27 July 2012

Team GB Olympic Road Race Bike

As we loom ever closer to tomorrow's historic event, photos of team GB's road race bike have just surfaced the internet. Well what can I say....It looks fugly. That's no bad thing though. An ugly (yet expensive) bike always makes me have a good look at why the bike has been designed that way and this case is a prime example of that.

Taken from cyclingweekly.co.uk
'Built by carbon expert and former sprinter Dimitris Katsanis, a version of these bikes were first used on the track back in 2002. They have been developed ever since, especially in the build up to the Beijing Olympics when Chris Boardman spent hundreds of man-hours in a wind tunnel in Southampton testing everything that could be tested.'

So it's obviously a super hi-tech...bike but I find it all a bit unnecessary. Froome, Wiggins, Cavendish, Millar and Stannard have all spent the last 3 weeks riding their regular team bikes in Le Tour, so why give them a completely new bike now which will feel unfamiliar? We know that Sky's Pinerellos and Garmin's Cervelo's are more than capable of supporting a rider to winning an individual stage or better yet, the whole Tour de France and it's fair to say that BMC are a top class bike manufacturer! Anyway, we're going to smash it so none of this matters. Check out cycling weekly for more

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