25 September 2011

Cavendish: World Champion!

Well, where shall I start.
History has been written today as Mark Cavendish brought home the World Champion's rainbow jersey for the first time since 1965 - the year it was worn by legendary British rider Tommy Simpson.
The ride itself was an absolute masterclass. Team GB obliterated the field, riding at the front of the peloton for about 99% of the race. I've never seen anything like it. On paper the tactic was simple - ride like shitting hell to discourage/stop any attacks, lead out the missile, Cav finishes off. A tactic that's a lot easier on paper...
The part about riding like shitting hell, that worked, but with only few laps to go none other than the 2011 Break Away King Thomas Voekler piped up taking a few very decent riders with him. Groupe Voekler looked a bit of a threat until a certain Bradley Wiggins (who's he?) took the role upon himself of sitting right on the front for a WHOLE LAP to make the catch. It worked, but Wiggo had had it. Caput. After Wiggo's exit it seemed that all the other GB riders were getting swallowed up into the pack. Cav's chances weren't looking good. A few of the lads including our International Ambassador Geraint Thomas got back up for the lead out but Cav was completely boxed in siting in about 10th pleace. For most sprinters that would be game over. Cav is not any sprinter though and as he saw a slight gap beginning to emerge he finished off the job in the manner we're so used to seeing him do it in.
It was bike racing at its best.

It was not just a win for Cav though, it was also a massive win for British Cycling. Britain is now arguably one of the greatest cycling nations in the world. Dave Brailsford & Co are doing something very special up in Manchester. I think they're behind team Clonc...

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