25 October 2011

Red Bull Mini Drome Manchester

Hey everyone its Nath (Restrap) as I am a proper resident of Leeds now I've been given the sacred blogging rights. So this is my first post and I'll try keep them coming when I get chance.

So as most will know it was the red bull mini drome event in Manchester on Saturday 22nd. After deciding not to go on Friday as I had planned my Saturday for a hangover all day I surprising woke up feeling fresh.

Last minute call around to round up some troops and only 45 Min's later and Kate Moss breakfast I found myself on my way.

On arriving I thought of knew what to expect having ridden the London one but since then it seems that Red Bull have really tweaked the event and taken it to next level.

Having not signed up, I wasn't planning on riding however a few places came up so I took my chances. Watching everyone riding it was clear that people had upped there game since the first one with some familiar faces such as chicken(Liverpool track squad, please check the video of him from the London event if you haven't), Jammy and Straten (Tokyo Fixed), Craig and Chris (Cantgoslo) and Perkins with Deaf Pigeon crew, it was real good to see that the North was bringing such a strong scene.

The way the event works is everyone races one by one (101 riders). Then the fastest 32 qualify for the pursuit races. Some how I managed to get 26th and Vojta one of Leeds lads scrapped in with 32nd. Both being stoked I celebrated by drinking numerous cans of free Red Bull. Waiting for the draw to see who we where against. Starting to feel confident I drew against Olympic champion bmxer (sorry cant remember name)" F**K ". Away I gave it my best which wasn't quite good enough however, you still get prizes for 26th which is awesome! Cheers Knog, Charge and Red Bull some top prizes.

So now it was my favourite time spectating with a beer. With some of the Northern Lads still in the game the pursuits got closer and closer with three charge bikes in sight for top three winners. The bikes were special limited bronze, silver and gold colour ways.

Winners came out as listed.
1st. Toms Alsbergs
2nd. Ricky Crompton
3rd. Janis Savickis

These guys where real fast and it was so close till the end. I believe Toms Alsbergs won the Glasgow one a few weeks before however someone told me he has a mini drome built in his garden sort of unsurprising they do say practice makes perfect. So if you where looking for gold bike I might know a guy with a few.

Over all great day and real good to see everyone. Would like to say big well done to all the riders (even last) and big shout out to Red Bull!


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