27 July 2012

Skitch Edit - It's really really good

Yeh, yeh... I know we say it every time but we don't post many fixed gear freestyle videos here and that's because we're just not that into trick riding. The only FGFS rider to ever pass through Leeds was our LTS homeboy Chickin, although i'm not sure you can call what he does FGFS - it's just Chicken riding a bike! Anyway, I checked this video out and really enjoyed it. It's shot really nicely and has some cool lighting effects at the beginning but most of all it's the editing that I really digged! It's got a great pace and it throws in some appropriate effects in there - something that is hard to get right! If you're not into FGFS and you're still not convinced to hit the play button, then let me tell you it has a monumental bail right at the start. Props to Tom Briggs for making it.

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