02 November 2011

Flaming Pigeon Race

Here's the next installment from the Deaf Pigeon crew, a good straight forward race A to B. This should be a banger so get yourselves there!

"Here it is, the next Deaf Pigeon event. Saturday 5th November. Meeting at Avenham Park hill (the steep one) from 5.30pm and aiming to get race underway for about 6.00pm.

The race will be straight to Preston Grasshoppers by anyway you see fit. Prizes will be courtesy of the awesome Knog! (http://www.knog.com.au/)It's going to be a darkish race, so bring some lights with you and some warmish clothes because the plan is it watch the Grasshoppers firework display when we get there.It's £5 to get into the display but it'll be free to race, you don't have to pay into Grasshoppers, but there will be food and stuff on inside, so it's up to you.Tell the non-racing folk, wives and girlfriends to meet us there, it'll be a fun night, guaranteed!Hopefully we'll see you all there."

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