone on that Vojta - fast time anyway man!